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Everybody loves a comeback!

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mrpotter2301d ago

Looks better than last year

Skip_Bayless2300d ago

I want to see the new engine for Madden next-gen. Problem is they made a shitty engine this generation features blocky and bulky characters. Not every player in the nfl has 18 inch arms. The game is a sim but EA is trying to make the NFL more suitable to be a game. That's there problem right there.

bmw692301d ago

Really hyped about this one...

naznatips2301d ago

Yeah sorry I'm still just not interested. I wish this market had competition again... I wish all markets had more. Remember when that used to drive innovation? *is now super depressed about the idea that Apple is going to be able to ban all Android sales through the courts*

xJumpManx2301d ago

I never considered that awful NFL 2k series competition to Madden.

jrbeerman112300d ago

NFL 2k was the better product. Just like Triple play baseball was better than MLB 2k. Those license deals were both terrible.

vikingland12300d ago

2K5 is still better than any Madden game.

acedoh2300d ago

It was a much better market when you had several football games to choose from. It always seemed like an exciting event when you could choose from several very good NFL games. Although I am impressed with this Madden. They have made it more fun and not as difficult as earlier iterations.

_Gamer4Life_2301d ago

Looking Forward to February 2013. EA's NFL exclusive license ends.

iiMxBaCk2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

we need backbreaker 2...the first one was amazing. just imagine a new backbreaker with the updated euphoria engine and real nfl teams. it will be amazing, also implementing the physics in other games such as fifa or nba >:D

lsujester2300d ago

Well, the physics were awesome, and would love to see some of it make its way over to other games. Backbreaker's camera angle, however, made it damn near impossible to play in some situations.

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The story is too old to be commented.