Nintendo to Clean Japanese Wiis Over Smash Bros. Errors

According to the statement, Nintendo has received complaints from Smash Bros. Brawl buyers of the Wii being unable to read their newly bought disc, or of videos chopping up during playback. These users claim to have had no such problems with past games.

Nintendo has come to the conclusion that the problem has to do with dust and tobacco building up on Wii laser units. This effects Smash Bros. Brawl while leaving other titles unaffected because the new fighter uses a dual layer DVD, which is apparently more sensitive to a dirty lens.

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PS360WII3796d ago

Nintendos' CS has always been top notch. To bad this hiccup happened but they are nice enough to make things right

INehalemEXI3796d ago

Good thing it is noticed now and will end up fixed for the other regions.

wiizy3796d ago

im just waiting for my copy of smash bros..

M_Prime3796d ago


Mine prolly has some dust on it too so that would be in order. I would love for Nintendo to simply put a product out on the market that would clean the lens. i mean i would buy it and i don't trust the dvd drive cleaners out there now.. they are a bit fishy to me.

Adamalicious3796d ago

Man, I've got to stop cramming tobacco into my Wii's drive bay.

ItsDubC3796d ago

That's what I was thinking. What a random culprit to list as a reason for the error.

In other news, millions of Japanese Wii-owning smokers have switched to chewing tobacco.

Cat3796d ago

lol, exactly what i was thinking. the wii, bringing together families for smoking and gaming.

cr33ping_death3796d ago

compared to my experience with MS customer service this sounds like a god send.

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