PS All-Stars Dream Roster: Mega Man

IGN - Why the Blue Bomber should join SuperBot's fighter.

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Godmars2902094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

No offense, but aside from MML on PS1, MMX, the Blue Bomber hasn't had that much of an impact on the brand.

He should have, but then THAT falls on Capcom again. And maybe the fans.

dark-hollow2094d ago

Am sure he would be a better choice than DmC emo Dante.

Reverent2094d ago

Knowing Capcom, we're (if anything) going to get the creepy pedophile looking megaman from the boxart of the US version of the first Megaman game.

NastyLeftHook02094d ago

mega man would be epic

I would also want kain and raziel

HeavenlySnipes2094d ago

Kain and Raziel are actually sound suggestions

godofboobees2094d ago

Dart from legend of dragoon. Ahh dreams

Qrphe2094d ago

It probably won't happen but I'd love it lol
Divine Cannon special daayyuuuuum

godofboobees2094d ago

His level 3 would be him turning into a dragoon and tearing sh%& up

ThanatosDMC2094d ago

Just hope it's not the fat megaman.

Drainage2094d ago

save megaman for a real game like smash bros

Reverent2094d ago

Must you really bring fanboyism into this? Why can't people just grow up these days -_-

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