Deep Silver Announces Their PAX 2012 Line-up and Sacred 3

Deep Silver Announces Debut of “Dead Island™ Riptide” and “Sacred™ 3” at PAX Prime 2012

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ftwrthtx2100d ago

I want me some Riptide!

WeskerChildReborned2100d ago

I'll give it a chance if it's not a broken game at launch. Seriously, i was disapointed with the launch of Dead Island.

ftwrthtx2100d ago

Totally agree. Dead Island is great now, but was rough at launch.

Mutant-Spud2100d ago

Sacred Three *tiny fist pump*, I liked Dead Island a lot but once I'd finished the campaign I didn't feel like diving into it again.

yess2100d ago

Looking forward to Sacred 3, enjoyed Sacred and #2.

Just hope they fix the balance this time..

dkgshiz2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Those games were honestly nothing special. I played Sacred 2 and I can safely say their are hundreds of better games out there to play. Sacred 2 also had literally the worst voice acting I've ever seen. Look it up sometime.

yess2100d ago

Wait what???

Why should i look it up when i have played both games to death for hundreds of hours, and enjoyed them greatly? What a wierd answer lol

To me they were special and so will the 3th one be i guess.

beerkeg2100d ago

I want X Rebirth, as soon as possible.