5 Reasons Why Every Controller Should be like the Xbox 360 Controller

The Xbox 360 controller is one of the sleekest and most comfortable controllers ever made. Here are 5 reasons why every controller should be like the Xbox 360 controller.

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Shok2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

The 360 controller is the most comfortable controller I've ever held. I prefer it's stick configuration (one high, one low), they're concave, and the trigger buttons are perfect for shooters and racers. My ONLY gripe with it is that damn D-Pad. If it weren't for the D-Pad, I'd call it the perfect controller.

I seriously CANNOT play fighters on the 360 due to that D-Pad.

Abash2007d ago

Im sorry but what makes the 360 controller's stick placement any better than the DualShock 3's? I have never preferred either, the both feel exactly as comfortable to me. Now, what I hate is having the D-pad below the left stick, bending my thumb in that direction while inputting commands just doesnt feel right to me in all honesty.

Shok2007d ago

Nothing factually makes it better, it's just my PREFERENCE.

Kran2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Its the fact that it fits in someones hand perfectly. Left thumb at the top (which im sure most people are right handed) and right hand at the bottom.

The PS3 controller is a little awkward because your thumbs are forced to be stretched out to reach the thumbsticks.

ufo8mycat2007d ago

The reason the stick placement is better, at least the left analog stick, is because the left analog stick is in the natural position of the thumb, making it more comfortable and less stress on your thumb tendons and joint.

It's a FACT - The 360 controller IS more ergonomic for the reason above.

Another reason : The 360s handles fit nicely in your palms, giving more support and provides less stress on your wrists.

The DS3 is completely opposite, it has less support for your palms, therefore more stress on your wrists.

And we all know about it's analog sticks. BOTH are in a unnatural position.

The DS3 still has the same design for 2d games and side scrolls. Remember back in the PS1 days, we used the DPAD A LOT more, that was the primary control, but things have changed. 3D games have been around in a while, so it makes sense to put the left analog stick in the primary position, but Sony haven't

Does this make the DS3 uncomfortbale?

No, but that doesn't make it good for your hands.

You can get use to sitting on the most uncomfortable, hard chair if you sit on it for long enough.

Only reason it's comfortable is because people are use to it, or because they have tiny hands.

After using the 360 controller now for some time, going back to the DS3 is like going back to sitting on that hard, unergonomic chair.

The Meerkat2007d ago

The DS3 also does not have enough resistance on its thumbsticks.

nukeitall2007d ago

The fact that MS spent gobs of money on researching ergonomics for the original Xbox controller.

My hand cramps when I play with the DS3 and it takes a lot longer for my hands to cramp with the Xbox 360 controller.

Lvl_up_gamer2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )


You are absolutely correct. Anyone who disagrees with you are either ignorant or are fanboys of a different system and will never acknolodge something good about ms and the 360.

The 360 controller is the most ergonomicly correct controller on the market. The 360 controller is the most copied controller by 3rd parties.

The ps3 controller is an out dated design dating back 3 generation. The thumbsticks are placed in a manner in which forces the thumbs to be in a strained unnatural position. The convex design of the sticks also forces your thumbs to slide off when your thumbs sweat and results in the thums actually hitting and rubbing against each other in high tense twitchy gameplay like shooters.

Nintendo has also now decided to add a controller to their wii u that is strongly influenced by the 360 controller knowing very well that the 360 controller is the most comfortable controller for all aspects of gaming.

I have never used the dpad for fighting games and have always felt the analog sticks give a more fluid motion when making power movers. I have e gears of war 3 controller with the retractable dpad and it's perfect.

People have their perefeferances and there is nothing wrong with preferring he ds3 over the 360, but it's ignorant to disagree that the 360 controller isn't the most ergonomicly correct controller on the marker to date.

linkratos2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Here's a run down of each component:

Face buttons - PS3
Bumpers - PS3
Triggers - 360
Sticks - 360
Shape - 360
D-Pad - Both Suck

Anon19742007d ago

Somebody pointed this out to me before and I had to pull out my old Dreamcast controller to verify. Check out the Dreamcast controller's button/thumbstick/bumper layouts. Then check out the 360's. The 360 controller is essentially a Dreamcast controller with an additional thumbstick. Even despite the way the body of the controller looks, if you hold one in your hand and compare it to the 360 controller, the feel of it and the button/dpad/bumpers/joystick placement feels identical.

