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The 5 PS4 Launch Titles I Want To See

PlayStation Euphoria: Next-gen is a deeply talked about subject and as 2013 comes ever so quickly, you cannot help but think about what’s to come in the future. Here are the “The 5 PS4 Launch Titles I Want To See.” (Beyond Good & Evil 2, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, Next-Gen, Ratchet and Clank, Tag Invalid)

Whitefeather  +   1188d ago
Uncharted 4, Killzone 4, Motorstorm 4, Resistance 4 and God of War 4. Not what I'd personally think would happen but would be beyond awesome.
rbailey  +   1188d ago
I'm not really sure where they could go with God of War 4. After killing all those bosses throughout the trilogy, seems like there is no one else left for kratos to torture. Also, I think you'll def see Infamous 3 added to this list as well.
Whitefeather  +   1188d ago
They could do one of David Jaffe's original ideas to either become the Grim Reaper or to fight the Norse Gods. I'd like to see inFamous 3 on PS3 then inFamous 4 on PS4.
srcBFMVBMTH  +   1188d ago
He can still kill Chaos (sometimes considered a God or THEE GOD from which everything came). Chaos pretty much threatens the world and existence itself. Wasn't Kratos' family released back into the world after he absorbed Hades' soul? There's also Atlas, Morpheus, Athena (in Astral form), other Gods in Astral form, Typhon, Artemis, Thera, and Apollo.


Not sure what story they could make from that but knowing Sony Santa Monica, it could be epic. Lol

On Topic..........

Uncharted 4, Killzone 4, Motorstorm 4, Resistance 4 and God of War 4 would all be awesome. But you're missing Jak 4 mister :)

Also another MediEvil, Primal 2, New Syphon Filter, Legend of Dragoon 2, Demon's Souls 2, maybe Heavenly Sword 2, and hopefully The Getaway 3 and Eight Days (If they weren't already canned.)
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syanara  +   1187d ago

a Medieval Reboot would be AWESOME! of course here's my list:

Medieval reboot
infamous 3
killzone 4
(new ip related to God of War)
Uncharted 4
Last of Us 2
New ip from Evolution Studios (motorstorm guys)
johnsonbat  +   1188d ago
Those games would be 4some.
r21  +   1188d ago
Good choices of games that I fully agree with :)
pandaboy  +   1188d ago
Forget those games I want some fresh ideas. I wouldn't care for a ps4 if we saw those same series being used over again. Especially Resistance and Motorstorm, they need to end with the ps3.
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Whitefeather  +   1188d ago
Why not end them on the PS4 and start the new IPs a bit later than launch since we know how Heavenly Sword fared compared to Uncharted.
chrispen9  +   1187d ago
I want to see original IP's as well but I can't exactly list them because they haven't been created/announced yet...
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doogiebear  +   1188d ago
Good list, but how about reviving some older franchises too like Siphon Filter, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, etc. Also a new, exclusive Metal Gear and/or ZOE would be epic (working with Konami)
Whitefeather  +   1188d ago
These are only launch titles I think after the first year there should be new IPs and some old ones.
doogiebear  +   1188d ago
Yeah great idea
NastyLeftHook0  +   1188d ago
god of war for for playstation 4
goosepoose  +   1187d ago
what the hell is this trash?? an opinion piece article!! n4g is run by this. remove it now. such fanboy drivel. if people want the negative sony articles removed (and bless their soul for writing it), they should remove this nonsense as well.

this is sarcasm.
Relientk77  +   1188d ago
Wow what a fantastic list

I would love all 5 of these
wanieldiik  +   1188d ago
As much as I love Uncharted, I hope they come up with a new IP for the PS4 rather than continuing with Uncharted.

Infamous 3 would be pretty sweet as a launch title for ps4
doogiebear  +   1188d ago
Yeah. But some people are addicted to the seperate multiplayer component of uncharted. If a seperate team could at least keep that online series and component alive, then I think people can warm up to the idea of the main cannon's storyline coming to an eventual end.
wanieldiik  +   1188d ago
imo the uncharted series doesn't need a fantastic ending or anything. Uncharted is a perfect trilogy and I'd like to keep it that way. I just don't want it to end up like the cod franchise or other cash in series.
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josephayal  +   1188d ago
Relientk77  +   1187d ago
Dude hell yes

Grandia is an amazing series
Xperia_ion  +   1188d ago
Original IPS and Motorstorm. I loves me some Motorstorm.
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BitbyDeath  +   1188d ago
Can never have too much Motorstorm
NastyLeftHook0  +   1188d ago
VonBraunschweigg  +   1188d ago
New IP from Naughty Dog, new IP from Insomniac, new IP from Santa Monica, new IP from etcetera and just like the 1st Uncharted, one year after launch is good enough. It's allright if we see the next Killzone, Motorstorm, inFamous & Uncharted, but new games should spearhead the charge.

