It's ok to be a rip off (as long as you're good at it)

GamesRadar - Some gamers (and game developers) are too quick to judge a game for being a "rip off." A quick look at history will tell you things are that simple.

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versusALL2030d ago

Some people say God of War and Uncharted are rip offs. Well if they are then I don't give a fuck because those games are badass!

smashcrashbash2030d ago

In the backward gamer's mind anything that is even similar to something else is a 'ripoff'. I remember someone trying to prove that Resistance was a 'ripoff' of Halo.

rpd1232030d ago

Then they obviously didn't play Resistance.

doogiebear2029d ago

It's fair to say that your analogy is nowhere near the kind of blatant digital plagiarism that Superbot is putting together. It isnt a slight rip-off, its a complete rip-off. I'm still interested in it though. I'll wait for reviews before buying because a lot of people said the beta was not as fun as they had hoped, so I hope the retail gets it right.

Hicken2028d ago

Having put my hands on the game, and having played all SSB but Brawl, unless Brawl is considerably different from the rest of the franchise, All Stars doesn't have the same feel.

Took me a few rounds to get used to it- as with any game- but I can honestly say that, while the inspiration is definitely noticeable, PS All Stars IS a different game than SSB.

TheMasterShake2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

well they ain't, whos bright idea was it to make that the only way to KO people is by getting supers. that so fucking cheap. if your gonna Rip-Off SSB do it right. why fix something if it isn't broken.

r212030d ago

Because they arent trying to rip off but more so making their own identity :L

smashcrashbash2029d ago

Right and pushing people off the sides and shooting them so they can't get back on, stealing KOs from people and hiding in corners and waiting to attack people about to die wasn't cheap in SSB? That was perfectly fine right?

@ Feylynn. Yeah no on but the people enjoying the game right now, the critics saying how fun it is and the people clamoring to get into the beta that all. Is that anyone that you don't know? And you subjected yourself to having to hit someone until you can 'smash' them in SSB so how is that worse? You do realize unless you got 100% in SSB the person would never actually die.And everyone doesn't just power up to level three. People actually use low level attacks too because if you hold out for 3 level attacks it means that you could die several times within that period meaning that getting your three level is pointless. If you use a sure kill attack and you die six times in the process that is zero points you get. So I don't understand how people can't see the strategy in the game. You still talk as if everyone will just be standing around letting you build level three super attacks and you immediately win with ease. I saw someone playing with Parappa and unleashed his 3 level super and he still lost the match.

Shok2030d ago

Agreed. As a Nintendo fan I actually defended Playstation All Stars when it announced.

Something being a rip-off or being heavily inspired by something else really has no negative bearing on the quality of the product.

So it's a rip-off, but who cares, as long as it's good.

Kureno_Nakamura2030d ago

rip-off is an overused word anyway.

then again, is there a word out there that hasn't lost most of it's meaning yet?

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The story is too old to be commented.