Like I said, I doubted the claim myself until I pulled out my old Dreamcast controller and compared the two. I prefer the 360 controller, but it's something how similar the two controllers were. It's a shame the 360's d-pad is so useless though. Between the 360's controller and the Dualshock though I really have no preference. I didn't care for the Dualshock back when it didn't have rumble and Sony was lying about why but when the lawsuit was settled and they added it back in it felt better with some weight to it. The Sixaxis controllers that originally came with the PS3 just felt far too light for my liking.

da_2pacalypse2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I wish I could play my PS3 more, but the fact is that the controller is too small for my hands, and I often get hand cramps after playing for more than a few hours. I have to take very frequent brakes with my ps3 due to the size of the controller.

I mean, that controller size was perfect for when I was kid (and had a ps1)... But it's too small now. I much prefer to 360 controller now.

I can see from the disagrees to other posts that there are a lot of PS3 players reading this thread :P But I'm a neutral party, i like both consoles :)

PS3Freak2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I was a mega Dualshock fanboy for years, but after buying a 360 8 months ago; I have come to like the 360 controller more.

I have a bit of an issue with tendons in my wrists and after prolonged hours of playing PS3 my wrists tend to hurt( 2 - 3 hours). With the 360 controller, I can play for 5 - 6 hours straight without having any sort of pain. That speaks volumes for me personally.

I can't believe I'm saying this after flaunting the dualshock over the 360 controller for so long; but everything Shok said is spot on. That's not to say that I don't still have a soft spot for the Dualshock.


What you say about stress on your wrists is 100% true. I'm proof of that.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2007d ago

360 controller is easily the best there has ever been. Can't count the times my thumbs have crashed into each other while playing the Dualshock 3 controller. Never had that problem with the PS2 dualshock, but that's because my hands weren't used to what was to come with this generations controller.

Sucks playing with dualshock compared to xbox controller now. agreed that the d pad sucks on the 360 controller though....

And by the way... the new Durango controller will have built in rumble on both analog sticks, and built in rumble on the trigger buttons as well. Also, there will be screen in the middle of the controller that you can't see when it's turned off. Mark my words.

Mainsqueeze2007d ago

I like everything about the 360 controller more except for the dpad as well. I hate the convex thumbsticks on the Dual Shock 3 as well as the fact that they are at the same height and so close together, my damn thumbs are always touching eachother when i play on my ps3 and i hate it for some reason lol. Plus the triggers on the 360 just feel more natural or something. I do like the Dpad placement much better on the ps3 controller though.

PoSTedUP2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

when i hold my ps3 controller, my hands rest nicely on the thumb sticks because they are symmetrical like everyones hands (unless you are deformed) then sorry about that.

and the concave sticks on the 360 controller make it unnatural to rotate my thumb around, the ps3 controllers sticks are more comfortable because the convex shape gives your thumbs the free mobility you need to move them around, its simple physics really.

the 360 controller is comfortable to hold. but the lack of analogue buttons (pressure sensitive buttons) makes it stupid, racing games yo can only go fast or roll. even the ps2 had pressure sensitive buttons, gt3 you can press the X button down a little for the proper speeds for turning etc. i dont even think the 360's triggers are analogue, playing GTA4 you can only go fast or just let go of the trigger while driving while driving, there was no middle speed (just my observation).

the 360 triggers fit your fingers better so you the have to buy the grips for the PS3's "pedals", but the ps3 controller doesn't put strain of your hands or an extreme gamer like me would have arthritis by now and it would be a wide spread issue for gamers, which isn't the case, because in joint and bone health when your hands or any joints are strained out long enough it causes arthritis and injury, so nice try.

some people prefer the 360 controller and some prefer the 360 controller, and it may be a fact that your hands are uncomfortable on the ps3 controller but its not a fact that its an uncomfortable controller because everyone's brains, hands and fingers work differently.

technically and factually the ps3 controller is more advanced, better technology, better buttons, more accurate inputs etc.

preferably the 360 controller may be more comfortable and work better for you you, that's about it tho.

