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For ClaDun veterans, Legasista offers enough adjustments and new mechanics to help rekindle a dungeon-scouring romance. As countless Rogue-likes have proven, exploring stages filled with traps and monsters while managing a small supply of items, placates some primordial desire.

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JRPGLuva2035d ago

I'd love to get a Vita version. I liked ClaDun and this seems more more of the same.

RaptorMan2035d ago

I saw a screenshot with a Prinny in it. Are they characters or just skins for party members?

JRPGLuva2035d ago

I'm pretty sure they are just skin. No "dood"-talk.

madmad2035d ago

I haven't heard of this one, but I liek that the combat is real time and not through menus.

CharmingMan2035d ago

I played the hell of a Cladun X2 but never finished it. Whats crazy about these games is that the fun is playing not completing.