Lollipop Chainsaw Is Grasshopper's Most Successful Title Shipping Over 700,000 Units

It's important to note that 700,000 units shipped worldwide doesn't necessarily mean units sold, but it's an impressive number none-the-less. According to developer Grasshopper's CEO, Suda 51, it's the highest number of units the company as ever shipped.

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Summons751853d ago

Good, that game is great!

j-blaze1853d ago

i love suda 51, but this game wasn't all that good imo, i wish Shadows of the Damned was a success so we can expect a sequel that game was amazing, but anyway, congrats to Grasshopper!

Venox20081853d ago

actually they are both great :)

Summons751853d ago

ugh, SOTD was absolutely terrible! That's what made me skeptical about buying this game.

MattS1853d ago

One of the games of the year!

jc485731853d ago

I wonder if people even know this game was developed by Grasshopper.

Customer: OOh..a zombie game.

doogiebear1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

People who buy games SIMPLY BECAUSE they feature zombies, are just as brainless as the zombies themselves. I dont mind zombies in my game, but thats got ZERO bearing on WHY I would buy a game.

Can someone (rationally/intelligently) explain this "day one preorder" mentality that people have the second they find out that there will be zombies in a game?

StanSmith1853d ago

Can you also explain then why people have a "day 1 preorder" mentality when it comes to Call of Duty / Battlefield?

I see people slating zombie games despite the fact that these same people religiously purchase the same old military FPS games every year. That's what makes no sense to me.

At least the zombie games have variety. Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, Lollipop Chainsaw, Dead Rising, Red Dead Undead Nightmare and Telltale's Walking Dead are all zombie games but they all play entirely different and are not the same copy and pasted games. The same cannot be said for all of the ridiculous amount of military FPS titles on the market.

BuffMordecai1853d ago

Always nice to see a good game get its fair share in sales, now if only the Tales of series would sell well over here.

starman1853d ago

Sex plus zombies sell.

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The story is too old to be commented.