SnakeforPresident2007d ago

I don't understand the logic behind of set stick being more "natural". Last i checked wen i grab something with two hands one thumb isn't higher than the other. Idk about you but even when i pretend to hold a controller in my hands, my thumbs are even. In fact i always felt behind the TERRIBLE D-pad the of set sticks were wat kept me from really loving the 360 controller. Its is definitely incredibly comfortable to hold, its a good size and weight and the big pads give your something to hold. I also enjoy the trigger design, thought i dnt give it the worth others do. Im also NOT a fan of the sticks themselves. I actually think concave pads are a negative not a positive. Again idk about everyone else but Me and most of the ppl i have seen dont play with their thumb directly on top of the stick but push on the sides on an angle, thus concave sticks reduce your contact point compared to a convex stick. Also in my experience its harder to make small motions from the central position on the 360 due to the static friction of the plastic 360 stick as apposed to the rubber of the DS3.

edgeofsins2007d ago

I hate the 360 analog placement. I prefer my hands to be in symmetrical positions. I don't like having my wrist moved up and twisted under a little bit more just to use the left analog. I have big hands and I have that problem.

dantesparda2007d ago

Most of youse are all biased and fanboys. The truth of the matter is that you will think whichever controller you are more used to is the more comfortable one. When i played the 360 alot, i used to think the 360 controller was more comfortable. And when i played the PS3 alot i thought it was more comfortable. I dont have any of these whacked ass issues of discomfort with either controller. They are equal when it comes to comfort. Prefences and opinions are not FACTS, remember that and get it through your thick fanboy infested minds.

moparful992007d ago

I dont know if its because I've been using the dual shock design for years but I have no problems whatsoever with the dualshock design.. it feels very comfortable to me, in fact the stick placement of the 360's controller feels uncomfortable to me especially the left one... Its all about preference...

The Great Melon2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I am kind of getting tired of hearing the 'natural placement of the thumb' argument. At least for me, I have to pull my fingers back towards my hands to use the left stick and buttons on the Xbox controller. Similarly on the PS3 I have to pull my fingers back to reach the d-pad and buttons.

The optimal placement for buttons/sticks for me are closer to the center of the controller. I have more control with the Xbox's right stick than I do with the left stick. This forces me to rotate wrist so that my palm slides under the controller more to reach a more natural thumb placement.

What does this rant all mean. Both controllers suck? NO! People just have to use the two controllers differently to achieve

novcze2007d ago

Looks like people with big hands prefer 360 controller, I don't have hands like lumberjack so I'm completly fine with DS3, fits perfectly.

The Great Melon2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

(continuation from two posts above due to inactivity)

What does this rant all mean. Both controllers suck? NO! People just have to use the two controllers differently to achieve similar results.

Rather than bash the two controllers, I'll point out the strong point of each controller.

PS3 - Control
That's not to say it is easier to use, rather, it is just a comment on the capabilities of the buttons and triggers. Almost all of them are pressure sensitive. This gives developers a lot of flexibility in games for control methods. Racing games for example could work with the R2 or any of the face buttons for different levels of acceleration.

Xbox - Functionality
I cannot compliment the layout of the tigers and bumpers enough. The triggers use the ends of the fingers, whereas the bumpers use the knuckles of the fingers. This means that I never have to reach for a bumper/trigger, because I am already there to press it. Hence the reason why bumper jumper had such a strong following in Halo 3.

DragonKnight2007d ago

Wow, I like how a lot of you are commenting on things as though they are fact. For example: "FACT the 360 controller is more ergonomical" or "FACT the stick placement is better."

