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Submitted by Rick_Addition 1262d ago | news

Beyond Two Souls Should Only Be Played “Once And Don’t Replay It”, according to David Cage

David Cage, creator of Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, has stressed that Quantic Dream’s next project, Beyond: Two Souls, is all about the choices made by the player and that multiple playthroughs will defeat the meaning and the consequence of the initial overall decision process. (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3)

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Snookies12  +   1262d ago
Well, I think it should be played once and saved for a very long time before going back through. Heavy Rain seemed like a one and done type deal as well, but after beating it a long while back I recently bought it again to play through.
BiggCMan  +   1262d ago
Ha, not for me it wasn't. I beat Heavy Rain about 6 full times inside 2 weeks to see how different it could be. Got platinum trophy in those 2 weeks as well. I haven't been that glued to a game since MGS4.
Blackpool  +   1262d ago
lmao, he got disagrees just for saying that.
SAE  +   1262d ago
i love heavy rain , let's see if they will disagree on that fact >,< ...
knowyourstuff  +   1262d ago
lol @ above ^

If you live always caring if people can anonymously troll the internet and disagree with you, you won't get much done.
vickers500  +   1262d ago
@BlackPool, IDeath489

Many people here at n4g look at the comments section as a conversation. When someone says "I love Heavy Rain", the people that click the disagree button on you aren't saying "no you don't", they're basically saying "Well, personally, I don't". People disagreeing with his comment are basically saying "I didn't beat it that many times".

The fact that you and many others STILL haven't figured this out yet makes me sad for some of you.
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SAE  +   1262d ago
Then they shouldn't disagree , because the comment says i that refer to the writer , so it is a fact that you can't disagree on it XD

disagree is for saying something wrong or bad , no need to disagree for something like that even if it's a conversation , just say your opinion like saying i didn't enjoy heavy rain , it's more like hating me because i like a game , it's not a wrong thing to disagree on it .

the Agree and Disagree thing shouldn't be used all the time .
well , that's how i see it , maybe im wrong .....

Here is an example : imagine yourself in a restaurant , you said to the cooker to make you a cheese burger suddenly he scream at you " i Disagree!!' just because he doesn't like it , you see what i'm saying lol ...
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Campy da Camper  +   1262d ago
People think the disagree button means something that it is not. I take it as, if I don't agree with the statement AS IT APPLIES TO MY LIFE, then I click it.

In this case, I wasn't nearly as glued to HR as I was to MGS4 and I only played it once, not 6 times. So, when I read your statement I disagreed. For me, there is no Heavy Rain plat, I only played it once and MGS4 held my attention MUCH greater than Heavy Rain.

I was not saying that you are wrong about your statement as it applies to your life but rather it is simply untrue in mine.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1262d ago
I just disagreed cause I didn't do what you did;-) lol!
ArronC07  +   1262d ago
I use disagree in order to wind up the writer of the post. I think most people would agree with me if they're honest, of course now I've said that most people will disagree with me in order to make a point, but now that I've said that most people will agree with me in order to not make me right- rinse and repeat.
mananimal  +   1262d ago
@ BiggCMan & Blackpool

Just goes to show you how "insane" & narcisstic the average person is, if your opinion doesnt agree with them, its viewed as a negative, hence all the "Disagree's", cause someone is different in there approach or taste to playing a VIDEOGAME, lol. gee whiz people.

But yes I generally agree with the idea, this type of game would be 1 & done, at least for a long while, like some stated already...but thats just me, not someone else, NOR is there a RIGHT or WRONG choice here, just different, nothing WRONG with that.
vickers500  +   1262d ago
"just say your opinion like saying i didn't enjoy heavy rain"

There's no need, that's what the disagree button is for. It's kind of a waste of a comment/time to type that out, rather than simply click on a button.

So instead of getting upset over something so insignificant, which might not even be what you think it is, just think to yourself, "Hmm, not ALL of them might be trolling me, some might just be treating this as a conversation and chiming in their opinion with a click of a button instead of a wasted comment", a comment which, on this site, will direct tons of unwanted and hateful replies towards them.

You ever see those comments in articles that say "well personally, I don't like this game"? Ever tend to notice how the replies go? They NEVER get the "I disagree with you, but I respect your opinion of not liking this game". No, the comments are always more along the lines of "then why the hell are you commenting on this?/why are you here then".

