Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Patch 1.5 Available NOW

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare v1.5 fixes :

Fixed server browser not showing all of the servers
The "hold [ ] to steady" sniper scope hint will only appear if you can use itt
Fixed game not recognizing IWDs existing if they are all in fs_basepath and none are in the main/ folder
Made mod scripts able to change stats
Allow developer_script for mulitiplayer modding
Fixed map rotation errors with usermaps
Fixed minimap not showing up in the menu for usermaps
Mod tools will now work with other languages
NOTE: patch 1.5 is not compatible with 1.4. You will not be able to find 1.4 servers if you update.

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Omegasyde3854d ago

One day I hope IW releases a patch for the 360/ps3 version of COD4 to import mods like Unreal Tournament 3.

If only...

mintaro3854d ago

one day my friend, one day....

Bleucrunch3854d ago

I hope so too....and I also hope they fix the amount of damage the 50. cal sinpers does in the game....also fix it so that when the host leaves we dont all lose or we dont all win without trying and get our stats messed up for that....I can only hope.

Iron Man 23854d ago

I agree,I hate that host leaves game over BS,please fix it IW!;)

Omegasyde3854d ago

I have shot a m582 in real life. I took out a telephone pole in Iraq with it, and in no way am I bringing up complete "realism"....

But seriosly, IW missed the point of the weapon. 1 shot 1 kill.

Not 3 shots to the chest or 2 to the dome. Especially saddens me when the Recoil is high yet the bullet damage does not reflect the amount of power coming out of the muzzle(as well as the loud noise) ....?
Worst Sniper rifle in the game.

sak5003854d ago

Are you talking about Ps3 having same issues when host leaves the game? I thought it happened only in peer 2 peer gaming. I hate it when we wait for whole 3-4 mins for server to become full and just before the game starts host quits and game get over.

Panthers3854d ago

I think that CoD4 is P2P on the PS3 as well. They dont use servers or anything. It is all hosted by a person.

MikeGdaGod3854d ago

i wish they'd give the PS3 a DS3 patch

bozobucketeer3854d ago

Omega, if you want realism, play hardcore mode. It's the closest you'll get. The rifles are all just about 1 shot 1 kill, depending on the shot placement. None of that, "yeah you shot him in the head but he had juggernaut so it doesn't matter".

jackdoe3854d ago

Actually, it isn't a P2P system on the PS3 version. Servers are hosted by Demonware, which is a crappy hoster. The "host" in CoD 4 is not really the host per se.

AbyssGravelord3853d ago

Yes sir! I love having mods for UT3 on my PS3 and I wouldn't mind mods on Call of duty!

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HeartlesskizZ3854d ago

IMO theres nothing wrong with the weapon's damage or anything like but there is with servers and bullet lagging specially when playing Ground War... My Friend chiefDejon and I had a very hard time shooting at people who was teleporting through the hall map


so true about the 50 cal.

funny thing, i wonder if you would get called a noob for killing someone with one shot with a sniper in Iraq.

my preferred weapon is the M16 its just so simple yet so effective. i got called a noob for owning with it. i asked the guy what gun he would like me to use and if he has a problem why doesn't he just use the same gun then ? if i used another gun i would still be called a noob, like i am going to stand still and look at you while i get shot, would i do that in real life lol !

anyway, i really do hope the fix the 360 and ps3 issues.
its such a great game its a shame that most of my playtime has gone into games that lasted a few seconds cos the host quite.

whats funnier is some people do it on purpose, hoping to get 1 kill and win the match on 10 points. bull !

Rocko3854d ago


MetalProxy3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Your avatar is from Jin-Roh right? There isnt to many people that know about that anime.

jackdoe3854d ago

I agree. IW has really, really, abandoned us console owners on this one.

Rocko3853d ago

Yes, Panzer Cops FTW.

marcdz13854d ago

Almost every other game has the rumble patch already. Get your $hit together and give us rumble on the PS3 already.

Omegasyde3854d ago

Sorry but since you brought up irony of company policy...

What about WIFI and HDMI on the 360 then? Rusgreim save that for the open zone not the gamer zone.

JBaby3433854d ago

Omegasyde shuts him down. A DS3 patch would be helpful but I'm more interested in keeping the game alive if the host leaves.

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