Metal Gear 25th anniversary will have “exciting announcements”, “industry will be shaken”

Kojima Productions Report podcaster Ken Mendoza hyped up the upcoming proceedings on the latest episode by saying there will be “a lot of exciting announcements.”

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Whitefeather2037d ago

Really looking forward to this, I'm hoping for an MGS5, MG 1 n 2 remake, Old Snake n Raiden in PSABR and ummm a surprise because that's all I can think of.

Whitefeather2037d ago

There will be 4 announcements not just one.

Capt-FuzzyPants2037d ago

I usually don't care, but do you have a problem with using the word "it." Cause you made the same mistake on another comment on this page. Just sayin.

Ayway, I hope the remake MGS1. I've never played any Metal Gear games, but I'm interested in them. I didn't get the most recen cause it doesn't include the first one and I want to play all of them in order, since I'm told the story is intricate and can be confusing. So hopefully it gets remade.

sikbeta2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )


"MGS5 = WII-U Exclusive" -> mad?.jpg


Must be MGS5 multi no doubt, there is nothing bigger than that coming from Konami...

BiggCMan2037d ago

What are the dates for the US?

BlackPrince 422037d ago

A next generation MGS5 will probably get an announcement trailer. Kojima has been saying he wants to show off the Fox Engine, so that seems most likely.

jeseth2036d ago

MGS5 PS Exclusive. Please be so.....that abortion MG Rising makes me worried of a MGS multiplat game!

A MGS5 game on 360 now would be like 17 discs anyways ... why even bother?

zeeshan2036d ago

The MGS4 was probably the last PS3 exclusive MGS game. I pretty sure that the announcement will be of MGS5 for Wii U, PS3 and 360. I don't care if it requires Konami to put the game on multiple disks for 360. The quality should be nothing short of what we saw in MGS4.

I hope that 360, Wii U and PS3 gamers will get to go on another fantastic adventure with Solid Snake!

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the bastards2037d ago ShowReplies(9)
doogiebear2037d ago

ALL I CARE ABOUT IS GETTING A NEW MGO (Metal Gear Online), he just recently shut down its servers so fans of it are heartbroken. We need it to come back or at least a new one. Other than that, we dont care. I love the mgs campaigns, but i love me some mgo too.

Whitefeather2037d ago

He didn't do it, Konami did.

Who2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

I agree.

Me, along with many buddies (most of which I met through MGO) miss it! I hope they bring it back maybe as a standalone?

After the recent trophy patch, the way the wording was for the MGO data was a little suspicious. I mean, there were so many warnings about the MGO data being deleted before installing the patch, then afterwards, 'The MGO data has been deleted' or something to that effect. It was like a shot to the face. I just hope it was foreshadowing some form of MGO that can start anew with better servers and log-in system.

There is no other game I can find that can replace or even match the gaming experience I've had with MGO. I wish I'd taken pictures.

WeskerChildReborned2037d ago

I most likely think MGS5 will make a showing.

NonApplicable2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

I don't want to be a downer but, whenever Kojima Productions has an announcement, it's always dragged out... and over hyped.

Drithe2036d ago

When Kojima speaks ... the world listens!

doogiebear2036d ago

Then gets dissapointed because he over hypes every announcement before it's made.

How will mgs "shake up the whole industry?". I LOVE MGS and MGO, but that statement is bold considering that one company's game is unlikely to have an effect on other game companies.

UNLESS: He were to say it was coming for PS4. That could possibly shake up the entire industry only because an announcement like that would be the first ever SHOWN ps4 game and the first legal official announcement of a PS4.

But other than that, I dont see how 1 game will shake up the Rest of the industry.

OhMyGandhi2036d ago

Metal Gear Solid....on a calculator!

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PoSTedUP2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

unfortunately he isn't because i thought the same thing, it's rather intelligent because that's the only thing we can think of that will "shake" the industry, think about it. that or MGS5. i really hope it's not true so Please disagree with me. but honestly that is the only thing i can think of and it's worrying me, im almost sick..

BlackPrince 422037d ago


Not likely, there's too much data in MGS4 to make it into an Xbox game. It'd end up being 5-6 discs for a four year old game that probably wouldn't shift as many units as a new game.

It wouldn't be worth the effort.

MrBeatdown2036d ago


An announcement of a next-gen MGS would be a big deal, regardless of which next-gen platforms it's on.

