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First Look: The World Ends With You iOS

Andriasang: "The iOS version of The World Ends With You may have leaked out in advance of its official announcement, but now we can at last get a first look. Visit the official site for first details on The World Ends With You Solo Remix. We've posted all the screens and the launch trailer here." (iPad, iPhone, The World Ends With You - Solo Remix)

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PirateThom  +   726d ago
It's like Square Enix hate all of their fans.
Snookies12  +   726d ago
Oh they do! They do... They just like to dangle possibilities that get people excited then laugh when they get to pull that possibility away. Can we PLEASE get someone else to take over that damn company... Honestly, Wada is doing such a piss poor I'm almost convinced he secretly became the top dog there just to exact some kind of revenge he held against the company by dragging it down.
lasersquash  +   726d ago
At least nomura is trying.
Qrphe  +   726d ago
It's more like they wanna make money.
Chrono  +   725d ago
The original games sold about 600k copies only, of course they'll make more money with this port.
Qrphe  +   725d ago
Thats actually not bad for a handheld.
I see nothing wrong with iPorts, but I still want my TWEWY2
Lavalamp  +   726d ago
I'm still not sure how the partner system is going to work like this. It sounds like it's going to makes an already fairly busy game look even busier, and that's before you get your fingers in the way.

I'm not going to write it off just yet, but I'm certainly not going to make a blind-purchase when the price of entry is $20. Will wait for a good amount of feedback.
Magic_Spatula  +   726d ago
Looks like they changed it so that both characters are on the same screen during battles (due to lack of a second screen). Wonder how the combat system is gonna work with that.
YoungKingDoran  +   726d ago
I'm surprisingly upset.
goddamn square enix
i (we all?) should have known better
DivineAssault  +   726d ago
i was really hoping for a sequel.. Oh well, maybe nx yr will have something better... Square has been terrible this gen in my opinion.. FF games went to $hit & i havent seen many rpgs worth getting.. What the hell happened? I guess when Sakaguchi left, their development talent fell apart..
HarvesterOSarow  +   726d ago
What was that card stuff? It looked like they were doing status effects on the enemies in the field. That's a cool idea, although the game was nearly perfect, if not perfect, the first time lol.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   726d ago
I think Nomura wants to do a Twewy 2, but he really does need to get Versus out, and then he needs to get KH3 out. Right now those are more important. KH fans have been waiting a very long time for the conclusion of the series. Thre's just no time for a Twewy 2 right now. He can only work on so many projects at once without dropping some quality.
TheDivine  +   726d ago
Damn really wanted TWEWY 2.
BuffMordecai  +   726d ago
You know, I used to love companies like Capcom and Square Enix, but after continually spitting in the face of their fans, I wouldn't care if they would both go under.

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