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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1259d ago | opinion piece

It's ok to be a rip off (as long as you're good at it)

GamesRadar - Some gamers (and game developers) are too quick to judge a game for being a "rip off." A quick look at history will tell you things are that simple. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

versusALL  +   1260d ago
Some people say God of War and Uncharted are rip offs. Well if they are then I don't give a fuck because those games are badass!
smashcrashbash  +   1260d ago
In the backward gamer's mind anything that is even similar to something else is a 'ripoff'. I remember someone trying to prove that Resistance was a 'ripoff' of Halo.
rpd123  +   1259d ago
Then they obviously didn't play Resistance.
doogiebear  +   1258d ago
It's fair to say that your analogy is nowhere near the kind of blatant digital plagiarism that Superbot is putting together. It isnt a slight rip-off, its a complete rip-off. I'm still interested in it though. I'll wait for reviews before buying because a lot of people said the beta was not as fun as they had hoped, so I hope the retail gets it right.
Hicken  +   1258d ago
Having put my hands on the game, and having played all SSB but Brawl, unless Brawl is considerably different from the rest of the franchise, All Stars doesn't have the same feel.

Took me a few rounds to get used to it- as with any game- but I can honestly say that, while the inspiration is definitely noticeable, PS All Stars IS a different game than SSB.
TheMasterShake  +   1259d ago
well they ain't, whos bright idea was it to make that the only way to KO people is by getting supers. that so fucking cheap. if your gonna Rip-Off SSB do it right. why fix something if it isn't broken.
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r21  +   1259d ago
Because they arent trying to rip off but more so making their own identity :L
smashcrashbash  +   1259d ago
Right and pushing people off the sides and shooting them so they can't get back on, stealing KOs from people and hiding in corners and waiting to attack people about to die wasn't cheap in SSB? That was perfectly fine right?

@ Feylynn. Yeah no on but the people enjoying the game right now, the critics saying how fun it is and the people clamoring to get into the beta that all. Is that anyone that you don't know? And you subjected yourself to having to hit someone until you can 'smash' them in SSB so how is that worse? You do realize unless you got 100% in SSB the person would never actually die.And everyone doesn't just power up to level three. People actually use low level attacks too because if you hold out for 3 level attacks it means that you could die several times within that period meaning that getting your three level is pointless. If you use a sure kill attack and you die six times in the process that is zero points you get. So I don't understand how people can't see the strategy in the game. You still talk as if everyone will just be standing around letting you build level three super attacks and you immediately win with ease. I saw someone playing with Parappa and unleashed his 3 level super and he still lost the match.
Shok  +   1259d ago
Agreed. As a Nintendo fan I actually defended Playstation All Stars when it announced.

Something being a rip-off or being heavily inspired by something else really has no negative bearing on the quality of the product.

So it's a rip-off, but who cares, as long as it's good.
Kureno_Nakamura  +   1259d ago
rip-off is an overused word anyway.

then again, is there a word out there that hasn't lost most of it's meaning yet?
kikizoo  +   1259d ago
Only haters without games are obsessed by "rip off" (they are dreaming to play).
Feylynn  +   1259d ago
Originality is a composition of basic materials. Many things borrow from the same materials, and it's true that in and of itself that is not to be frowned upon.

However, that "As long as you're good at it" is the true issue with All Stars. It looks to have some of the worst combat I've ever seen. I don't know anyone that would willingly subject themselves to having Final Smashes turned on in Smash bros. Everything I've seen has made this game out to be 100% generating gauge for Final Smash style instant kill moves.
telekineticmantis  +   1259d ago
You do know
that "Final Smashes" are hard to get in this game right. Lvl 3's are "Final Smashes" If you'd play the game, you'd see that Lvl 1's are like Hado-Ken, they mix into battle and combos, lvl 2's are like Supers in Street Fighter Alpha, because of how formidible they are, and lvl 3's are like finishers.

When you play the game you notice players use alot more lvl 1's than lvl 3's and lvl 1's barely feel like Supers.
Feylynn  +   1259d ago
Neither Hadouken nor traditional Super moves are instant kills. I wasn't complaining that the moves are too big and flashy, that would be silly.
The problem I have is that this is Gauge Builder the game.

