Sony is creating amazing value for PlayStation gamers

PSU writes: "As the inevitable arrival of next generation game consoles draws ever nearer, Sony is positioning the PS3 to offer greater value than ever to customers via a number of cool initiatives. Here are some of the ways that Sony is giving you more bang for your buck."

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remanutd551880d ago

Hopefully playstation plus vita support is as good as the ps3 offering.

Silver-Hawk1879d ago

Ps3 offers the best value when it comes to quality content or software.

ABizzel11879d ago

God of War Master's Collection comes out Friday with all 5 games.

sikbeta1879d ago

I just want to know if the PS4 will be backward compatible with PS3 and all the stuff owned via PS+ and PSN games, DLC, themes, avatars downloaded over the years will be transferred to the new console.

sobekflakmonkey1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )


Pretty sure it won't be, you have to remember Sony is probably gonna wanna move some current gen consoles even though the next gen has started, they did it with the PS2 and PS1, you know, the whole 10 year life cycle thing?

So yeah, I doubt it, I'm guessing it will have ps1 and ps2 compatibility though, that of which is not so bad in my opinion.

As for stuff bought from the PSN, that stuff was made for the PS3, and I'm guessing the hardware being used for the next PS is going to be different, so I don't see that working, unless those 3rd party devs and indie devs wanna make those game's all over again.

zeeshan1879d ago

sobekflakmonkey: Yes, if PS4 does indeed use a different architecture then backward compatibility could be an issue on hardware level but I believe the SONY has already secured solution to this, namely, GAIKAI. All PS3 games could run on Gaikai thus allowing you to play your games on PS4. Of course you'll need to have internet connection for this, and may I add, it should be a good one but the solution is there for Sony. It's Sony's game to lose to be honest. I think they are positioning themselves pretty well regarding the future.

_-EDMIX-_1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

@sikbeta- I own a PS3 60GB version (with a 350 HDD now but i name it for SKU alone)

and i find no reason to add BC. Why? Cause there are 160 million PS2s.....if you have a huge library of PS2 games (which i do) i question how one doesn't have a PS2? On top of that, why should they add BC? Its something that forces them to use the same type of architecture, makes the system cost more money, and is only for those which own a whole lot of PS3 games (something that would suggest owning a PS3 IN THE FIRST PLACE) there is no reason for BC other then greedy people. Period.

Now on the PS4, i would be fine with one that didn't have BC, if they changed it up a bit and spent the money for a more powerful GPU or more ram etc it would make more sense.

For those asking for BC...kindly buy the damn system used off Amazon, or Ebay, or Gamestop...or better yet DON"T SELL IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! Even if one wants to state "oh it died" a used one. Sony is the first to really bring gamers to this BC thing on console and i'm not really surprised they took it out. It was not something that EVERY game system had at the time, even the Wii took GC BC out so...

The whole (they are forcing us to buy our games again) argument is so damn stupid its not even funny. I've never actually bought a PS2 game on PSN that i actually owned on PS2. Right now Persona 3 is cheaper on PSN then as the disk version so clearly i will get the digital version. No one is forcing anyone to do anything, your PS3's will STILL play PS3 games so...

As for what Sony needs to do with PS4 to make it a great system....repeat what they did this gen.

Great industry pushing hardware, larger format, 4K resolution, release great games and thats it. Sony has done a great job imho EVERY gen, people can talk sales all they want, but as a PS1-PS3 and PSP and soon to be PSV owner, Sony has NEVER let me down in terms of games published, so i have no problem buying a PS4 with not even a single ip that was released last gen JUST based on how many great new ips they've released every gen.

Not knocking Nintendo or MS, but with them you pretty much know what to expect off the bat, 2D Mario, 3D Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing 2, etc and Halo, Fable, Forza etc. With Sony...really all you can expect is a new IP EVERY GEN! and not just a Luigi's Mansion once over or a Crackdown once over etc, actual new ips they BACK! 3 Uncharteds, soon to be 3 InFamous's, more then 3 Motorstorms, more then 3 LBP's etc. This is the type of publisher i will buy a system from sight unseen.

But why? Because i don't need to judge it off of a "Halo" or a "Mario" ie an IP in which i'm actually GAUGING MY WHOLE GEN ON! We all have our favorites of franchises and lets be real, if we didn't like a certain version of a game...we might not even own the system to get it later. ie I loved Mario 64, hated Sunshine, like Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 etc. LOVED Halo 1 (for PC, GearBox where are you!!!!!???) like Halo 2, hated Halo 3 and skipped the rest. But with a Sony system, you may like GOW1, hate GOW2 and hate GOW III, but your whole purchase is not rested on JUST those ips, for example, i may hate them but like Uncharted, InFamous, LBP, etc. This is why owning a PS system is so easy every gen, i don't really have a IP to rest on in terms of purchasing the system.

