Graphic 'Sleeping Dogs' is one of year's best - so far

The only thing better than playing through a great video game is when you didn’t expect much from it.

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BrutallyBlunt1369d ago

Yes, it sure does look pretty on the PC. Although the HD texture pack it is quite demanding.

pr0digyZA1369d ago

Not really, if you have 1gb card then there is actually little to no fps reduction which is what surprised a lot of people.

BuLLDoG9091369d ago

im playing this on ps3, great game, but this game on consoles just show how much next gen is needed when you see the comparison with pc and how much of a better experience is available,

BuLLDoG9091360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

your easily impressed i see, there identical on consoles, and while its playable and looks descent.. having seen it maxed on pc, and what we could be getting, then consoles suck,

WeskerChildReborned1369d ago

Still looks pretty good on PS3, i'm just hoping next gen will be a pretty big leap compared to current gen.

chukamachine1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

I'm running the hd pack, on pc 1920x1080p with fxaa.

i5 2500k
8gb ram

Settings maxed - 60fps.

Looks very nice, love the water fx.

Much better game then GTA.

representj1369d ago

its pathethic how the industry thinks that the ps3 is need for next gen when it clearlys shows that third party development lacks the skill to take advantage of the ps3 cell.

representj1369d ago

the 4 people who disagree with this comment is dumb as heck if they can't figure that out lol

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