How to Fix Dark Souls Crashes, Errors, Freezing, Graphics Problem on the PC

Dark Souls crashing on your PC? No problemo, this guide will help you fix crash problems, errors, graphics issues, and more.

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gamejohn00x2032d ago


camel_toad2032d ago

I'm glad non-console players got to play this game finally but it and the pc gamers deserve better than this awful port. It's really an insult to how good the game actually is.

KingMe422030d ago

36 hours in, not much of a problem, not even frame rate drops in Blighttown. On the occasional lag online, i have the ps3 version and both have lag but for some reason the PC lag seems different to me.

Anyone who actually got it will know the port is not as bad as people say it is, and anyone who says it is "unplayable" has not even tried.

BiggCMan2032d ago

I must be the luckiest buyer or something, cuz the game has ran perfectly for me since I bought it, and I've played a total of 12 hours already since Thursday. If it has all these crashing problems, they must happen under very specific circumstances, I don't know. Most of the complaints have come from the resolution and frame rate locking, as well as the apparently poor graphics, which is stupid to complain about since the game is still amazing, plus the graphics are really nice anyways, they fit the game perfectly and do not need to look any different. I understand complaints about crashing, though I haven't seen as many of those.

Psychotica2031d ago

I haven't had a single problem with it either.

taquito2031d ago

lol....people keep complaining about the "awful port"

witha small mod file you can up the resolution to 4K and then downsample to 1080p

it makes the ps3/360 version of dark souls look like an old ps2 game

plus, constant 30 frames even on a crappy gpu, unlike ps3/360 5-20 frames nearly all game and blightown aon console a total disaster

plus, no screen tear, terrible blurrieness and over all sub-hd 2004 look of the ps3/360 version

dark souls on pc is better in every way to the console version, has free dlc and cost only $32 on green man gaming with the voucher

console gamers who bought day one will end up spending over $80 to get a crappy version of what pc gamers get for $32

pc gamers have no reason to complain, everything is fixed by a modder in 23 min after game release,

console version will always be sub-hd and covered in jaggies with awful framerate, the console guys have a right to complain about their 8 year old hardware unable to even render a ps2 looking game at high res with good framerate

NeoTribe2031d ago

Easy fix would be to play it on consoles. You know, the 7 year old tech that works how it suppost to without ripping your hair out.