It isn't FACT. It's opinion. If ergonomical means more comfortable, it's all opinion. I don't know what kind of deformed hands you all have, but humans generally have symmetrical bodies. That means that there is no such thing as one thumb naturally resting higher than another.

Whatever your controller preference is is yours, doesn't make any of them "the best." This article is pointless and invalid.

That said, if I were to join in, I'd simply have to say that of the 2 controllers (360 or PS3) one has won multiple awards for its design and the other hasn't. Therefore, industry experts have come to a consensus on which one is better.

BattleAxe2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I use a wireless 360 controller for some of my PC games, and while I really like it, I still prefer the DS3. I find that the analogue sticks feel like they're in a more natural position. I find that it feels weird when I'm using my 360 controller, and when I need to press the left feels like the left analogue stick and the left bumper are too close together.

Revolver_X_2007d ago Show
EVILDEAD3602007d ago

'What I get from these stupid comments are the 360 controller is more comfortable to heavy set ppl'

And you called those comment 'stupid'..irony at it's best. Only a fankid would pretend that gamers complaining about hand cramps equals obesity in the US..

IMO..the 360 controller is is gaming perfection and one of the reason for it's success this gen. I even bought a 360 knock-off controller for my PS3 to play Killzone and Resistance lol...

Ir's no secret the 360 D-Pad gets criticized for fighters, but NO fighter is even CLOSE to being unplayable at all. Which is why fighters still have good success on the 360.

But the new silver 360 controller just fixed the D-pad and even enhanced it for '360' control for the those hard to pull of diagonal moves.

Milons have their preferences, but the 360 controller definately was one of the best moves Microsoft made this gen, and the reason the 360 controller is essentially now on the Wii-U.


OneAboveAll2007d ago

The left stick is in a more natural position. As for Shok. The new controllers with the transforming d-pad for the win. Now it's the perfect controller.

PS3 controllers feel cheaply made imo. Also, most FPS games have it set to use the shoulder buttons to ADS and fire. Why not actually use the triggers? Then again, the triggers are pretty terrible also. :|

DragonKnight2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

@EVILDEAD360: Does MS pay you enough for the crap you spew?

kneon2006d ago

The only reason for the different joy stick position on the 360 controller is so it wouldn't look just like every other controller.

If the stick above the dpad is the "right" position then how come they didn't do it for both sides?

The DS3 configuration is actually better because in that position your thumbs have a greater range of motion.

RBlaze2006d ago

"You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time"... This famous phrase is the reason this article falls apart. People's preferences can always be different. Something I could see as an advantage to the 360 pad could be seen as a huge weakness by somebody else!

Also (taken from the article)... "I do believe it is the controller that all other controllers should look too.". C'mon... "too"... Really?


SilentNegotiator2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I don't see any big differences between the PS3 and 360 controllers.

I've never used either and felt uncomfortable, even after that multi-hour game play. Moving my thumbs an inch doesn't make me cry. They both curve perfectly to my hand. They're basically the exact same size.

The only thing I can see anywhere near to being "deal breakers" (in the most petty of fashions) is the D-pad and triggers. And like I said....petty differences as far as I'm concerned.

It's just used as fanboy ammo on sites like this.

"..AND they just fixed the D-PAD"
Nope. It still uses the dinner-plate-on-a-stick design mechanics. The new controller just allows the D-pad to stick up.

Dee_912006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

I been use to playing with both since the og xbox days after i got the a for x and b for o down i was good to go
really became easier when playstation started making o the go back button instead of triangle.

jeseth2006d ago

What a bunch of babies.

Each cotrol;er has its ups and downs. The DS is great, Xbox's is great.

I laugh at how some people seriously complain about the ergonomics of a video game controller. Sounds pathetic. Been playing PS mostly since Nintendo dropped the ball after SNES ... Never had my hands cramp up or have to stop playing because the controller was too small! LMAO. Sad. Like the MS controller for shooters especially but never had y hand cramp up from gaming.. LOL ... who says that? Are your hands out of shape?

