Top 5 Best Bad Voice Acting in Gaming

Get ready to plug your ears when playing these five games!

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OhMyGandhi2063d ago

this can't be it?

Pozzle2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Yep, apparently the Chaos Wars publishers were so lazy/cheap/etc they hired their family members to do the voice acting. I'm not even joking.

r212063d ago

Agreed Chaos Wars had the worst VA i could ever hear with my two ears. So horrid that i barely even played the game for half an hour.

amaguli2063d ago

Sometimes bad voice acting is more memorable than good voice acting.

OhMyGandhi2061d ago

for all the wrong reasons.

No Way2063d ago

???: "Monsters...!"
Uru: "That's too bad."
"They're gone now.
You smell good"

.. what?

trikster402063d ago

He forgot Evil Zone for PSOne: best bad acting ever!

It's the best of the worst!

Hicken2063d ago

I loved Evil Zone's bad acting!

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