Mocat1879d ago

I think they are just trying to squize everything out of playstation before going next gen

tokugawa1879d ago

all three consoles offer great value. they all have great back catalogues, and loads of games to play...

but, i cant help but get the feeling that sony are bringing new ips this late, because they are NOT ready to launch a new console next year!

if that is the case, and nintendo launch in 2012 and ms in 2013. imo it would be a catastrophe for sony if they dont launch until 2014.

time will tel

capcock1879d ago

no it doesn't. PS+ is 40$/year and its discounts are shitty only like 10 bucks saving and the games u get for free u don't own. U can only access them as long as you're a ps+ member.

for 40$ on steam however u can get a shit ton of games via their amazing discounts and u will own those games forever and have access to them from any PC not to mention superior graphics sound etc.

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SmokingMonkey1879d ago

This isn't news, Sony has been doing this for 15 years now.

jeseth1879d ago

Took the words out of my mouth. Well said Sir!

moparful991879d ago

Yes sir.. This is why I have owned every iteration of a playstation product with the exception of the PspGo...

rezzah1879d ago

No point in owning the PSPGo when you have the original that works like brand new.

moparful991879d ago

I agree my God of War: Ghost of Sparta psp 3000 is still running great plus I have a vita now so no go for me.. No pun intended

Dac2u1879d ago

SmokingMonkey: I love the avatar, RIP #24.... one of my favorite characters in the series.

Megaton1879d ago

Need to shake up their talking points. Hearing Sony talk about the "amazing value of the PlayStation" is like hearing a politician talk about "job creators" or "paying their fair share". It's repetitive to the point of irritation.

Gridloc1879d ago

So are you saying the Xbox has good value? Last I checked they don't give games away for free to play with paid membership. They make you pay just to access multiplayer that is free to play everywhere else.

Megaton1879d ago

I didn't mention the Xbox.

nukeitall1879d ago

Usually the one that has less demand is the one that provides more features at a lower cost to attract buyers.

Value is defined as "features consumers want relative to price" and *NOT* just features regardless of desire!

Clearly MS is providing some value because the demand is still strong when the competition is at a lower price point.

fabod861879d ago

"...when the competition is at a lower price point". uhu? oO
are you kidding me?

Edward751879d ago

The value is great and awesome and all, but they aren't making money! This way of running a business is killing them... If things don't change... Sony will be running out of business!

3-4-51879d ago

There is a difference between Free online and pay for online....The main being that Xbox Live is BY FAR the best online gaming service for console's this generation.

It's night and day playing Cod on xbox360 vs PS3..

But yea, having free internet is nice....Nintendo is really good about that too.

The thing with xbox, is that more of it's good games rely on that online service, so it HAS to be top notch, otherwise COD , Halo, and anything else that plays online just wouldn't be as good.

Nintendo and Sony are better at giving a Great Single player experience than Xbox is, and Xbox is the best at bringing gamers together from around the country / world, and Nintendo is the best as making games that you want to still play 10+ years later because they are that quality.

edgeofsins1879d ago


By far? No. Top notch because you pay for it? Not at all. It uses peer to peer for most games. Sony has more dedicated servers in their games then XBox and dedicated servers are far more reliable and can hold more people on them at once. MAG can do 256 players for instance no problem. The only problem is your connection. On most XBox games including exclusives they don't put any of that subscription money into "top notch" online. They just make it peer to peer where the players host the game. So if the host disconnects or has a bad connection you are screwed. If you have a bad connection you are either screwed or in some games you have leverage over others because on their screen you skip all over the place. Dedicated servers don't have that problem. If you have a bad connection it normally isn't a big deal. I used to play Warhawk with a 30% wireless connection on standard internet years ago. I didn't lag at all and saw no lag on other players. Only when your internet gets really bad does it really matter. If I played CoD however I would be skipping all over the place. Either on my screen or there screen. One of my friends had TERRIBLE internet and we played on a close quarters map. None of us could kill him because he was the host and he ended up with over 150 kills in a few minutes and the second place person had 20 kills. Peer to peer is what XBox uses for most games. None of that subscription money really goes towards online experience.

zeeshan1879d ago

Edward: Even if after all the expenses, they are making $1/PSN subscription, they'll be making good money. Suppose that out of 60 million users, they have, for example, 10 million PS Plus subscribers, they are making additional $10 mil every month. That's just pure profit and $10 mil by no means is a small sum. Should be able to help them secure exclusive software, PSN expenditures, employee payments and what not.

