3 Reasons Why A Nikola Tesla Video Game Would Kick Ass

Nikola Tesla is finally getting the attention he deserves via a new movie and museum. We think it's time to immortalize the man with a game.

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Dark_Overlord2095d ago

This guy was a genius! and I think this article sums him up perfectly :D


-Mika-2094d ago

That article Is wrong about a few things. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison created electricity. They also made electricity a mainstream product. Not Nikola.

astrobrights2094d ago

They actually had electricity in ancient times so none of them invented it.

Reibooi2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Acutally that isn't exactly true.

While it's true that Franklin and Edison were pioneers in electricity power in it's current form can be attributed to Tesla and his creation of AC or altering current. Edison and his DC current was a very ineffective system for moving electricity over long distances and despite knowing this Edison still ran myriad smear campaigns against Tesla just to make money and not think about the greater good.

Edison even went as far as killing animals publicly used AC current to try to convince people that it was dangerous full well knowing that DC was just as bad.

If Edison and his ideas had prevailed over Tesla we would have 1000's more power plants everywhere just to be able to move the power around the way it needed to be moved for the infrastructure we have today.

Edison was a brilliant man for sure but he was also a greedy person who thought about money and fame first and the greater good 2nd and never liked anyone getting the 1up on him.

Lord_Sloth2094d ago

God deserves some level of credit for inventing electricity, I'm sure...

Also, you need to check up on your history (among other things judging from your average posts) before you go correcting information. Always double check.

BattleAxe2094d ago

@ Astrobrights

You must have heard about a battery that was found in what was ancient Sumeria. Its pretty interesting stuff. I don't think we know our actual history on this planet.

greyhaven332094d ago

Maybe splitting hairs but just want to point out electricity was never invented, it was discovered and harnessed as an energy form.

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VikingDaddy2095d ago

He's already in Assassin's Creed, what more do you want!?! :p

underwhere2094d ago

inFAMOUS 3 : Tesla's Death Ray

Lord_Sloth2094d ago

Obviously they want Tesla to be the main focus of a game all his own. Was that not obvious from this article title even?

underwhere2094d ago

inFAMOUS 3 : Tesla's Earthquake Machine

Hazmat132094d ago

he is awesome its a shame that hardly anybody know who he is or his work with electricity.

2094d ago
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