Do Good Single Player Games Need Multiplayer?

ObnoxiousGamer: With the recent news that the multiplayer portion of Bioshock: Infinite was pulled entirely from the game, a major question has arisen - if a game is more renowned for its story - is it necessary to include a multiplayer aspect?

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bigfish1428d ago

No they dont, my best gaming experiences have all been single player

The Meerkat1428d ago

'Would you kindly' give me more bubbles?

josephps31428d ago

how did you lose bubbles in the first place?

Sono4211428d ago

if only he could answer...

DarkSymbiote1428d ago

Make a top 100 list and 90 of those games probably doesn't even have MP.

steve30x1428d ago

I never play multiplayer. I rather play offline single player.

byeGollum1428d ago

There are games that don't need multiPlayer. However there are games that do well with both. Sometimes I play multiplayer to relax If can't be arsed playing singleplayer, depends on my mood. But there are certain games that just don't need multiplayer period.

NYC_Gamer1428d ago

I'm tired of the every game needs online modes trend.

CanadianTurtle1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

I actually remember one of my friends told me that he didn't like Infamous all that much because it didn't have multiplayer. He was a casual gamer by the way.

When I heard him say that about Infamous, I was like " this is the mind of a casual gamer."

Companies always want to attend to the casuals as well because they make good money out of them. I'm not saying it's right and I don't like it either.

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The story is too old to be commented.