The 10 best weapons in gaming

Brady Ruiters from ITF Gaming writes: Since I started gaming at the age of 6, there was always something that has interested me in some games, the weapons. Those badass weapons that leave an imprint in your memory; yeah, you know which ones I’m talking about. Anyway, I’ve rounded up my 10 best weapons from different video games I’ve played over the years. I’ve taken one weapon per franchise to keep things fair.

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ITFGaming2122d ago

Although he did leave out my favourite, which is the Gunblade. Hahaha.

ITFGaming2122d ago

Some epic weapons in Final Fantasy.

3-4-52122d ago

Someone just did one of these yesterday but I like how both lists are almost completely different.

ITFGaming2122d ago

Swing the link past us. Would be awesome to check it out.