Can you really blame someone for choosing the anonymity and simplicity of choosing to click a button rather than type out comment which is just going to paint a target on them?
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b163o1  +   1262d ago
People writing paragraphs on a disagree button...
x5exotic  +   1262d ago

It's called a disagree button, not a fuck you button...when people disagree, it means they...disagree.

So don't get butthurt
pixelsword  +   1262d ago
I'm just glad I have the opportunity to play Beyond: Two Souls. :D
EVILDEAD360  +   1262d ago
If they are crafting the game anywhere like they have Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain then I completely understand where he's coming from.

These games are meant to be experienced once..but some people will replay to see the choices.

Even with one time, they are definately great experiences.

I beat Heavy Rain and thought I'd do it over and over, but just ended up reading about the other choices as it essentially was the same.

It'll be interesting to see if Beyond even gets a release date for 2013. It's more likely going to be pushed into first quarter 2014 as to not compete with a Fall/Holiday release of 'Last of Us'.

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Sony360  +   1262d ago
The agree/disagree buttons should just be removed. They're abused and not used for what they're meant to be.
Dee_91  +   1262d ago
@vickers obviously your use for the agreee/disagre buttons are just that,yours.Theres nothing to "get".Its not put anywhere on this site in print what the agree/disagree button is actually meant for.
I for one think your reasoning for disagreeing and agreeing is dumb tbh.Im not gonna disagree with someone personal experience because theres nothing to disagree with.A personal experience isnt an opinion as your trying to make it seem.I dont agree with personal experiences either but thats just me , I can understand why some would.I never disagree without leaving an explanation.Hence this response

I dont think he is saying it has no replay value.But that your decision should be final.But ofcourse us being gamers we will play it over and over.
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FACTUAL evidence  +   1262d ago
well if Cage said this, then that shows the replay value in this title..
vickers500  +   1262d ago
"@vickers obviously your use for the agreee/disagre buttons are just that,yours.Theres nothing to "get".Its not put anywhere on this site in print what the agree/disagree button is actually meant for."

Just mine? What about the 31 people who agreed with my comment, along with those few who outright stated that they agreed with what I said? Obviously the way I use the disagree button isn't "just mine", it's many other peoples use as well. And no, it's not put on this site what its actually meant for, but you shouldn't assume that every type of comment like that that gets disagrees is simply a troll disagree.

Some people just simply take whatever they read and apply it to themselves, and click agree/disagree accordingly. It would be stupid to assume all or most of disagrees to those types of comments are simply just troll comments, I mean I know there are a lot of trolls out there, but there aren't THAT many.


Lol, yeah, I know it's pretty sad, but I just find it really annoying when people get so butthurt and insecure when someone disagrees with their comment. As x5exotic put it so well, it's a disagree button, not a fuck you button.

I shouldn't have even needed to explain that, most people should already know this stuff.
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TheLastGuardian  +   1262d ago
I got the platinum trophy in 4 days. I was absolutely hooked on Heavy Rain. I feel like replaying it soon. I'm really looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1262d ago
$60 is a lot to ask for from gamers who may finish the game in less than 20 hours and be done with it. Especially when the gaming industry whines about the used game market and the rental market.

I like the fact David Cage tries to offer something different but he needs to be careful and not and try and create what was considered an entertainment medium now as art and a one time experience.
BattleAxe  +   1262d ago

BLING!....."I Told You Not To Play This Twice"
Dee_91  +   1261d ago
okay so you can show me where exactly its written in the rules that thats how the agree/disagree system works right? because that was my point if you missed it.
But you cant because thats NOT how it works.You can make up what ever reason but there is no real reason.So like I said theres nothing to "get",people use it how they will use it because there are no rules regarding how to use it.

Bringing up the amount of agrees you got is completely beyond the point.And the fact that you didnt mention all of the disagrees you got makes mentioning your agrees even that much more pointless.I dont care if people agree with you but its not a fact therefor its not something people should "get" over time like you implied we should.

Where did I mention the only people who disagree are trolls?Did I even mention trolls? Like I said people will have there own reasons to disagree because there is no rules on what its for and therefor a pointless feature in my opinion until they either explain what the function is really for or make you have to reply in order to disagree.

