Madden NFL 13: The Madden Sequel We’ve Visioned (Review) -

"The NFL pre-season is well underway and with regular season just weeks away, football fans could not be more excited for the upcoming Sundays and Mondays where we all bring out the grills, turn on our home theater systems, and root for our favorite NFL team. Just as the NFL hosts a season every year, Electronic Arts’ sports division releases an all-new Madden release offering updated rosters, improved realism, and more improvements to consistently enrich the experience provided by the Madden franchise. August 28th, less than a week from the publication of this review, Madden NFL 13 will arrive on store shelves featuring Detroit Lions’ Hall of Fame wide receiver, Calvin Johnson as the cover athlete, but has Electronic Arts implemented enough improvements and additions to justify its $60 price point? "

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Nick2120041913d ago

Madden NFL 13 is easily the biggest jump year-to-year for the franchise!

jsslifelike1913d ago

I'm hearing this a lot lately. Maybe it IS time I gave the franchise another try.