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Iron Man 23582d ago

*Sigh*what a waste...Halo 3?;)

bozobucketeer3582d ago

I'm not really a fan of bullying, but this is just asking for it.

mikeslemonade3582d ago

Aww I thought this would be like a controller for the shoes.

haloblows3582d ago

And the New England cheaters.

EastCoastSB3582d ago

If I saw someone wearing those I'd kick them in the teeth.

bozobucketeer3582d ago

What kind of shoes would you be wearing when you did this kicking in the teeth?

Bnet3433582d ago

Nike 6.0'S? You mean those fake ass skater shoes? You should be the one getting your teeth kicked.

bozobucketeer3582d ago

Badass skate shoes were by the company NSS. They changed their logo, but it used to appear like it said ASS. Greatest shoe ever. Back in HS I got stopped by teachers so often.

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The story is too old to be commented.