NFL Legend Joe Montana Threatens GameDaily Reporter

At EA Sports' 14th Madden Bowl, held at the Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ, GameDaily reporter Chris Buffa nearly got sacked. Buffa was simply taking pictures along with everyone else at the event, when suddenly four time Super Bowl champion Joe Montana bumped Buffa and cursed at him for the snapshots.

"Montana was behind me, bumping into me to get my attention," Buffa said. "Startled, I turned to see a stone-faced Joe who looked at me with disdain before asking, 'Do you have a f*cking problem?'"

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gamesblow3601d ago

Booooo and hooo... I'm sure this guy did something to catch joe's attention. He just doesn't wanna say it. I love how it's never the average guys fault when a Celeberty gets upset. Never... This guy was probably being an idiot and Joe didn't like him.

That or Joe heard he worked for Gamedaily and that's reason enough to get upset about. They blow major Goat nips.

hammersuit3601d ago

I want to defend the multimillionaire ball thrower too. What a world.

LuvBurger3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Niners fan as well??

RecSpec3601d ago

I'll be damned, I actually agree with FirstknighT on something. Go Niners!!

Joe Montana Football for the Genesis is my favorite football game ever. It could have been the first game where a sports star actually contributed voice work for the game. Plus you could injure people. I remember those epic 133-120 games me and my friends played.

I will admit if I met Joe on the street, I would be intimidated.

killax35633601d ago

...because a lot of people are saying Tom Brady is as good as or better than he was. BTW, niners suck.

RecSpec3601d ago

Says the bandwagon fan. At least we stick with our team when they aren't in the playoffs. Do you know how many idiotic fans out there change their favorite teams more than they change clothes. Niners do suck, right now that is, but they will come back, funny to see how many "fans" bailed out after Steve Young retired. How many Pats fans will be out there after Belichick and Brady are past their prime?

xionpunk3601d ago

@ recspec Yeah, I know about sticking with a team even though they suck. Atlanta Falcons. They break my heart every season, but I always come back.

Disappointing about Joe MOntana being an asshat. Maybe it was all the alcohol. Anywho, who wants to bet that reporter pissed himself when Montana got up in his "grill"?

killax35633601d ago

Waaaa waaaa niners suck....waaaaaa waaaa waaa.

FirstknighT3600d ago

I own Joe Montana talking football still. I remember playing the game and how amazed I was on hearing them talking. Yeah the Niners suck but they have alot of good young players and definitely on the right track. I know alot of people bag on Alex Smith but he's still a kid. Give him time. Look at Eli Manning. He was laughed most of his early career. Look at him now.

And the Patriots??? Well atleast the Niners never cheated ;)

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intelligmr3601d ago

J. montana sounds like a d-bag here, you have to admit. Roughing up someone for taking his pic at a press event? wtf

SKUD3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Don't Phuck! with Joe Montana

clevernickname3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Because when he drinks he turns into an a$$hole? Get out of here with celebrity worship.

RecSpec3601d ago

Ooh somebody is a Bengals fan...

killax35633601d ago

Oh someone is a p!ssy niners fan....

bohemian 233601d ago

Dude why were in his way in the first place ? Your lucky that's all he did to you. Joe Montana could've murdered you on camera and still wouldn't get convicted. Greatest QB ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.