1879d ago
YodaCracker1879d ago

"They make you pay just to access multiplayer"

That is a blatant lie. There are dozens upon dozens of features that come with an Xbox LIVE Gold membership, many of which are not available on any other console. If someone is paying just for multiplayer and not taking advantage of any other features, then that is their loss.

XabiDaChosenOne1879d ago

@Yodacracker oh yea like YouTube, Netflix cross game chat an... Oh yea those are free on other devices like The PS3 and PSVita also. Huh, would you look at that.

DigitalRaptor1879d ago

Oh would you look at that. .. another shortsighted Xbox fanboy.

YodaCracker, when people say that, of course they don't mean that it only offers you access to multiplayer. What is meant is that Microsoft continue to have the audacity to charge for the most simple ability to even begin playing half the game you've already bought, on the console you've already bought.

We've been saying for years that Microsoft should let people connect and play for free, with advanced features being the ones that are charged for. A P2P connection is not advanced nowadays, and charging for that and insultingly making you pay to access otherwise free services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube is never going to be worth it to the logical man. Netflix even, a subscription within a subscription is beyond ridiculous. Even the fact that it costs you to access an app every single year should be ringing alarm bells. Apple doesn't do that, Google doesn't, Sony doesn't, BBC doesn't. Most normal, consumer-minded companies don't.

This comment is not to proclaim that Microsoft don't have a good service. The gripe (and I've spoken to several Xbox players who agree with me so don't even try and play the fanboy card) is that they charge for things that should be fundamentally free, to insulting levels. The fact that people try and justify it is even more insulting.

krisq1879d ago

how many people would stop paying for LIVE if MS would let people play4free and charged only for advanced features? A lot is my guess.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

This is why I have a ps3 and pc. The best service anyone can get is from Sony and Valve imo.

I sold my xbox years ago. Don't get me wrong I actually like gears of war but one game for me does justify getting xbox.

MS seem to be focused on casuals and I can't say they are wrong if gamers don't complain MS probably are making tons of cash!

Most of the hardcore titles are on pc & ps3.

I hope to see more ps/pc cross platform games next gen.

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Hicken1879d ago

If that politician is telling the truth about what he's doing, why should he shut up?

Sony's not talking up the PS3's "amazing value" while it's actually lacking in that respect, so why should they keep quiet about it?

And if they're not gonna talk about the "amazing value of the PlayStation," what ARE they gonna talk about? Stocks and net worth? Is that what gets gamers excited these days?

Gridloc1879d ago

No one forces you to read. Just from your comments your the type that doesn't vote, but then bitches cause it didn't go your way.

Megaton1879d ago

you're the type*

I've voted in the last two elections. Not sure why you're so bitter, or why you keep putting words in my mouth. You'd look significantly less foolish if you stopped doing that.

Gridloc1879d ago

Let me guess... You voted for little Bush and then the Mcain-Palin dream

-MD-1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

How did you manage to spark up a political discussion and bring up Microsoft's xbox just from a Sony PR comment?

Are you currently on drugs? Don't answer that, it's rhetorical.

Megaton1879d ago

You need a new crystal ball, bro. I reluctantly vote Democrat.

jeseth1879d ago

Better than voting for Obama ... 250 years to make the deficit what it was when he started .... he tripled it in 4 years.

Nice job.

coolbeans1879d ago

Despite the fact the title only mentions Sony, I believe it's unfair of you to not also bring up M$/Xbox and how sub-par their value is in comparison. I's clear Sony is simply being repetitive because the truth is repetitive.

I hope you soon see the error of your ways, Megaton. *Scoff* Perhaps you should add "of fanboyism" after your current username.

PimpDaddy1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Why do so many people on this site spew thier Pro-Sony opinion as if it is fact? I have a PS3 and 360. I'll tell you right now that I do most of my gaming on my 360. I prefer the controller, the online service, and the exclusive games that the 360 has. That is my opinion. Obviously it is different from that of 90 percent of N4G's population. Doesn't mean I think the PS3 is crap or it's games suck. I just have my preferences.

Value is subjective. Megaton never said anything about the 360 in his comment. Yet he got attacked. Can somebody explain this?

TheRealHeisenberg1879d ago

@ PimpDaddy

Please allow me to explain. It is the way of N4G. Any questions?

