The Risk of a New Console IP

Capcom dueled major Publishers in an effort to secure the Remember Me IP and by all reports it was a heated bidding war.

Here's the thing though: They were right to do so, and more to the point: They are proving now is the PERFECT time for the rogue developers and fresh thinkers to step up and deliver!

FinaLXiii1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

New Ip can have alot of success right from the start if does things right and as a certain originality to it.
And its not like new ip on consoles are any more demanding than just on PC.

Hoping to see more new IP´s for every platform next year.

JBSleek1343d ago

Hardcore consumers are looking for something new while the casual consumer could possibly care less about something that doesn't have a brand name.

Brands are the strongest thing that someone can sell.

If there are enough hardcore fans to drive the new IP's than they will sell if not they won't this late in the generation.

Tinkrat1342d ago

"Brands are the strongest thing that someone can sell."

Completely agree. That being said, personally now is the best time for indies to shift community power into brand power beyond the limited (albeit vocal) communities they arise within.

That being said, as I gamer first and writer second it makes me spit every time I use the words 'branding' 'franchise' and video game in the same sentence :)

prototypeknuckles1343d ago

I personally think developer should make more new ip, so.e of the best games this gen have been new ip
EX: ass creed, mass effect, bioshock, uncharted, infamous, mirrors edge, bayonetta, madworld, batman arkham series, and so on.

smashcrashbash1343d ago

Actually in this new gen new IPs usually don't have a prayer unless they are indie or downloadable.It is not always so as sometimes gamers snap out of their narrow minded and accept the new IP for what it is but most of the time unless it is close to how some other game is and even then people will call it the 'poor man's whatever game it is.And if it is too different it gets rejected or becomes niche.

In the golden age of gaming with PS2, Sega and Nintendo everything had place. You could come up with a new idea and it had a chance. Now it is pointless coming up with anything new because it has a 95% chance of being ignored for the latest FPS.Before gaming was for an elite group who understood what gaming was about. Now gaming has become more mainstream we let in the drooling, ignorant maniacs who spout garbage like 'Is Puppeteer LBP3?' And to make it worse the people who do this kind of crap are the make up the majority along with casuals who do know and don't care.

So the odds of anyone actually coming up with an an original IP and it being accepted these days is very slim.You think if Parappa came out now it would be accepted? No. It would be called a poor man's Guitar Hero or something and written off as childish or badly animated? Most people wouldn't see the attempt to break out of the norm.

MasterCornholio1343d ago

Reminds of some reviews that put down Gravity Daze for being different and new.


DigitalRaptor1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

The state of the gaming industry these days makes me sad, frustrated and want to isolate myself as a PC gamer playing Indie games and classics that remind me of how things used to be. Or at least spend more time playing games from the PS2, GameCube era. The purer times.

The ignorance of children who think CoD reigns supreme, the lack of acceptance or promotion of new IP, new rip off tactics from publishers that are pushed our way and accepted, the bias that flows through media outlets due to the fact that anyone and everyone can be influenced by a person with blog space. And the lack of new ideas that are respected like they used to be.

But as long as a small portion of console developers are keeping it real and not letting the casual and mainstream influence leak through to the decisions they make, I have hope. I have hope that there will be a new wave of alternative genre popularly, particularly other than the shooter.

Tinkrat1342d ago

I do like the sentiment and while I am tempted to often sandbox myself back in the world of MUD's and the tingle of the old Might and Magic 3 era, I cannot stand by and let the very medium which has moved beyond entertainment into something more fundamental get hijacked right in front of me.

Granted, I and you and everyone who shares your thoughts have a tiny voice but I try to channel a little late Lincoln and let my buying power speak for me. I may not like the media machine, I may detest 90% of what comes out, but I'm still in this culture for the long haul.

Besides, I'll be defining mobile gaming in my 90's in a motor buggy and Google glasses.