Curse NA and Dignitas Disqualified From MLG League of Legends Summer Event

MLG today announced that it will not be giving out the first and second place prizes to Curse NA and Dignitas. The announcement goes on to detail that the teams were both disqualified for collusion, which is considered a violation to both the rules of MLG and to the spirit of their competitive gaming league.

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Brosy2094d ago

Ban all cheaters everywhere!!!Scum.

lasersquash2094d ago

They only agreed to split their prizes.

3GenGames2094d ago

"..the 3rd and 4th place team will receive their normal amount of prize money and circuit points."

What a load of garbage, DQ the first 2 and move everyone up 2 spots. Cheap a-holes.

Abriael2094d ago

That's pretty much what I thought. It seems they're taking this as an excuse to save money.

kingjoker342093d ago

from the riot forums, a dev posted this
"Glory - we are not trying to get out of paying prize money. It is being distributed to the other top teams

supersonicjerry2094d ago

Its not that they're cheap they get what they deserve they came in 3rd and 4th so that is what they will get.

3GenGames2094d ago

But first and second cheated, so they did come in first and second when you take away the people who had unfair advantages. Your logic is broken.

Abriael2094d ago

I can't think of a single competition in which, if the winner and the runner up get disqualified, the third and fourth don't get to advance.

Steadyhndz2094d ago

Sucha a shame for these 2 teams...these teams were always top 8 in major tournaments...

Rykoshet2094d ago

They can continue to play in the future, I think they just had their stuff revoked for this one specific event.

ninjagoat2094d ago

Hmm notin new with Team Dignitas played them in clanbase and devoti. Way back on cod hacking idiots tbh. Can say the same for quite a few others aswell but then again come lan events they have to dumb all the crap they use in online leagues to stay clean -_-.

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