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The Top 10 Most Important Mobile Games

Leviathyn.com| With its easy accessibility and the popularity of smart phones, it’s no surprise that mobile gaming is quickly taking off and becoming the most popular way to game on the go. And with the use of touch screens, we’ve seen countless games make it through development, all trying to capitalize on the unique feel and control of the touch-based system. Some have worked, and some haven’t. Some have fizzled out, getting lost in the wave of games that appear on app stores every day, while others have risen to legendary status, routinely topping charts and setting a bar of excellence for future games to follow. Here are the 10 games that not only were successful, but managed to have a great impact on the platform as a whole. (Android, Bejeweled, Cut the Birds, Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja, Infinity Blade, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, Plants vs Zombies, Temple Run, Tiny Tower)

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