Sony Announces 'No PS Vita Price Cut This Year', Look Forward To These Bundles Instead

Recently Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Vita will not be receiving a price cut at all this year, focusing on bundles instead. So, if you were planning on buying a PS Vita, these are the bundles you should be looking forward to before the end of the year.

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KapeeshLGRM1914d ago

CoD Black Ops Declassified is looking absolutely epic and I will definitely pick it up. Agree with all these choices. :)

Silver-Hawk1914d ago

Why would they drop the price when it launched like 6 months ago. The system is more than worth the asking price. I cant wait for cod, killzone, assassins creed, lbp and a lot of other games

BringingTheThunder1914d ago

the 3ds did drop after 6 months. though it did need to.

zeal0us1914d ago

If they aren't going to drop the price of the Vita then Sony should at least drop the price of the memory cards.

Freakazoid20121914d ago

Yeah Vita has a very nice line up coming..

On a side note, It's sad that you cant act this way in other articles and must instead troll something you have no interest in.
In one article you come off as a complete idiot and in this one just an excited gamer.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1911d ago is selling the PS Vita Madden NFL 13 Bundle for $199.99 from august 24th to august 30th :b

There's your price cut peeps. go nutz
Oh and your welcome

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zebramocha1914d ago

@bringing In the case of the 3ds,spec wise the 3ds is a bit over price in comparison to the vita or the new iPad.

r211914d ago

BO Declassified epic? I dont think epic would fit the game but imo disappointing compared to games like Tearaway, Killzone Mercernary and AssCreed Liberation.

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Relientk771914d ago

I mean have you seen all the bundles for the PS Vita that have been announced, theres a lot

GamePodunk1914d ago

It's great to see Sony at least pack in more value to the Vita with these bundles if a price cut won't happen for a while.

Xperia_ion1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

The most important thing is SUPPORT THE GAME DEVS!!!! If I were to choose a bundle it would be the ACIII white vita bundle.

nerdkiller1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

well then sony better ready to announce low sales again no one wants to pay high prices for anything except apple they got ppl by the balls i have no idea how and why but if u shop around u can find there stuff at a ok price too

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The story is too old to be commented.