Tito081879d ago

@ Pimpdaddy- I'm sorry, but that "I have both systems, & play more on my 360" is getting too old to be honest, too many 360 fanboys says the same exact thing, cause seriously, I wouldn't buy a system & not use it as well as the other, it makes no total sense, to me it's clear you don't have a PS3 by your "claims" of preference...

I did buy a 360, then a PS3, I had to sell the 360 for the fact that their "Stellar" exclusive games don't appeal to me, since I'm a fighting game fan, that Xbox controller is horrendous, it is only good for shooters, & no worth paying a subscription fee, sorry but that's the damn truth, you're just trying to justify your purchase which isn't any better value than Sony's offerings on PS3, you're just an undercover fanboy in denial!!!!!

jetlian1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

lol Tito act as if the 360 controller is the only one. I play all the fighters using 360 controller but I do have a hori fight pad and madcatz sf4 too.

I have ps3 and wii as well and no I dont play them evenly and guess what? I dont have too. Wii has been unplugged since late last year. Ps3 was played a month or 2 ago.

just cause you think they need to be evenly used doesnt mean everybody else does.

Another point clown! you say you like fighting games how does that make a difference when all of them are MP lol. tekken 6 on 360 was the only full 720p version. Even vf5fs was better on 360.

so stellar exclusives isnt even an issue =)

Tito081878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

@ Jetlian-Then there's no stupid sense in keeping 2 consoles you're not gonna use, BTW, don't tell me you have em cause it's obviously a sick Xbox fanboy like you come up with false claims, I rather be a clown, a clown is smarter than an stupid idiot like you, a ignorant fanboy's opinions like yours aren't needed!!!!

LMAO @ your claims of Tekken 6 being actual 720p just because I have Tekken as my avatar, (you finally have Tekken on Xbox after 6 games in the series LMAO) I play more fighters than you do, I could change the avatar whenever I want cause I don't only play Tekken, BTW, since you're an Xbox fanboy, where's Killer Instinct, huh??? I though so, what a loser, look at the Digital Foundry comparison, it is clear Tekken 6 on 360 is scaled down, & it's far from being a native resoution, it is said to get a better image at 576p than 720p, meaning sub HD, lol!!!!!

Tekken is even played with a dualshock at tournaments, which makes it clear the 360 controller sucks for it, & you're not giving an explanation why both Virtua Fighter 5 & Tekken are better on 360, because it has cross-game-chat?? LMAO you're such a sadistic ignorant & misinformed Xbox fanboy like the others in this site... Why would I have to worry about the multiplayer when 360 is P2P & PS3 is on dedicated servers, you're paying for a downgraded multiplayer, asshole!!!!!

Stellar exclusives isn't an issue for you since you being playing the same exclusives every year, BTW, it sounds clear to me you suck at fighters, I rather talk to someone who knows fighters, not an amateur, seems to me my comments got you hurt in the butt!!!!!!

jetlian1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

lol whats your gt tito? you see in mine I play almost all fighters.I also have my ps3 Gt so clowns like you can be put in your place. turn of blur in tekken 6 and its goes to 720p ps3 version doesnt do 720p at all lol

Both DF and LOT confirmed these games run better on 360. Most multiplatforms games do and these arent the exception. tourneys use whatever they can get from sponsers.

what about killer instinct? is it on ps3 wii huh? naw. Every ps3 game isnt on dedicated servers and not all 360 games are pvp thats left to the companies.

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TheKayle1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

lol pls delete this article.....coming from psu what u expect they say?...

and just to ask tell me another console that dont put in discount old games...facepalm

BitbyDeath1879d ago

Can't have a positive Sony article on N4G, we let one in then Nintendo might also get one too.

Oh no

Skateboard1879d ago Show
palaeomerus1879d ago

I dunno. Other than Uncharted I'm tied of Sony's exclusives.

Move was the worst thing I ever bought. Just a piece of dog crap.

I didn't even have to buy the playstattion eye because I fell for "eye of judgement". That was a turd.

Infamous 2 was pretty much just inFamous one again. Bleah.

Twisted Metal was flat out crap.

God of War 3 was just more God of War.

Killzone 2 had poor controls, and Killzone 3 was a sad COD imitator.

Resistance 3 was okay but that's it.

I liked Uncharted 2 and 3 a lot but didn't care for the multiplayer that much so I stopped playing that.

I liked Demons souls I guess, but they kind of took a version of that multiplatform as Dark Souls.

I'm still waiting on last Guardian.

FF XIII:Versus still hasn't come out and I hate the whole Hamlet meets bladerunner meets yakuza/zaibatsu meets a dude with purple hair and a lot of zippers. Bleah.

