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Submitted by Bagogames 1265d ago | opinion piece

Japanese Games Get A Free Pass?

BagoGame's Aaron Magulick responds to Alex Hutchinson's assertion that Japanese games get a pass when it comes to story line and in game reviews while Western games do not. Read Aaron's editorial and tell him what you think about Alex Hutchinson's assertion? (Alex Hutchinson, Call of Duty, Culture, Dev, Industry, Tales of Grace F)

amaguli  +   1265d ago
I'm tired of all this East vs. West mentality in gaming journalism. A good game is a good game, no matter what region it comes from. People need to stop with this, "It tells a good story...for a JRPG", or "There are good characters...for a WRPG."
geniusgamerdoc  +   1265d ago
The Current Gen Consoles have stolen the charm off Japanese games which dominated previous gens.
GribbleGrunger  +   1265d ago
Nearly. The Western press and reviewers have systematically discredited JRPGs. They've managed to redefine what people expect from a JRPG and people have unwittingly been lead away from what was once their biggest draw: Charm. Now, because of the West, we see that charm as corny or overly sentimental. That WAS the charm and still is!

As for getting a free pass! Am I living in some alternative reality to some of these journalists?
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amaguli  +   1265d ago
It's like reviewers think they can't be fans of both Western and Japanese games. So many reviewers have drawn this invisible line in the sand, and if you cross it, watch out.

As for the free pass, Alex Hutchinson (creative director of Assassin's Creed III) said that journalist hand out free passes to Japanese games. I think he has it backwards.
yoshiroaka  +   1265d ago
I think it more has to do with the west wanting to take over gaming.
The video game industry is growing into a big money industry now and the west want to run it the same way they basically have the biggest pie of the movie industry and they are using the media to push their own industry while down playing the east and for the most part it is working.
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Brosy  +   1264d ago
Youre kidding right? Kojima is the most over rated writer in the game industry. His story are convulted and ridiculious. Yet western devs arent known for their stories like Kojima is. Seriously, if someone thinks his stories are of high quality, then they wouldnt know a good story if it smacked them in the face.

Saving Private Ryan
Reservoir Dogs
are a few examples of good stories, what Kojima writes is pure gibberish compared to a decent story.
Summons75  +   1265d ago
No, wonder why we don't get as many good Japanese made games like last gen? Because everyone in the media bashes Japanese games for the pure reason that they are made in Japan. Harsh Criticism when it's deserved is fine but this gen is ridiculous.

I also find it funny when media places like IGN hype a game until they're blue in the face. Then when the public dosen't like it they pull a 180 and bash it like they never gave it praise.

Gaming media is really Pathetic honestly
smashcrashbash  +   1265d ago
Yeah can we let this drop please.Don't let me break out the list of western games that get away with murder and the amount of glitches and problems that seem to just slide by reviewers eyes. Stop with who gets a free pass. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
ninjahunter  +   1264d ago
Thats not a glitch, That is the dance of his people.
yoshiroaka  +   1265d ago
I cant believe he quoted Metal Gear as one with a "Gibberish story". Why? Because it isnt spoon fed to you and you need to follow the series and use more than half you brain to follow what is going on? I would admit it some stuff is dragged out but the overall story is pretty great and shows a lot of thought. You just need to get invested in the story and that isnt too much to ask.

There are japanese games with poor stories same as western games but metal gear isnt one of them.
amaguli  +   1265d ago
I was pretty surprised at that too. I always that people praised Metal Gear because of it's story! I could understand with criticizing Resident Evil's story, but it is not like it is hard to follow or anything.