If your hands can't handle gaming ... you must be one out of shape slug! Hand cramps ... hahahhaha. Pathetic.

NewZealander2006d ago

i have to agree with shok, the stick placement on DS3 just doesn't feel right, also the sticks feel far too loose and flimsy, and the convex shape to the sticks is horrible. the triggers being kinda spongy also feels awkward.

360 has the best controller even despite the crappy d-pad.

jadenkorri2006d ago

what i find funny is all these articles, why the 360 better than the ps3, why the 360 controller better than the ps3 controller... etc etc. If it is "so" much better, why are you trying to convince me or are you still trying to convince yourself its better.

EVILDEAD3602006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

'@EVILDEAD360: Does MS pay you enough for the crap you spew?'

@ Dragonguy

LOl @ once again your b-hurt in a 360 article...easily one of the biggest trolls on n4g right now hands down..and YOUR pretending that people get paid for N4G comments..GTFOH


Omnislash2006d ago


Here you go, If youre not getting paid for spewing a bunch of BS all over video game sites you might as well look for a job opening.
No need to thank me.

EVILDEAD3602005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

'Here you go, If youre not getting paid for spewing a bunch of BS all over video game sites you might as well look for a job opening.'

Hey's the B-hurt Multi-account troll party..

Awwww..did the wittle troll get upset because somebody said something good about the wittle console hes's twolling all the time?

Sowwy..lil guy..

Hey here's some advice..if you claim something is B.S...just click the little disagree button or maybe use your words like your mommy taught you.

But, you can't use your words other than..bu-bu-but you work at Micrsoft b-b-because you do that's why..once again GTFOH..and play an actual game for once..

Or just keep fighting this long dead fake console war..your choice


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MastaMold2007d ago

I dont have small hands and thats the complaints that I have heard about the DualShock that its made for people with small hands, but my opinion is with its comfort alone the DualShock is the overall better controller its also had the same design for over 15 years it almost feels like i've been using the same controller ever since the PS1

dalibor2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Well you have been using the same controller with just tweaks added for each new generation of systems. The Ps3 controller does fit well but it depends on how you place your thumbs on the joysticks. I use the tips of my thumbs but if you lay your thumb on the joystick so it's more flat and extended a bit than you could essentially hit your other thumb on the joystick by accident depending on the rotation of both joysticks. This could be remedied if the middle part of the Ps3 pad was stretched out hmm maybe half an inch I'd guess. In that case it would fit anybody's hands as well as extending the two handle bars a bit(where you rest your palms). But controllers nowadays are all great. It would have been cool to try out that boomerang controller for the Ps3 that never came to be.

Oh_Yeah2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

honestly if you pick up a ps2 controller, it does feel slightly different.. more comfortable than the DS3 in my opinion, it weighs more and the sticks are tighter...feels like its built of better quality materials and feels bigger for some reason also.

moparful992007d ago

I have very large hands as i'm a big guy and the ds3 feel great in my hands.. I have hitch hikers thumbs which means the tips of my thumbs arc upwards. So I let the joint of my thumb rest on the sticks and it works very well for me. Plus the contoured shape of the 360 controller makes my hands sweat.. SO essentially it all comes down to preference..

Xperia_ion2007d ago

Wow, Nine bubbles, Those Nintendo fanboys hooked you up good. They're both comfortable to me except the 360s dpad.

X-Alchemist2007d ago

yeah I also love the 360 controller it's very comfortable! It's moulded perfectly for my hands, I just hate the d-pad but everything else is great.

Kin23g2007d ago

You took the words straight out of my mouth .. I completely agree with you. It'd have been the perfect controller if it weren't for that stupid D-Pad.

I always play fighters on PS3 for that reason.

NastyLeftHook02007d ago

That 360 controller actually hurts my hand, It feels too bulky and i cannot play fighting games on it because of the d-pad and overall structure. And its also a pain to recharge the double a batteries.

frjoethesecond2007d ago

Same here. My hands are a little small compared to those who prefer the 360 controller. I get used to it after a day or two of using it though.