The first actual footage of something targeting that next-gen hardware would be pretty damn huge.

Something like that is the only thing that would actually "shake the industry" if you ask me. It actually has industry-wide implications. It means it's time for the industry to start showing what we all know is happening behind the scenes. Either that, or it's some revolutionary change (at least to Kojima) to the MGS formula.

Something as simple as a port of a four year old game isn't that big of a deal. It's just an excuse for fanboys to argue, not a reason for the whole industry to take notice.

But then again, these things are usually overhyped. Kojima could be announcing a new collection of MGS-themed stickers.

SnakePayne2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

yup, one of announcements will be metal gear solid 4 subsistence for x360 & pc.

BigStef712037d ago

Lmao Kojima said it is never coming out on 360

S-T-F-U2037d ago

He also said MGS2 was the last MGS. Here we are waiting for the fifth...

Neoprime2037d ago

If this is a way to get MGO2/Metal Gear Online 2 back online i'm all for it.

MasterCornholio2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

I guess 360 owners will have to change loads of disks.


Anyways on a more serious note I don't think that MGS4 will come to any other platform.

I expect Kojima to announce the following.

1. New character for All Stars
2. Zone of Enders 3
3. MGS5
4. A new game for the Vita based on the Metal Gear franchise.


SPARDA_4262037d ago

Thats would be the perfect announcement, and then showcase the games during TGS, this would make this year historic.

Old McGroin2037d ago

Jeez, "people" like you still resort to the lazy having-to-change-disc trolling attack on the 360? That's pretty sad.

One bubble eh?

Revolver_X_2037d ago

@Old Mcgroin

Sad that its fact? Xbox Disc hold 10GB, but can only use 9GBs. Hideo had to postpone MGS4 because the 25GB blu ray disc was too small. MGS4 uses a 50GB blu ray disc, this translates to a 5 disc Xbox game. Microsoft will not cover costs after 2 discs. So disc 3-5 would come out of Konami's pocket. Not profitable. All this was talked about when MGS4 came out. How quickly they forget. By all means keep dreaming.

mynd2036d ago

Wasn't Final Fantasy XIII larger than MGS4 on the PS3, just sayin.....

rezzah2036d ago

that wouldn't be a good thing for Konami.

If a game requires 3 disc or more, the production of that third disc + will come out of the publisher's pockets.

mynd2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Production of all the discs come out of their pocket, what on earth are you talking about?
Are you referring to the myth in regards to Rage and royalties?

""It was a simple kind of miscommunication. Microsoft does not charge a royalty per disc, but there is a cost of goods that goes along with manufacturing."

Septic2036d ago

At least 360 owners wouldn't have to wait an age for mandatory installs.I'd prefer the 10 second it takes to change discs any day.

rezzah2036d ago


So it was a misunderstanding all this time huh.

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DeletedAcc2037d ago

Hahahaa!!! Sorry but kojima loves the ps3 ( and her bluray drive )

Eat THIS!!!!

j-blaze2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

"kojima loves the ps3"

lol Kojima isn't ND....Kojima simply want to FOCUS his work on one system to make his games, but this will change now and he'll bring his next game be it Metal Gear or any game on MS console, Nintendo and probably PC this sure this will burn those fanboys including you, just wait for the news!

oh and take a look at this:

oh as for the awesome bluray... i would rather swap discs than waiting half an hour for the game to install then wait five minute for installs between every chapter -__-

Wintersun6162037d ago

"i would rather swap discs than waiting half an hour for the game to install then wait five minute for installs between every chapter"

Umm, you could do that, if you even owned a PS3. Except that it's a 15 minute install once, or 2 minute installs between the 5 chapters. Why don't you get your facts straight before you start spewing your BS the next time, m'kay?

NastyLeftHook02037d ago

If you want metal gear solid 4 buy a ps3. its simple.

AmkOwns2037d ago

Get a ps3 bud, (it's like me asking to bring Mario or somthing on ps3 pffft like that will happen..)

SAE2037d ago

won't happen even if kojima want it because xbox360 uses dvds , mgs5 would take at least 30gb .....

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Locksus2037d ago

Unlikely. Hideo Kojimas said at MS' E3 2009 conference that they'll be bringing the MGS franchise to the Xbox so MGS5 will probably be multiplatform.

