Top 10 Gaming Villains

Whether its getting a ball through a finish line, solving puzzles or blowing someone's head off, there's always an endgame. In this week's top 10 list, Peter Muegge counts down what most people play games for, beating the main villain. These are the biggest villains of all time.

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DC19801971d ago

Team Rocket and the Nazi Army make the list, but Sephiroth is nowhere to be found? Terrible list

pandehz1971d ago

Where is Sephiroth?

Pacman ghosts?

NukaCola1971d ago

Albert Wesker is a douchebag. There are many better villains. Sephiroth and Ganon should of been there.

BlackPrince 421970d ago

Andrew Ryan?
LIquid Snake/Ocelot?

Yeah this list is fail.

Eyeco1970d ago

Liquid Ocelot, is imo one of the greatest villains ever conceived in fiction, especially in MGS4 he's perfect, a mastermind, fascinating just complete.

Ganon should have been there somewhere , Albert Wesker is one of the worst villains in games, he's so generic, just boils down to an evil, mad scientist/ billionaire that wants to "destroy the world" yawn!!

jony_dols1967d ago

Frank Fontaine was far more villanous than Andrew Ryan in Bioshock! I

Kureno_Nakamura1970d ago

This isn't a very good list by anyone's standards.

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