Swiggins2007d ago

Recharge the double A don't own an Xbox 360....

dragon822007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

I would argue that it is you who does not own a 360. Both of my 360 controllers came out of the box requiring AA batteries. It was only after purchasing the Play & Charge Kit that they no longer required AA batteries.

user54670072007d ago

The 360 controler is nice but it's only really the best when playing FPS

The DualShock however is a nice all rounder controler for differn't genres.

That is why in my book the DualShock will always come out on top

Aceman182007d ago

i have decent size hands but i prefer my DS3 over my 360 one. i cannot game for long sessions with the 360 one.

Knight_Crawler2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Wish Sony had stuck with the PS1 controller design.

The concave sticks just made it a win.

Tito082007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

It's both PS1/2 designs, I think it's a big mistake Sony opted to make L2/R2 into triggers, nobody asked for it since to me it was an overall perfect controller... As I also own a Dreamcast controller, it took me a while to get used to the triggers, but one thing I give the DC controller more credit than both the original Xbox & 360 controller despite having almost the same design is the D-pad which I think is the best along with the Dualshock, Xbox & 360's D-pads for fighters are horrendous... Nintendo's D-pads were alright..

2007d ago Replies(3)
the worst2007d ago

the 360 controller suck
d-pad is the worst in gaming history
the sh!t uses batteries (what joke)
its mad heavy

Bzone242007d ago

if you think the controller is mad heavy, you might want to put it down and get off the couch and get some exercise.

ItsTrue2006d ago

You do know that the PS3 controller runs on batteries as well...

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2007d ago

Yeah thats my only gripe with xbox also, the d-pad. I'm a hardcore fighting game fan lol. Then again i got me a fightstick so no biggy.
The battery pack in the back of the controller can also be lived without i sometimes like to stretch my fingers and i cannot.

ALLWRONG2007d ago

The 360 controller is so good even Nintendo needed one.

Captain_Freud2007d ago

Holy crap, reading the Agree / Disagree spread of the comments below remind me that this site is FILLED with PS3 fanboys. Every article that's favorable to the PS3 is lauded with praise, and every article that's critical is deemed stupid and unfair.

ThanatosDMC2007d ago

You missed N4G before PS3 launched and the first year of PS3.

belac092007d ago

just means more people like ps3, thats all. (on this site.)

ZoyosJD2006d ago

The title of the article and the entirety of it's contents are flamebait, and definitely did it's job of generating hits.

The entire premise of the article is Bullsh*t. It's like saying one size fits all. F' that. I'm not going to wear XXXXL clothes because you think they are comfy.

Matpan2007d ago

Completely agree. The 360 feels, In my opinion, ergonomically better. My only gripe is with the AWFUL D-PAD. Apart from that, it´s pretty much the definitive joystick for me...

DS3 is a nice one though. Can I play my PS3 with a 360 controller BTW?...

Dark_Overlord2007d ago

http: // apter-turns-any-xbox-360-contro ller-into-a-ps3-controller-and- vice-versa-video/


Dark_Overlord2007d ago

Due to the retarded spam filter on here that won't let me post a link, i've sent you a PM about an adapter you may be interested in :)

Bon Scott2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Buy the 360 the controller with the adjustable d pad,
it works great for fighters

oops there goes my bubbles with high disagrees for not preferring the awkward ps3 controller.
silly site

geddesmond2007d ago

Yeah The 360 controller is not comfortable to me. Everytime I play a 360 for more than an hour the bottom of my left handed thumb where it meets the palm of my hand gets really sore and stiff. I've played with a PS controller since 1996. My hands are well used to a dualshock controller.

meetajhu2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

FK controllers! KB+Mouse or i DIE

StraightPath2007d ago

Xbox 360best controller of all time no doubt.

chaldo2007d ago

I hate the xbox controller. I dont want to reach waayyy over there with my left thumb for the analog stick.

Bzone242007d ago

If you have to "reach waayy over there" with your left thumb for the analog stick, you must be holding the controller wrong.