I dont get "butthurt" over a disagree because in my opinion its a pointless feature.The thing that annoys me about the system is how much everyone cares about it.How in every article the pro ps3 comments gets millions of agrees and then someone bring up how sony biased this site is.It shouldnt be like that.Either give it rules or remove it.
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Getowned  +   1261d ago
Why do we even need an agree and disagree system, it's kind of silly. If you disagree with someone state why and provided evidence. This agree and disagree system only encourage trolling and is really not needed. I would actually like to see it removed someday. A reply to a comment is a much more powerful way of agreeing/disagreeing with someone. on N4G i've found agrees and disagree are really abused and mean nothing, it will only bother you if you let it.
MysticStrummer  +   1261d ago
@vickers - Sure, not all disagrees here are trolling, but it's a safe bet that many of them are. Go ahead and state a fact, not an opinion, and see what happens here. You can post a fact with links for references and still get disagrees.

Disagree with an opinion all you want ( BF>CoD ), but disagreeing with someone's personal experience ( I loved Heavy Rain ) or a concrete fact ( Fallout 3 sold x copies ) is just stupid, not a "conversation".
vickers500  +   1261d ago
okay so you can show me where exactly its written in the rules that thats how the agree/disagree system works right? because that was my point if you missed it."

You must not have expressed yourself clearly enough, because that's not what I got from your comment

"So like I said theres nothing to "get",people use it how they will use it because there are no rules regarding how to use it."

People should "get" both possible reasons for someone disagreeing with them, instead of instantly thinking "troll". They should (if they aren't morons) consider the many different reasons for the disagrees they get, instead of just jumping to the "whoever is disagreeing with me is just a troll".

"Bringing up the amount of agrees you got is completely beyond the point."

The point of me bringing up the amount of agrees I got was to prove to you that I am not the only one who sees the disagree system in that way, so when you said "it's just yours", you are wrong. It's not everyones, but it's not just mine, so techincally, AS I STATED IT (as in SOME people see it that way) it IS a fact.

"Like I said people will have there own reasons to disagree because there is no rules on what its for and therefor a pointless feature in my opinion"

You're right, it is a pointless feature. My whole point in this, everything I've said in my comments so far boils down to "chill the fuck out, not every single disagree you get is meant to fuck with you". That's it. That's the simplest version of what I'm trying to say. If you don't get butthurt over a disagree then good for you, you're not the person I'm speaking to. I'm speaking to the people who, at the first sight of a few disagrees, automatically assume that it's a troll.

I never said "none of them" are troll disagrees, some definitely are, I just think people massively overestimate the amount of troll disagrees they're actually getting. Lets say you state a fact, something like (idk if this is true or not) "PS3 sold 5 million units last year". Now if that comment gets disagrees (provided it's true), then yeah, I'll agree that any disagrees it gets are simply trolls.

But if it's a comment like "I loved Heavy Rain" then people look at that comment differently, and use the disagree button as their way of saying "I don't". There's nothing stupid about it. It's just a way of perceiving a comment on the internet. Whenever you are having a conversation with someone, you take whatever they say and apply it to yourself and form a sentence to tell back to them. That's simply what people do with the disagree button here on n4g, rather than write out a hate inducing waste of time comment.
Revolver_X_  +   1261d ago
What a completely off topic wall of text.
@Vickers lets equate the agree/disagree button to real life. I say I love Heavy Rain to someone, and you standing next to me chimes in and says, I disagree. However you mean it, its an A$$hole comment. Its you adding in your unwanted 2 cents. In essence even the way you meant it is a form of trolling.

@Dmarc Dilusional comments like that makes you a completely uncredible fanboy. Oh N4G is crawling with Sony fanboys, but when you criticise Sony you get a million disagrees. I've seen quite the contrary in the past few weeks. Its a two way street here. Everyone points the finger at everyone else. Quit trollin, N4G sux like it always has.
Dmarc1  +   1261d ago
@Revolver_X_ your reading comprehension skills must be piss poor.
joab777  +   1262d ago
Can u sell it for the price of a blue ray then? Because I don't like spending $60 on something I play once. Or we set up a site and pass it around. Even the best movies I wouldn't pay $60 for. I am still psyched about this and believe this type of game is needed right now, but don't tell us it should only b played once. Keep it to yourself. Especially since it's untrue. We were supposed to play heavy rain once and let the story just play itself out.

