Babes of Devil May Cry 4 - Hotter than Lucifer's tears

If you can't wait to see naked glowing dames wrap each other in a loving tentacle embrace, just skip down to the video now. Still reading? Then you must want to know that Games Radar's exclusive Babes of Devil May Cry 4 video will tease and tantalize, but won't divulge any spoilers. Games Radar will leave you to discover the twists and turns and shocking revelations for yourself.

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OpiZA3853d ago

There must've been one guy who had 2 (amongst a million other things) develop and tweak the boob physics. What a job... what a weird job.

Not... Complaining.

fenderputty3853d ago

he was able to get the company to pay for trips to the strip club. You know for .... research and stuff.

belal3853d ago

this IS going to be FUN !!!! next week comon i need this game :D

SpaceCowgirl3853d ago

Trish and Lady are so awesome, it is kind of weird though, the relationship between Trish and Dante, but still it is cool and lady is badass with her motorcycle and bigass gun.


he is pimpin a girl who looks like his mother ...

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The story is too old to be commented.