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Happy 10th Anniversary SOCOM

This video is dedicated to Sony, and to the millions of gamers out there that made this franchise one of the greatest third person shooters of all time. SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs was the cornerstone of ... (PS2, Socom 2:US Navy Seals, SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALs, Socom: Combined Assault, Socom: US Navy Seals)

LUKENBACHER  +   1073d ago
"The only easy day was yesterday."
iamnsuperman  +   1072d ago
How Sony hasn't made Socom II HD is beyond me
killerhog  +   1072d ago
Because they are unsure if there's still a market for it? The last two socoms sullied the name; and today's fps games/gamers changed from the past. The majority dont want slow pace games and 1 life per round, that's boring. People already complain about campers and why cod sucks, yet these people fail to realize why there's so much camping in counter strike, Bf, the latest socoms?

Also that today's fps crowd are punks who can't do anything without their extreme auto aim assist help? A game like a true socom be too boring for today's kids and to hard for the so call "elite".

Bf3 with aim assist turned off and i still dominate the "bf elite" which most use aim assist. It's so obvious when they are using it to.

Cod quick scoping LMFAO. Love dominating idiot cod players, who think they are the sh*t as snipers because of cod and get owned in fps games that don't have that bs.
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Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1072d ago
I'm sure the people who played the original would play it again if they loved it so much. I never got a chance to play it and I'd like to try it.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1072d ago
You must be the greatest. Dominating BF elite players.. Dominating idiot COD players.

You are great man. Great job killing the punks on those video games!

I for one would love a Socom 2 remake, but won't be mad if it ever comes either. Socom had its day, and most of the times when those old games are brought back, it leaves a sour memory of what used to be a good memory. Trust me, Golden Eye isn't the great FPS game it used to be that I remember playing against my friends on the N64. It sucks now a days.
Straightupbeastly  +   1071d ago
Socom is not meant to sell like cod or bf3 or attract those 15 yr old kids with ADD. It's a hardcore game, that if done right will still a couple million and be very profitable with a very active online community. There is a large hardcore audience out there, it's just that developers are taking hardcore brands and turning them casual in hopes to attract the casual crowd but it never does, and in the process piss off the hardcore true fans of the series who want nothing to do with it So the games don't sell because if we aren't playing it then it gets no word of mouth or Internet marketing. It just dies out.
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ridley21vito  +   1072d ago
I have a feeling one day we will have a true SOCOM again
chasegarcia  +   1072d ago
@:52 I get goosebumps.
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spacegerbil  +   1072d ago
tear :-(
Jurat  +   1072d ago
SOCOM was the game that drew me away from PC gaming in 2002. First time playing it, I was blown away by the potential it had unleashed on the console market.
I agree with the sentiment above, however. Some gaming models/genres are best left in the past, to be enjoyed through rose tinted memores. Nostalgia can be a lying bitch.
ShadowKingx  +   1072d ago
SOCOM memories…..it funny that this was the only game that actually made it a real fun time to play with friends and a true team based game. Sony be smart and bring it back HD style.


1. Every one had there place on a map, whether is was half wall on crossroads, sniper building or middle building on desert glory, or throwing nades towards the terr spawn on frost fire or watching each other back in the tunnels also on frost fire and there is probably ton s more memories excluding all the cheating.

2. Clans were more organized and willing to help you succeed at the game as long as you played no matter how bad you were

3. Game battles was not needed because finding a clan war was easy as 1,2,3

4. last but not least you had to dedicate time to this game to get skill no one could just pick up the game and go on a killing spree, if you missed the enemy you actually missed the enemy it was none of this poor hit detection stuff.

i really miss a true socom game and if they ever bring one back Xbox would be collecting dust rather than the PS3 now.
Raoh  +   1072d ago
I miss you SOCOM.

Come home.
Commodore  +   1072d ago
The fact that SONY hasn't even commented on the anniversary proves that it is indeed dead. They don't want to touch it.
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PAUL-AWOL-  +   1072d ago
Almost brought a tear to my eye. This is why I own Sony Products, with out Socom I won't buy another Sony Console.
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QUNE  +   1071d ago
This is an awesome video. I can't believe it's been 10 years.

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