If this is really the case and u really want everyone to enjoy the story, do not release trophies or guides until 1-2 weeks after it releases. Yeah, it may effect initial sales but it will still sell the same. But, it will allow people to enjoy it the way it's supposed to. I know this because when I saw the trophies for heavy rain, I knew I couldn't just play it, I had to play it a very particular way.
Hellsvacancy  +   1262d ago
I know right, its like hes telling people to rent or borrow his game, way to go Dave

I shall buy it, and play it many times
HeavenlySnipes  +   1262d ago
How many times did you play the GOW games? Single player only but well worth $60. Maybe after a playthrough you'll be satisfied with how you had the game turn out for you
Brosy  +   1262d ago
The developer obviously wants people to rent his game instead of buy it, is how it sounds to me.
Anon1974  +   1262d ago
I hate multiple endings. Cheapens the experience for me. I like to have one, well thought out, complete story told from beginning to end and that's it. For me, multiple endings dilutes the impact that a single, strong ending would achieve. I feel the same way about multiple endings on movies I buy. Extra scenes, I'm all in, but alt scenes, alt endings - just takes away from the experience.
nukeitall  +   1262d ago
I can kind of see that, but I loved it in ME. If there are multiple endings, it better damn well be because I made significant different choices.

Otherwise as you say, it cheapens the experience!
DeadlyFire  +   1262d ago
He is challenging us to not play it more than once. Is it that damn good? He thinks so. I wanna see.
TCG_Returns  +   1262d ago
What Cage meant, as he said the same thing with Heavy Rain, was not play the game once and never play again.But play through the story once,full through, without going back to old saves to change something you regret doing.

Typical N4G readers.Glance at the headline and make stupid assumptions.Such braindead idiots.
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Irishguy95  +   1262d ago
Well, thanks Dave, i'll rent it
Jazz4108  +   1262d ago
If i want to goto the movies I will pay 10.00 instead of 60.00. When i play a game at home I dont want to watch cutscenes that our longer than the game. I am all for a good story in a game but with this game its about death and what happens. The simple answer is no one alive knows and that includes Cage and watching a bunch of cutscenes on his opinion of death or chasing a little balloon carrying kid around a mall and frantically yelling his name is not my idea of gaming but some people like it. I just prefer to pay alot less and watch a movie then play/watch Cages works of fiction. This is my opinion.
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colonel179  +   1262d ago
To only be played once and don't replay it....

Gold Trophy: Unlock all endings
fermcr  +   1262d ago
"Beyond Two Souls Should Only Be Played “Once And Don’t Replay It”, according to David Cage"

Then they should allow players to win all trophies with one playthrough... otherwise there are players that are going to replay it to have all trophies.
showtimefolks  +   1262d ago
Just like heavy rain play once leave it alone than about a year later play it again or maybe okay t 3 times within 2-3 weeks to get every ending and trophies

In a game where your choices have consequences people will most likely play it multiple times just to see how different it could be with different choices
Kin23g  +   1262d ago
I'll try to, David. But I doubt I'll be able to keep myself from replaying it again.
#1.10 (Edited 1262d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Haha123  +   1261d ago
So basically rent the game
FragMnTagM  +   1261d ago
So games are starting to be movies now?

That goes against every reason why I game to play it only once.

That is why I will spend 60 dollars for one title. Content that is worth it, that lasts for a long time.
jwatt  +   1261d ago
I think if they make it where you can see who agrees and disagree with you when you scroll over it, that would change every thing
rodiabloalmeida  +   1262d ago
It's like that movies where there is a killer but you don't know who is it at the beginning, and when the movie ends, you discover who is the killer. It's not a bad thing. I'm sure it will be an awesome experience to play with. David Cage and all his team are very good storytellers.
KingOptimusOrigin111  +   1262d ago
I'm going to play it again because I know its going to be epic.
#3 (Edited 1262d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Xof  +   1262d ago
I only played through Heavy Rain maybe 1.5 times. That .5 was just using the chapter-select to see how player choice effected the story. It usually didn't.
BitbyDeath  +   1262d ago | Funny
I'm afraid i can't do that Dave
RXL  +   1262d ago

doubt many kids will get the reference tho lol..

