Msoft: Don't Tell Bill Your 360 Problems

It was a little stunning to learn last week that at least one disgruntled Xbox 360 owner had decided to skip the regular channels when dealing with a burnt out 360 and instead went straight to Bill Gates. Even more stunning, Gates apparently knocked some heads and got the guy sorted out in record time (24 hours).

While Consumerist reader, and Xbox 360 owner, Jon was delighted with the outcome, it seems Microsoft was not so much. Today they've dropped us a friendly note to remind everyone that Bill really isn't your go-to guy for Red Rings of Death:

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DarkSniper3796d ago

Basically this states that the creator of Microsoft Corporation does not want anything to do with XBOX 360, nor it's customers. How typical. Thankfully, Howard Stringer would not give Dark Sniper this kind of a cold shoulder.

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rbanke3796d ago

eh, i have a ps3. if it ever breaks, im not such an ass that im going to bother the ceo of Sony for personal help. There are proper channels in place for repair, they should be used. People shouldnt be rewarded for circumventing what the majority must go through. Its no different than cutting in line and being let through.

ruibing3796d ago

I've only been a fan of two Sony product lines: MD players and Playstation. I can't say much for Sony as a software developer (Rootkits, SonicStage, and Connect for example), but their hardware products are always solidly designed and built.

Sarick3795d ago

Are you sure?

Seriously, if customer service was doing their job do you think this kid would've wasted his time tracking don Bills email?

It's obvious he was dissatisfied with the proper channels you speak highly about. Otherwise he wouldn't have wasted time writing the CEO.

Let me make one thing clear. People that complain do so because they care about something that their dissatisfied with. He just took steps to make his voice heard. Sure he stepped on a few toes along the way but in the end he finally got the job done.

rofldings3796d ago

I'm really amazed at how Billiam not only read that poor 360 owner's email, but actually helped him out.

That guy is pretty bad ass, can't say the same for the 360's engineering team or M$ for that matter.

heroman7113796d ago

i know man, bill is awesome but can say same bout microsoft

marinelife93796d ago

That's HILARIOUS! Bill probably got pissed at customer service for not taking care of the guy and threatened to fire the whole lot if he got one more email from a disgruntled user.

antoinetm3796d ago

bill is the man.

but i would be pissed if i was him because that noob posted the email address on the internet.

i would just lock that new xbox and redirect him tru the regular customer service.

BrianC62343796d ago

Doesn't everyone know this? Of course he isn't. Bill Gates handles Vista returns. I believe Robbie Bach is now in charge of 360 repairs. I could be wrong though. They might have changed that last week.

But seriously, I knew that would be an issue after that story came out. You help one person and word gets out and soon everyone wants your help.

name3796d ago

It's in my opinion, worth concern how people have grown so comfortable with the failure rate. Seriously, you're not RENTING your console you bought it.

bozobucketeer3796d ago

I think people don't care's a free repair. It's an inconvenience, a pain in the ass, but it doesn't cost the consumer anything. Hell, maybe people will actually go outside with their new found freedom. I'd understand your "concern" if people bought their console then had to pay a repair fee, but they don't.

BloodySinner3796d ago

Wow, if that's renting, then I think I'm late on my return date. Considering I've had my console since launch and it's still going strong.

Sarick3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

With todays limited schedules. People don't need any more inconveniences when they just want to kick back relax and play a game.

I don't know how you manage you time but some people buy consoles for entertainment. Not to excercise their communication skills with customer service.

When I baught my console I expected to use it. When it's in the shop I can't use it so thats wasted time I can't enjoy the product I paid for. Every time I sent my console back the investment I paid into my console depreciated.

There's no excuse for this level of failures so stop saying it's an opportunity to get outside etc. This numbing gullible mindset is what holds people back in life. It speaks worlds of optimism for what should normally be considered pessimism. The fact is your getting cheated no matter how you spin it.

LJWooly3795d ago

Bloodmask, it doesn't matter how long you've had your 360 for. No matter how you want to spin this argument, microsoft were still in the wrong for getting greedy, and releasing crappy hardware in return for getting their console out before Sony and Nintendo.

Microsoft were trying to secure a monopoly in the gaming industry as soon as they could at the cost of consumer satisfaction, and that's something that I find it hard to respect them for.

Why defend a company that doesn't give two sh*ts about you? What have you to gain?

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Gamingshouldbefun3796d ago

I dont like m$ and I prefer sony any time but this is just retarded, they should just ignore the guy.

but it makes you wonder how he got his e-mail and why would Bill even react to it? something fishy here hehe

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