Another bites the dust! TDK no longer making blank HD DVDs, and more

Could HD DVD be in any more trouble? Well yes if either Paramount or Universal went neutral but more news comes today, starting with Warren News (on their subscription service) reporting Imation, under the TDK brand, will stop making HD DVD writable (blank) disks. TDK are one of the biggest brands of writable media and this is a severe blow to HD DVD. There may be little HD DVD re-writers available, but now it appears that will always be the case.

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gamesblow3604d ago

Well, since Warner put the last nail in the coffin... I guess all these other companies are pouring concrete over it and any day Universal will be filling the hole up with dirt and Paramount will be along (after the exclusive money deal) to put the headstone on for good ol' HD-DVD.


Omegasyde3604d ago

Actually Paramount won't be able to fill the hole anymore. I am pretty sure Paramount will lift the left leg and urinate on the grave instead.

ravinash3604d ago

Just waiting for Paramount and Universal to do the finishing touches and put up the Gravestone.

2006 - 2008

ruibing3604d ago

I just wish it would end sooner.

meepmoopmeep3604d ago

the sooner its over the sooner i can get Heroes season 1 :P

pwnsause3604d ago

nice TDK. keep shoveling that dirt in the HD-dvd cementary guys.

shysun3604d ago

Anyone have a bulldozer?

chrno63604d ago

Everyone is jumping ship like rats. XD

meepmoopmeep3604d ago

burying them one scoop of dirt at a time

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The story is too old to be commented.