bubbles up!
ElitaStorm  +   1262d ago
a space odyssey lol
AusRogo  +   1262d ago
Hahaha that actually made my day on n4g!
Qrphe  +   1262d ago
OMG, this was a great reponse lol
NastyLeftHook0  +   1262d ago
Yeah me neither, im a total nut when it comes to getting all of the story together.
yesmynameissumo  +   1262d ago
That's exactly what I do when I buy a $60 game! /sarcasm
cleft5  +   1262d ago
Seriously. If he wants to charge $7.50 for his game than I will gladly only play it once and call it a day. That's the price I pay to see a movie in the theaters. Honestly, he should be glad anyone even bothers to play his QTE game. Hopefully Ellen Page the Game, I mean, Beyond Two Souls will have more substance than Heavy Rain did.
Hoje0308  +   1262d ago
Exactly how I feel. I really liked Fahrenheit and loved the idea of Heavy Rain that was pitched. However, the final product was lacking in actual gameplay and suffered from plot holes. I'd only planned on renting Beyond after being disappointed with my purchase of Heavy Rain and Cage's comments only solidify said plan.
dboyc310  +   1262d ago
From where i live tickets for movie are higher than 7.50 and yet most movies now a days fail to provide the same experience heavy rain did when i first played it. Yea its a QTE game but it does an amazing job presenting itself and forming a engaging story. Beyond will be similar to heavy rain but this time they brought
ELLEN FU*KEN PAGE :) Can't wait!!!
cobblestone19  +   1262d ago
Heavy Rain is my favorite game of the whole Gen. So, needless to say, I disagree with you.
Godmars290  +   1262d ago
Isn't a regular movie ticket $9-$10? Bit on the cheap side you wanting to pay matinee.

Not that you aren't wrong. Or that Cage's comment, one that he's only repeated since switching careers from movie making, shows a fundamental flaw in his approach in making a game. One he's expecting people to pay $60 for.
#6.1.4 (Edited 1262d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Hicken  +   1262d ago
Given how long it'll take me to beat it- the way I play games is weird sometimes- it'll be time for another playthrough by the time I finish.
ashik24   1262d ago | Spam
Omnislash  +   1262d ago
one of the reasons people would want to play the game more than once is the trophies. If David Cage is smart with the games trophies, playing the game once can be possible.

At least for the trophy hunters... Otherwise if someone just wants to thoroughly play the game they will...
Myst-Vearn  +   1262d ago
I will play it again and you can't stop me .
Infiny  +   1262d ago
No, I'm a trophy whore and I'm going to play the shit out of it.

Hasanhastam  +   1262d ago
Just play fahreinheit and love it. Hope this be like that not heavy rain
cleft5  +   1262d ago
I will play his QTE movie once when it comes from Gamefly.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1262d ago
I didn't know you could control your character in qte movies./s
cleft5  +   1262d ago
Oh thats right because moving around is what defines a game. Any time you did anything significant in Heavy Rain you did some kind of QTE. From the 20 minute demo of Beyond Two Souls it was the exact same thing. Moving around is not enough to say something isn't a glorified QTE. All you did in Heavy Rain was walk from one QTE to the next. I am not saying it's good or bad, but his "games" are just QTEs.
DigitalRaptor  +   1262d ago
An interactive prompt is different to a QTE. There are many significant moments in Heavy Rain where you can chose your interaction under no time constraint. Sometimes it's a series of button press combos. That is not QTE.

So no, his games are not just a series of QTEs because many of the things you think are QTE are not. In his games, what is significant is story and character development, so the fact that there are adventure elements to his games means that it is definitely not just a series of QTEs. As someone who's played his games, you should know better.
#13.1.2 (Edited 1262d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report
akaakaaka  +   1262d ago
and why not skip the game? o wait because is wait for it!

epic and you will be dumb to not play such a great great game...

ps.. note stop hating enjoy the game you know is a unique experience, appreciate it
SJPFTW  +   1262d ago
if the game is only suppose to be played once then don't charge a full $60 for it LOL
SAE  +   1262d ago
then most of the games must be cheaper and we all agree on that ^^
#14.1 (Edited 1262d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
JellyJelly  +   1261d ago
Release it like episodic downloadable titles instead, like The Walking Dead on PSN/XBLA. Great game btw.
FreshRevenge  +   1262d ago
Not to bash David Cage but his attitude on gaming is whacked. If I am going to pay 60 bucks so his company can make millions than the game better have some replay value! Heavy Rain was good but it wasn't groundbreaking. If his attitude is that gamers should play it once than he should just suggest renting the game at gamefly or something!
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1262d ago
It HAS replay value. Did you not read what the man wrote?!?

You can absolutely play through it again. His idea is that this is a life you are experiencing. In life, you only get one play through. It impacts you MUCH MORE this way.
ChickeyCantor  +   1262d ago
Super hipster much?

I mean I usually play the game immediately after I finished it. Because it's the second time when you pay attention to details.
DarkBlood  +   1262d ago
thats why there should be some sort of recording feature so you dont forget how to played it and the choices you made the first time

sadly i dont have such device to do that on an hdtv, would love to do that for other games so i can just watch it and not press a button lol
ChunkyLover53   1262d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
VikingDaddy  +   1262d ago
How about you let the gamers play the game the way they want to play it? "We spend hundreds of thousands of man-hours making this game with branching storylines, make sure you only play it once!" Absurd.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1262d ago
We CAN play it any way we want. He just recommends playing it once because...

