Top Five Most Underrated Video Games

Joe Derosa and Kurt Metzger lament the most underrated video games.

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Venox20082030d ago

I agree about Shadows of the damned, how can it be so overlooked.. :/ I loved every minute of it

YxUxNO2030d ago

I just recently got this game on sale at best buy for $10, and I love everything about it so far. Great Game

zgoldenlionz2030d ago

DCUO was a lot of fun. Definitely the best flying mechanics in a game.

Reverent2030d ago

I had a ton of fun with the game, but I hated the flying mechanics :/

Always went with super speed because of it.

Freak of Nature2030d ago

For me it is Oddworld's Strangers wrath....It has to be one of the most overlooked games of the last gens...

NukaCola2030d ago

Oddworld games are some of the most amazing titles ever to be created. The original 2 on PS1/PC still to this day are my favorite games of all time. I think what MS and EA did with Oddworld pushed it down below anyone's radar and nearly killed it. Thank God, it's coming back. Hope Abe's Oddysee HD gets a reveal at PAX!

Eyeco2030d ago

They were really unique, at 1st glance i thought i was in for some mario esque platformer, i was surprised by how dark, and challenging it was , i also liked its black humor, great game never got down to beating it tho.

astrobrights2030d ago

I mostly agree with the list other than DC Universe Online. That game was actually over-rated.

Hicken2030d ago

We'll have to agree to disagree, then. I currently spend more time per week playing DC than I have any game since Killzone 2. Bad Company 2 gets honorable mention.

prototypeknuckles2030d ago

Kya dark lineage
Sphinx and the cursed mummy
Sonic colors
Beyond good and evil

Freak of Nature2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Bubbles up to you...

Sphinx and the cursed mummy, POP 8 and BG&E are 3 games high on my list as games that were really under rated.....

The mummy levels in Sphinx were really special, well done gems. I have always wished a game based on the mummy would come out, not that the rest of the game was not good, as it was very good, but the mummy levels were some of the best you could play...

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