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Submitted by DeusExer 1267d ago | opinion piece

This Year's Top Upcoming Limited Edition Games


"Most “Limited Editions” come in a fancy case with an artbook, but every once in a while a major title will release a special edition that comes chock-full of goodies.

"Whether your shopping for yourself or for others, here are some Limited Edition packs coming out between now and Christmas that would be ideal gifts come holiday time."

(Let us know your favourite in our poll.) (Assassin's Creed III, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3, Halo 4, Hitman: Absolution, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

user5467007  +   1267d ago
I think the Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest is the best CE this year...

I wouldn't really class Halo 4s as a CE since it's mostly DLC...I mean compare that with Borderlands 2s or Assassin Creed 3s CE. Halo 4 should of had a Legendary edition :|
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DeusExer  +   1267d ago
Yeah disappointed there was no Halo 4 Legendary Edition, it seems like most games come with DLC that will be eventually available to other players anyway.
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user5467007  +   1267d ago
I know right, i's not like it wouldn't sell

I mean the Limited Edition comes with a few bits and bobs but it comes with stuff like

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn
The Making of Forward Unto Dawn
Special Featurette: Bringing Gaming to Reality.

I mean they really should be on the disc as unlockables, not wasting money putting them on seperate discs for us to fill the so called "CE" up. I mean you could watch that on Youtube for free anyway.

I'm only getting it because of the steelbook, it's really the only colectable thing you get with it with actual value.

The Legendary edition should of came with a high quality Cortana replica or a wearable Master Chief helmet.
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vickers500  +   1267d ago

I think they didn't make one this time around because they don't sell that well as they want them to. Both Halo 3 and Reach legendary editions were in stores for a long time, and many stores had to eventually just do a clearance item on them, sometimes selling the legendary edition for as low as 30 bucks.

Personally I think they should just make it an actual limited edition, like Borderlands 2 ULC, and also only make ONE CE instead of 3 different kinds.
gaminoz  +   1267d ago
The Halo one is the worst.
crxss  +   1263d ago
depends who you ask maybe. personally i could care less about a freaking Bust or Bobble Head......................... actually the bobble heads are pretty sweet lol
gaminoz  +   1267d ago
The Assassin's Creed Freedom one is good, but why doesn't it come with the Join or Die medallion? As the premium LEbit should have everything the others have and more?
DeusExer  +   1267d ago
Bobbleheads seem to be all the rage these days.
CrescentFang  +   1267d ago
Ni no Kuni Wizard's Edition
DivineAssault  +   1267d ago
i want the borderlands CE but i refuse to pay that much
marcmjm  +   1267d ago
Honestly, and mind you I'm not trying to provoke any arguments here, but the Halo 4 Limited Edition was a huge letdown to me. Aside from a couple of unwanted emblems and armor sets (which no one is going to use) I cannot help but feel disappointed at the offering. The maps will come in time, I can snag 'Forward Unto Dawn' off the marketplace for a few bucks, and the UNSC briefing packet is something that I'll look at once. I did the same thing with Halsey's journal. I just felt like they could have expanded the selection a little more. Perhaps a miniature sized figurine of Master Chief in the cryo-tube? I don't know. I'm still looking forward to the game none the less. I just hope that for Halo 5, they consider a Legendary Edition in the 125-150$ price range.
banjadude  +   1262d ago
So tempted to buy all those limited editions (except Borderlands 2, which I already have fully paid off), but the problem is, a lot of these collector's editions drop down in price so much and in so little time, I often end up getting burned.

But in some rare instances, the collector's editions that I DO opt out of, always end up being MORE expensive as the months drag on. FML.
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