You know what? Forget this crap. If you people want to be elitists, I'll let you. I'm so tired of you not reading articles and disregarding any ounce of sense a developer makes.
Hoje0308  +   1262d ago
How is he being elitist? I'm not entirely sure you know what that word means. Cage did say that he recommends playing the game once, which does seem odd for a game designer to say. Personally, I wonder if he's worried gamers who play the game multiple times will discover plot holes and unfulfilled promises, as was the case with Heavy Rain.
Blankman85  +   1262d ago
Then we recommend he drops the price of the game significantly before launch.
dubt72  +   1262d ago
Once? Sounds like one time too many, lol
kneon  +   1262d ago
And you have 1 too many bubbles.
Ripco_Keller  +   1262d ago
So... rent, but don't buy?
PhoenixRising37  +   1262d ago
ok then i expect one of 2 things:
1. i have the ability to platinum in one playthrough
2. no trophies at all.
aNDROiD17_  +   1262d ago
then theres no reason for this game to be 60 $, fuck that i aint getting it
TheGOODKyle  +   1262d ago
Guarantee you've bought a linear game for $60.
rezzah  +   1262d ago
Length of a game doesn't equal the amount of money put into creating it.

Have to look further than that if you can.
TheGOODKyle  +   1262d ago
How death could be without God...

...It happens every single day.
Qrphe  +   1262d ago
Has always happened and will keep on happening
TheDivine  +   1262d ago
Same with Heavy Rain. Cant see how people could replay it like 4 times for trophies it ruins the experience. You need to play it through without a walkthrough and deal with the consequences of your decisions.
SeraphimBlade  +   1262d ago
Will the game cost ten bucks or less? Well then, no.

I understand where he's coming from, but I remember my multiple playthroughs of Heavy Rain, and I still consider the first ending I got my "real" one. (I can still tell you EXACTLY what happened) With games like that I kinda consider my later playthroughs "what if" stories.

Speaking of which, i'm hoping there aren't "good" and "bad" endings in this one. PLEASE take a cue from the Witcher franchise. I know you SAY there aren't "right" choices in Heavy Rain, but one ending has Ethan in a fancy new apartment with his son and hot, new girlfriend, three others end with suicide. I think there were "right" choices along the line.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1262d ago
You pay $15 for a new DVD or $20 for a new blu-ray. Those usually only last two hours.

This game is supposed to last at least twelve.

Do the math.

At least TRY to do the math.
SeraphimBlade  +   1262d ago
Yeah, but movie directors never tell me to only watch the movie once.
lksdfnsdfwe   1262d ago | Spam
prototypeknuckles  +   1262d ago
Well Mr cage video games especially good ones are meant to be played multiple times.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1262d ago
You are just as bad as people who say "video games are for children".
Blankman85  +   1262d ago
That was just ridiculous. You're taking your defense force duties to unnecessarily retarded heights.
TronEOL  +   1262d ago
If that's the case, I hope I don't have to spend $60 on it.

I'm super stoked for this game, I'm just not a fan of spending $60 on something that he doesn't even think has replay value.
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BitbyDeath  +   1262d ago
He doesn't say that if you read it.

He thinks you should live with your decisions and leave it at that.
Breadcrab  +   1262d ago
Thanks but no thanks, Cage. What, are you going to send SEAL Team 6 to my house if I replay the game? I'll play it as many times as I want to and will hopefully enjoy it in different ways each time. Isn't that the beauty of games?
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1262d ago
The beauty of THIS game is that it is an experience. You live the life of this girl...whom you make choices for. David wants you to live with those choices for the rest of your life. We don't get to see alternate timelines in real life. It is cruel and unsettling, but I'm pretty sure that's what he's going for. If you don't want the full experience...then, by all means, play it as many times as you'd like.
taijutsu363  +   1262d ago
But I need to replay it for different trophies! :/

Huarle  +   1262d ago
Just what I was thinking. He talks about only playing it once but I bet the trophies force you to do it multiple times.

Would be nice if he tried something new in this regard and doesn't let them pop up on the screen. Cause they are really breaking the immersion IMO.
ZoyosJD  +   1262d ago
Turn the trophy notifications off.

I have on my first playthrough ever since I played Enslaved.
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