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Grand Theft Auto or Assassin's Creed: Which series is better?

It's simple, which series is better than the other. Grand Theft Auto or Assassin's Creed? Both have new games upcoming, but which is better? (Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, PC, Xbox 360)

black911  +   1141d ago
Where is the Comparison?
NYC_Gamer  +   1141d ago
I don't see how anyone could compare the franchises against one another
RuleNumber5  +   1141d ago

Sales, gameplay, scope of the worlds, etc.

Typical Raiders fan.
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Moby-Royale  +   1140d ago
Lol wow.

That was just awful.
versusALL  +   1141d ago
Well if I had to choose I would pick Assassin's Creed. The story is better, the characters are more engaging, the world is more interesting(I like history alot) and the overall gameplay seems more fun and complex to me.
-Mika-  +   1140d ago
I agree with you on everything except the characters. The characters are more engaging and memorable In Gta.
I honestly can't wait to get to a mission in order to see what the characters are going to say next or how they will react. Gta characters are really well written and you start to like or care about them in the little time you spend with them. I honestly can't say the same about the assassin creed characters. They're really forgetful and not memorable in the slightest.
RuleNumber5  +   1140d ago
That's all very interesting. I think I agree with you on the character front Mika. GTA's are quite more memorable. Also, it's pretty crazy how you think what gaming tech is now versus what it was when the Playstation 2 was around. But the thing is that GTA San Andreas, Vice City, or GTA III are all still timeless games that you could go back to now and they are still as fun as when they debuted. AC II is certainly that way and I think Brotherhood is as well.
hennessey86  +   1140d ago
just lol, next it will be which franchise is better wipeout or iracing
iamlegend9999  +   1140d ago
I dont know. There both awesome games. Hard to choose -_-
RuleNumber5  +   1140d ago
Not going to lie, Sleeping Dogs was almost as good or even better than GTA. I thought it was better in some areas vs GTA but it could've used a few more guns. Hope they come out with another sleeping dogs!
LAWSON72  +   1140d ago
Stupid to compare, but gta by a mile.

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