Blizzard Offers Free Character Transfers to Low Population Servers

In a statement today, Blizzard announced it would be giving free character transfers to designated low-population servers. This will help them alleviate the congestion experienced by players in heavily-populated worlds .

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Gamingshouldbefun3704d ago

why is this even here lol? thats not gamers news that wow community news.

Daxx3703d ago

As a WoW player, I take offense to that statement.

JelalTrueshot3703d ago

I am a WoW player and gamer and consider this valid news as well.

ben8063703d ago

its gamers news cus its a game...

Leord3703d ago

I am an avid WoW player, but this is like the most minor of news from WoW there could be. They ALWAYS have some sort of free migration active!!!

If you want the lates, check out some of the fansites like (English) or (Swedish) for example.

I seriously do NOT think this is even REMOTELY newsworthy for N4G. I am surprised to see anyone post it here, even more so to get 140 degrees.