I don't see an execute-fest being remotely enjoyable.
telekineticmantis  +   1259d ago
SmashBros was a ringout fest, what's the difference. The difference is, you have to earn all your kills in this, you can find multiple ways to dodge lvl 1's 2's and most of the 3's. Saving up to a lvl 3 will be a waste if I'm getting alot of kills with 1's and 2's.
Feylynn  +   1258d ago
Almost all of the fun I had with Smash Bros was the fight to stay alive. The part that made it more than an atrociously balanced bad fighting game is that death wasn't linear. No attack killed you on its own, but more mistakes made it increasingly hard to avoid your own death. Some times positioning and moves choices could kill at less than 90% damage, other times the lightest characters could survive to 500+%. It made for very silly edge of your seat gameplay sometimes. I can't see executes having the same spark to make a bad fighter a fun party game.

All the more power to you if you do enjoy it, I don't think I will.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1259d ago
You can't compare with Super Moves in games like Street Fighter.

Street Fighter has 2 rounds(by default) and you lose by getting KOd twice.
In PlayStation Battle Royale, you have one huge round to battle it out and get multiple KOs.
Getting KOs is like dealing hits in Street Fighter. The one that gets the most wins.

"It looks to have..." " Everything I've seen...."
Exactly. That's the problem with most of the haters. They haven't actually played it and joined in on the fun.
omarzy  +   1258d ago
This game will be good, but i really wish it had edges. No spiking is a bit disappointing. Nothing better than using a spike to kill noobs at 7 percent.
Nexgensensation  +   1258d ago
i disagree
this game is a disappointment. superbot needs more time to get this project completed. so far this game have no unlockable characters which means no replay value, no spending countless hours to unlock a character like dante.

this game is definitely a poor rip off and should not even be mention with games like uncharted and god of war.

i agree with spike'n noobs at 7% or the rush of beating your opponent up 350% and then flinging the opponent across the board.
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doogiebear  +   1258d ago
I dont need unlockable characters for a fighting game. Who cares? All I need is the rush of random competitors via online, for me to feel like every fight is a fresh new one.

I mean: look at Persona 4 Arena, that game only has 13 characters yet people are saying its a fighting game with so much variety in fighting styles that they never see themselves getting bored. The uniqueness of each PSASBR character is enough for me. But either way, that alone doesnt make it good. The games mechanica i'm holding out for reviews before buying.
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Nexgensensation  +   1258d ago
if being a fighting game is the only excuse to overlook this situation, you just made a very poor excuse.

Then you tell me to look at a game that have no resemblance sony smash bros.... sigh

I may not know when you started gaming my friend but ever since fighting games been doing this trend with no unlockable characters like persona 4 arena, fighting games respectfully loses its replay value leaving the game with no substance.

My question is this, how long will a gamer play this game before trading it in.
CShadow  +   1258d ago
Theirs like 3 Smash bro type games and PsAsBr is the only one who got the whole COPY ALERT. Look up D.O.N., Cartoon Network Explosion time, or Shonen jump stars. Let's go further noobies Fighters Mega Mix side scroll mixed fighting game omg, or how about Marvel vs Street fighter ps1.
blackburn10  +   1258d ago
My only problem with most these accusations is that it is not only coming from people who haven't actually played the game but from SSB fanboys. Most of the reasons you have boils down to 'it's not like SSB' which is a vapid excuse.And no matter how many people say that they having fun with it people counter with 'I know people who say it isn't any good'. So? I have heard from people who say they don't like Darksiders 2 despite the high scores and claims that it is game of the year. How is that proof? There are always people who don't like something. Also I don't understand the constant harping on about not having unlockable characters.

I have played many fighting games that start off with every character to play I still have fun playing people online and winning matches. Just because you want to go through the endless grind just to get a character that usually isn't really worth the fuss that is your opinion. In Guilty Gear unlocking the last two bosses was not that fruitful at all. And again for the people who continue to talk as if they have no ears Superbot said that there will be different modes with different rules aND that you still unlock other things in the game even though you don't unlock characters. They never said there won't be unlockable things just no unlockable characters. But by the way you are talking you probably haven't really been listen or keeping track of the game at all and are just here to be negative and cause conflict.
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DwightOwen  +   1257d ago
"Bad artists copy. Great artists steal."

- Pablo Picasso
CShadow  +   1257d ago
You do know they wanted Mario in this. It's called respect. Sony would probably actually team with Nintendo but Nintendo has too much pride tho. Try to sew the hell out of Sony because ps1 was a success. Too bad wouldve been sick.

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