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CVG- New Super Mario Bros U: Fresh new thrills?

CVG- Good job Nintendo thought to put the word "New" in the title of New Super Mario Bros U, because otherwise we might mistake it for one of the least original ideas they've come up with in years.

As a bunch of unashamed Mario devotees, it gives us no pleasure to say so: there was a time when each new side-scrolling Mario platformer filled us with excitement before we even got our hands on it. But for the first time in our lives with a Mario title, we found ourselves treating New Super Mario Bros like any other game. (New Super Mario Bros. U, Wii U)

Moerdigan  +   1142d ago
It's currently not going to be one of my launch purchases, so I guess I feel the same.
Lucretia  +   1142d ago
nah, it will be more of the same old stuff.

with out a doubt it will be fun, i really like New super mario bros, but i mean we have gotten 5 games/re releases and or ports within 3-4 years, its being milked again. would like to see atleast 1 new ip a year nintendo
PopRocks359  +   1142d ago
It could have the same exact levels from the first game. As long as they have online co-op in this one, I will buy this day one.

The four player co-op in the first game was just that fun.
Lucretia  +   1142d ago
yeeeah, thats a little sad though Kamina fan. because it could easily be patched and have that added, but nintendo fans are willing to pay for the same game over and over (zelda orcina of time released 4 times or more)

and im highly doubtful this game is going to be the first one lol. but it would be awesome with online.

this game should include the first game and add online support for it
PopRocks359  +   1141d ago
Okay, don't be ridiculous. Miyamoto stated the Wii could not do four player co-op on that game due to its lack of power. That would not be an excuse on the Wii U, last I checked.

You know what I think is sad? That you hardly ever have anything positive to say about any of these articles that you comment on.
Gr81  +   1142d ago
Not seen anything that screams fresh and everything that screams recycled with this game. Which is unfortunate. I long for the days when 2D Mario games were given the royal treatment.

There is no excuse why one could argue a Galaxy game looks better graphically than this game other than effort and passion from the devs involved. Its sad really.

I hope this game surprises me and ends up being something special, a worthy sequel to Mario 3/World..But I'm not holding my breath.
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