BigStef712037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

When he said that he said he was talking about the next mgs installment which was supposed to be rising when it still had the mgs name. Even that douche Don Mattrick tried to make it seem snake was coming to 360 and hideo responded "Don I didn't say anything about solid snake"

Do u have source of him actually saying that? If that is the case why was mgs4 never released on 360?

SnakePayne2037d ago

sadly, it's will be multiplatform & kojima said that so don't try to tell us some of your bullsh*t
the game will be multiplatform.
hell yea.

Locksus2037d ago

@BigStef 71
They've already brought MGS HD collection to the 360 and MGR is coming.

They're not bringing the MGS4 to the 360 because it doesn't have bluray so it would take far too many discs and Sony and KojiPro might have an exclusive deal on MGS4, I don't know.

But they've already brought multiple MGS games to the 360 so why stop here? It's not a PS exclusive franchise anymore and they'll make more profit by going multiplat.

Locksus2037d ago

Seriously guys? care to even explain why you disagreed with me?

Oh, is that the sound of butthurt I'm hearing?

BigStef712037d ago

Ok one of those games is last gen and the other is not even being made by Kojima himself. Kojima had to use a full 50GB dual layer for mgs4 so what makes you think that he would not have to do the same for mgs5 which could possibly be a bigger and that means if its on 360 then we are talking about a shit ton of discs. Also the game would be dumped down like FF13 and FF13-2 were since it would be multiplatform. I know the new game would use the fox engine which was built for multiplatform but that doesn't mean the game itself will be. Just look at the gears of war series only on 360 built on a multiplatform engine. So I have to disagree with your response. I personally think mgs5 will be a ps3 exclusive cuz kojima loves playstation and every major mgs game has come out exclusively or first on the playstation consoles

abzdine2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

bringing Metal Gear and not SOLID.
It was MG: Rising he was talking about after it was called Metal gear SOLID: Rising and he said himself he didn't SAY ANYTHING ABOUT SOLID SNAKE during that same conference.

don't talk without proof

Locksus : You say yourself MGS4 is exclusive PS3 because of space issues. Do you really think MGS5 will require less space ? I really doubt it.

I'll even say that what will shock the industry is that MGS5 will be made with Naughty Dog's help after Kojima went to pay them a visit last month.

ALLWRONG2037d ago

Metal Gear is multiplat, get over it.

Genmu2037d ago

he said RAIDEN

when the retard that talk for the m$ conferance said " so mr kojima,do will we finally see snake on the xbox ? "

kojima DIRECTLY cut his speech and said " whoah wait a minute,no snake,i never mentioned snake "

go check the conferance again.

TheMasterShake2037d ago

have you ever heard of MGS Rising, thats what they showed coming to xbox.

YodaCracker2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )


That Snake exchange between Don Mattrick and Kojima was obviously scripted.

1Victor2036d ago

I disagreed just for fun .
anyway most likely it will be Z.O.E 3 we been awaiting that since forever

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abzdine2037d ago

that will for sure shake the world.
Kojima was very excited about the PS3/Vita interaction and he wanted to make something using that feature.

I have high hopes the next MGS will be PS3 exclusive.

Genmu2037d ago


and he had an exclusive interview with gamespot (search it)

when he was working on project ogre,and was talking how he cant wait to work ps3/vita interaction.

NastyLeftHook02037d ago

It was done with metal gear solid 4, why not 5?

Paragon2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

I would definitely like to see a MGS5 announcement.

No-Kill, Stealth, Cutscenes, etc.

More Metal Gear Solidness. *Dons Bandana*

Moby-Royale2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

*hands you a cigarette*

*leans in and whispers* Cigarettes can be harmful to your health.....

*scampers away*

Paragon2037d ago

*Leans on tombstone*

This is good... isn't it?

*Sits there*

*Cigarette drops*

Omega Zues2037d ago

It may be the Enders project. Hes been working on it over a year now.

NexGen2037d ago

Yes, because it makes total sense to announce ZoE during metal gear's anniversary.

Moby-Royale2037d ago

Oooooo kitty's got CLAWS!


The Great Melon2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

I'll take another Zone of the Enders over MGS. Heck if it isn't ZOE, I hope Kojima is doing something completely new. We need to give him a chance to make another iconic franchise. Gamers and publishers are stifling him by incessantly talking only about MGS.