And get some of the original devs back (pay them, keep-em hostage, go after their families I don't care) and get them to make MAG2 and a new WipEout game, please!
DarkBlood  +   1188d ago
legend of dragoon.
Relientk77  +   1187d ago
Definitely would love to see Legend of Dragoon 2
NastyLeftHook0  +   1188d ago
Adolph Fitler  +   1187d ago
1st dude, Whitefeather, are you crazy???? Stuff that, I wanna see UC4, MS4 on PS3, and God Of War 4 (Ascention) is coming to PS3. And as for Resistance 4, why????? Insomniac don't make it no more, so it has lost it's soul, as well as any semblence of decent games in future for the series, as demonstrated by Burning Skies on Vita.
No Insomniac, no Resistance,......unless they give it to a halfway decent developer & whack it on a Guerilla made game engine.

I'd like to see Medievil 3, 8 Days, GTA 6, InFamous 4 (hoping 3 will hit PS3), Motorstorm 5 (again 4 on 3 hopefully).
CLOUD1983  +   1187d ago
I still remember when I buy my PS3 because I believed I could play countless triple-A JRPGs like I did with PS1 & PS2 in the end I play MGS4 & UC games & although they were gr8 still that's not the reason I buy the console, so this time I wont do the same mistake I wont rush to buy a console because of an awesome trailer of a game with name FF Versus XIII that never came to PS3 after 6 whole years of development, so until I see some quality JRPGs on PS4 I will never buy it.

What I would like to see on PS4 is the revival of many favorite JRPGs of mine from SONY & from other companies like:

SONY - Legend of Dragoon 2
SONY - Legend of Legaia 3

KONAMI - Suikoden VI

CAPCOM - Breath of Fire VI

Game Arts - Grandia IV
Game Arts - Lunar 3

Media.Vision - Wild Arms 5

SE - new Chrono Cross/Trigger game (although I dont trust SE anymore so even if they decide to do it they will probably ruin it like anything they touch)

New IP's r always welcome as long talented devs r behind them & they keep things strictly traditional, garbage battle system ala-FFXII/XIII I dont want, one SE is more than enough to ruin the JRPG scene we dont need more like them around.
chazjamie  +   1187d ago
jip i bought my ps3 under the impression that the console would be blessed with those awesome rpgs and action adventures games seen on the ps2. i am pretty disappointed not only with this generation of gaming but the consoles. the xbox has a few but doesnt touch the plethora of games the ps2 had. However i see these games on the wii, but the peripherals put me off.
Relientk77  +   1187d ago
Cloud I agree with all those choices

all JRPGs should be made, and I hope we see way more JRPGs on the PS4
DarkBlood  +   1186d ago
based on the ps1 days since i never got the chance to own a ps2 despite playing it at a cousin but it was never the jrpg and i never techically had good knowledge of the internet at the time to know the games coming out

i too bought my ps3 for resident evil 5 which i was waiting years after the 4th game since the gamecube ever since the magazine screenshot of what it looked like before it became what it is today

another reason for the ps3 was like cloud said jrpgs in this case final fantasy id also throw in the tales of series but i didnt see that coming

oblivion gameof the year edition after enjoying morrowind as best as i could but could never finish it due to quest organizer and you could say gta4 as well despite it being my second or first ps3 game ever since i purchase the 80 gig limited ps2 compatability model
terrorofdeath  +   1187d ago
Fallout 4.
chrispen9  +   1187d ago
A buggy mess would be perfect for the PS4's launch....(sarcasm) but I would like to see another Fallout game in the near future after the success of Skyrim.
tachy0n  +   1187d ago
Straightupbeastly  +   1187d ago
Gran turismo 6
Socom 5
Infamous 3
Jak and Daxter
Crash Bandicoot
New IP, stealth preferably
remanutd55  +   1187d ago
my ideal exclusive launch line up would be:
Motorstorm World Festival, either Resistance 4 or Killzone 4, Naughty Dog new IP, Mm new IP, MediEvil, Sucker Punch new IP and Syphon Filter.
TheBrownBandito  +   1186d ago
A new Getaway game and I'd love to see Driven to Destruction re-made.

Chicken bombs anyone? :oD

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