I just found it odd that he criticized Metal Gear for a convoluted story, but doesn't mention Modern Warfare in there.
jghvhv  +   1265d ago
The Skyrim Beta won GOTY awards so I'd say that was a solid gold free pass. If it was a Japanese game we'd be looking for the devs head on a spike.
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palaeomerus  +   1264d ago
You mean like the way that people look for Swerry 64's head on a spike after Red Seeds/ Deadly Prmonition turned out to be an ugly mess of a budget title where you could buy $15 crackers from a vending machine and fish for clues? and cans of pickles ?
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SJPFTW  +   1265d ago
LOL this author is a moron. Comparing an Western FPS to a JRPG? Last time I checked every one lambasted MW2's story line, no one at least came out saying that MW2, MW3 or Black Ops had one of the best stories ever. If he wants to look at shooters that are actually praised for their storyline he should have looked at Bioshock or Half Life 2... 2 games that have better stories than anything Japan has produced and are timeless masterpieces.

Another thing in military shooters (like Call of Duty) the goal of the single player campaign is to lead the player from one set piece to another. Telling a story is not the point, but get the player in a position where he is getting shot at, explosions everywhere etc etc etc.

RPG's on the other hand are role playing games. The point is to get immersed in the world and the plot. The game revolves around the story, the immersion and the role playing elements unlike shooters. Go play WRPG masterpiece like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and now you know why Tales of Grace's story gets criticized.
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h311rais3r  +   1265d ago
Metal gears storyline not only transcends through 50+ years it is also more complex than any western game story. Bioshock wasn't "complex" but was a good story. HL2 was a GOOD story.

Metal gears solids saga is untouchable in terms of story. The twists, the characters the situations the incidents. Every single enemy in the game has some deep background as to why they are there and everything eventually links to the events of mgs4. Name 1 game that comes close to having a tight knit next to no plot holed original story that transcends through 6 games all with different events through different time periods.
amaguli  +   1264d ago
Alex Hutchinson said that there should be a UNIVERSAL STANDARD when reviewing stories in EVERY GAME. That would mean we would have to compare the stories in a FPS with a JRPG.

From the reviews I read, reviews spent around a sentence or two saying the story for MW2 was bad, but we all know that the series tries to tell a compelling story. Chris "The Bearded Gamer" said that Western games are torn apart if their story is off by a bit. Two sentences is not tearing a game apart for a bad story.

That is why I compared those two games, because in the context of what they said it makes sense. I'm not trying to say that Tales of Graces f has a great story, in fact I say that it is cliched.

That's the point of the article, do Japanese games really get a free pass when it comes to stories? The answer is no. Also, does it make sense if we go with Hutchinson's plan of a universal standard? The answer is no.
cleft5  +   1265d ago
Yep Japanese games get a free pass, just look at how highly Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 are thought of by gamers. Yes sir, Japanese games get a free pass.
OmniSlashPT  +   1264d ago
Compare JRPG's to FPS. Which ones have the best stories, characters and moments?

FFXIII got trashed when it's actually pretty decent, just not good by FF standards, but then Gears and mindless shooters are praised for a good story because there was a moment somewhere where someone died and was kinda sad. I prefer creative, non-sense, out of the box stories, even if non-cohesive, to generic, non-original stories that follow all the modern day patterns of storytelling.

There are some good western stories now, and the japanese industry is weaker now, indeed, but there's no need to call the journalists biased, when japanese games have been mocked in the last couple of years.

Remember the highest metacritic game of this generation? GTAIV? yeah? Well, that was some bs of a story. I' playing Sleeping Dogs now, and it's much more intriguing, addictive and fun that any moment in GTAIV. But it only has around 80 metascore so it sucks D: oh, how ironic hein?
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ShaunCameron  +   1264d ago
But Sleeping Dogs was made by some Canadian and British developers, though. If anything that's the West's answer to Yakuza.
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Kureno_Nakamura  +   1264d ago
It's almost like somebody has an agenda to destroy the appeal of Japanese games in the West.

Who would do such a heinous thing?
SageHonor  +   1264d ago
Articles like these are why nobody takes journalist seriously.
Strakken  +   1264d ago
Why do shit articles like this get a free pass
lorcraven  +   1264d ago
What about the massive shitstorm of sfxt, need I remind people Capcom are Japanese.

These articles really are a waste of time.
Mike_Tha_Hero  +   1264d ago
Japanese games are still among the best.
3-4-5  +   1264d ago
We are too arrogant here in the west. It's embarrassing really.

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