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FanBolt writes: "As Madden NFL makes its debut on the PlayStation Vita with Madden NFL 13, I have to ask, is this the Madden experience we've been waiting for? Unfortunately not!"

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DeFFeR1613d ago

The demo played like a crappier version of Madden 09 - no thanks.

ddurand11613d ago

i think a big problem with vita reviews is that it often is compared to closely to its home console counterparts.

I know some call it a handheld console experience, but its still a portable.

swansong1613d ago

In my opinion,it is the best Madden on any handheld device.

chasegarcia1613d ago

I guess even the best madden still sux.

Chapulin1613d ago

The demo was pretty good.

DeFFeR1613d ago

For Vita? Compared to what? Compared to 'nothing' yeah, it works. Compared to what it could have been, it falls way short.

Outdated graphics, sketchy touch controls, and the announcing is some of the worst I've heard for the franchise.

No thanks. Maybe bargain bin in a few months, but not $40.

MySwordIsHeavenly1612d ago

You haven't played it on Vita, obviously.

The graphics were fantastic! The touch controls worked flawlessly.

You have NOT played it on Vita. I want a video of you playing it. I've played it and I enjoy it. I don't even like football, but I enjoyed this.

Tito081612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

@MySwordIsHeavenly- Don't listen to DeFFer, you can obviously tell what he is by his Halo avatar, he's just an obvious Xbox fanboy!!!!

DeFFeR1610d ago

@Tito - well, I see the Madden circlejerk brigade is here.

Yes, I like Halo, but I also play other games as well. It's funny, when I have a Kratos or Nathan Drake avatar, I don't get shit, but as soon as I put up Master Chief, I lose 2 bubbles and everyone blindly disagrees.

I played the demo on PS3 and on Vita. I didn't enjoy the experience on Vita - the graphics are crap compared to other Vita games - it looks and feels like a port of a PS2 game, and from a major company, I'd expect more on a new handheld.

I'll be passing, and everyone else can enjoy spending $40 for a one-and-done game.

TENTONGUN1613d ago

its was hard for me to see when throwing the ball to a reciever, and tryin to catch it. 30fps as well. maybe i just need glasses, idk

MySwordIsHeavenly1612d ago

Glasses. Definitely glasses. The default camera angle is great for passing.

DivineAssault 1613d ago

well maybe EA shouldnt try to make ports & build an engine from the ground up for vita.. Then im sure it would run & play much smoother

mafiahajeri1613d ago

fifa is amazing on the vita really top notch. Graphics gameplay everything. Good thing American Football isnt my sport of choice.

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