Agent? LOL. Still nothing at all.

So, I don't even really even pay attention to Sony exclusives anymore. They always get oversold and they almost always end up boring or disappointing me. I barely ever play my PS3. If I hadn't bought Dead Space 2 and Portal 2 (both of which re fun to go back to) on my PS3 I wouldn't even play it at all!

DarkHeroZX1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Guess its save to say you don't own a PS device. The PS3 has been one of the most cost effective consoles this gen. Yes its always had an intially higher price tag then the 360 but it came with everything you needed out of the box to get started. Remeber when the 360 didn't have wifi. You had to buy a $100 wifi attachment, then the overpriced harddrives, and lets not forget XBL. And if you've been gaming on both since launch you'd know for a fact that with just XBL alone you've probably already spent a couple hundred bucks more in online services then then the total cost of the ps3. Now with PS+ with free game rentals and and cross buy PS owners are getting way more bang for their buck. Something MS and to an extent Nintendo can't say they've done this gen.

Edward751879d ago

Yup, but Sony's business plan is a total failure. Great value for us, but company is losing more every year...

DarkHeroZX1879d ago


Actually they'really mobile, movie, music, and PlayStation divisions are all profitable. Its everything else that's sinking, but Sony is also a heavy investor which is also the reason why they're losing money. But I expect them to make a huge turn around. I really just wish they'd sell off the divisions that are doing horribly but we'll see how it goes.

JellyJelly1879d ago

@DarkHeroZX - The mobile division isn't profitable. I know because I work for the company. They just fired 650 workers and moved most of it to Japan.

The only division that makes a profit is actually the Playstation division.

Jazz41081879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Yeah like sony included a headset and trophys from the beginning and a great online out of the box and non propropritory cards with the vita. Sony is pond scum imo.

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Lord_Sloth1879d ago

Can't answer that but I CAN say that none give away free games of actual quality.

Campy da Camper1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Infamous 2 was indeed a top tier give away. As was Little Big Planet 2. Ratchet and Clank??

Oh wait, they aren't FPS so they don't count. /s

Lord_Sloth1879d ago

Apparently I was missunderstood...I meant no1 aside from Sony... Bad wording on my part.

unchartedxplorer1879d ago

With the ps4, I hope they really revamp the console, from the controller all the way to their online service

Knight_Crawler1879d ago

Dont think they are going to mess with the controller.

Remember they tried it with the PS3 with that Boomerang batman controller but they got crucified for it and thank god that thing was not released.

Plus why mess something that has been working since the PS1 days.

josephps31879d ago

The only suggestion to the controller is maybe putting touch sensitive on the back like the Vita. Why you ask?

How about be able to make micro aiming adjustment. You still aim with DS stick but once you have the crosshair nearby you accurately adjust your aim.

What do you think?

Knight_Crawler1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Sounds like a good idea on paper but would be hard to pull off in real life for the following reasons:

1 Price -Sony is going to try not to make the seem mistake they made with the PS3 and try to launch the PS4 at the $399 range - adding the touch pad to the back of the controller would make the system more expensive.

2 They would have to implement some kind of function for the touch pad where you press a certain button in order to use it - if not the cross hair would always keep moving since your fingers automatically touch the back part of the remote.

3 Would be accurate but too slow for shooters like COD and Battlefiled which require very fast control response.

pandaboy1879d ago

I think that's stupid joseph, but at least it's sort of original. But yes sony need a completely revamped PSN and a tweaked controller. I don't think they'll do either though.

DivineAssault 1879d ago

i would prefer than they allow you to adjust the positions of the analogs & dpad to ones own preference.. Also making the analogs indented like xbox instead of rounded out.. I find myself alway readjusting my thumbs cuz they slide off to the side during crucial gaming moments.. The face buttons & dpad are the best to me.. I would also like them to slightly increase the resistance on the triggers.. Sometimes i hit them slightly n it responds super fast to the slightest nudge.. I do like the overall desighn of the dual shock the best but a few slight adjustments would be great

DivineAssault 1879d ago

i would prefer that they allow you to adjust the positions of the analogs & dpad to ones own preference.. Also making the analogs indented like xbox instead of rounded out.. I find myself alway readjusting my thumbs cuz they slide off to the side during crucial gaming moments.. The face buttons & dpad are the best to me.. I would also like them to slightly increase the resistance on the triggers.. Sometimes i hit them slightly n it responds super fast to the slightest nudge.. I do like the overall desighn of the dual shock the best but a few slight adjustments would be great