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Submitted by PROGnosis 2934d ago | news

Microsoft's is losing its grasp on the technology markets

The Xbox 360 is a disaster of resources and destroyed customer loyalties, Windows Vista is a name murmured only in hushed tones, and some of Microsoft's highest ranking execs are jumping ship. Microsoft is a sinking ship, and is losing passengers to every one of its competitors.

Does it not strike anyone else as odd that the bigwigs of the Xbox team, and even Bill Gates himself, have left their posts? When I say the Xbox 360 is a disaster, I'm simply pointing to evidence that, as suggested by an "inside" source in a recent article, Microsoft released the 360 anticipating a 1 in 3 failure rate, and figured Bill's big bank account could weather the storm. (Industry, Xbox 360)

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niall77  +   2934d ago
I think the problem for MS at the moment is NOT the 360...
But the rise of apple and the fact people are buying Macs again.
A mac is a option for people now which Macs havent been since before windows 95

and lets not forget the bad reviews for Vista and the current trend for "upgrading to XP"

there has been alot of bad PR for MS over the last 2 years, RROD, Vista, DRM and they need to get on top ot this if they want to remain the world leader for the future
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TheTwelve  +   2934d ago
I said that people were saying that Microsoft was doing poorly in many fronts, and that they should do a google search to see what people are saying. Well, here's an example of what I'm talking about.

Still too early to say that Microsoft is a huge, lumbering, slow sinking ship. But the signs seem to point that way and I would not be surprised at all if this article is very accurate.

SKullDugger  +   2934d ago
Because of bad products, MS took this path now its time to pay the piper, I use to be a big MS fan the org. XBOX and then the 360 but with all the hardware failures 4 myself and 2 for my son I said thats it I agree their its ok we will replace it is BS and the PR MS has gotten is their own fault!!!!!
godofthunder10  +   2934d ago
i'm tired of hearing this story.gates said he was stepping down as the head of microsoft this year about 5 years ago and as for as people saying microsoft is loosing its grip need to check what they made this year,as a matter of fact microsoft made a bigger profit this year then last year.
i know that some people been disappointed in microsoft for different reason and some of them are leget but just because they have a lot of people complaining on line doesn't mean that microsoft is loosing its grip and another thing,microsoft moved up on the list of the 2000 biggest companies in forbes magazine this if it's true what preople are saying then why is it that microsoft moved up on the list.
the reason that they have false stories like this about companies especially microsoft is because a lot of people hate them and will do anything to make thim look bad even lie at times.
if microsoft is falling people need to tell them that they are suppose to drop down on the list of biggest companies in the world and not up.hell i found this article on line and i like people to read it and tell me if microsoft is falling

Personal income, boosted by a large dividend payment from computer software giant Microsoft Corp., shot up by a record 3.7 percent in December. That helped to boost consumer spending during the all-important holiday season by 0.8 percent.

The Commerce Department reported Monday that the income gain would have been a smaller 0.6 percent in December without the one-time $3 per share dividend payment Microsoft made on Dec. 2. Even that reduced figure would have been an improvement over the 0.4 percent rise in personal incomes in November.

While it is highly unusual for a dividend payment from a single company to have such a major impact on incomes, Microsoft is one of the most widely held stocks in America. The size of the payment — $32 billion — rivaled the $38 billion the government paid out in federal income tax rebates.

barom  +   2934d ago
I don't really like MS's game division but I don't really see why people hate Vista.

I think Vista is actually pretty great. I can never go back to Windows XP again. Because of all the small functions, like searching for a program in the start bar or whatever it's called. The gadgets on the side and I guess those type of stuff. Of course the requirements are high but once you got that, there's nothing to worry about.
JsonHenry  +   2934d ago
I have not had any problems myself with Vista, and my 360 is a launch day trooper and has never broke down on me. Can't say that I have anything against MS myself.

I do use Mozilla instead of IE7 though...
jorellpogi  +   2934d ago
360 is a bad investment. My unit died and is beyond repair. We don't have the 3 year warranty by MS. 33%+ failure rate will turn off consumers.
IntelligentAj  +   2934d ago
I really and truly hate seeing stories like this. MS is a sinking ship ship though it posted a couple of billion dollars in profit for the 4Q 2007? Are you serious? How can a company that makes that much money and has that strong of a stranglehold on the PC be failing? Vista is a little buggy but nowhere near as bad as people say it is. I ran vista on my 2 year old laptop fine and it hasn't crashed yet. Never mind the fact that it still has pretty good sales. And Mac's have little to do with the decline(100% sarcasm on that one) of MS as they only own like 10% of the PC market. Sinking ship? Losing ground? Be serious. If a being a sinking ship is making that money then hell let me drown.
LJWooly  +   2933d ago
Go find a laptop that was made within the last year or so that doesn't have Windows Vista pre-installed, then you'll know why Vista has pretty good sales.
shotputking  +   2934d ago
gotta love these fanboy-centric articles. microsoft is doing so horribly that the U.S. government had to extend their anti-monopoly legislatives another two years, i guess because microsoft is collapsing. every windows launch since 3.1 (that's as far back as i can remember) has had all sorts of problems, so why would vista be any different. i'm sure the acquisition of yahoo will only speed up this apparent end to microsoft. forget how much money they are making, bill gates has left his position in the company, so he must have seen this bloggers point of view.
THUNDERMARE  +   2934d ago
Well, Rome doesnt burn in one day. No, Im not saying MS is going down or anything, they will be with us at least another decade or 2, but I do agree with MS has to revamp its image.
antoinetm  +   2934d ago
they should split the company, that would be the best thing to do as assets would be better valued. But if i was bill i wouldn't do it because
it feels good to be the king.
Oprah Without MakeUp  +   2934d ago
How did this propaganda get approved?
GameOn  +   2934d ago
Does it matter?
As a happy 360 owner i only care about the games. Looking at the release schedule theres plenty of quality games to fill my needs.
Enigma_2099  +   2934d ago
How does it get approved?
The same way the PS3 flamebait articles do, I assume...

Yeah, it COULD be written off as fanboy rambling, I admit, if not for the fact that it also has a slight bit of truth to it.

But yeah, the fanboy overtones in the article are blatantly apparent.

Wow... all these deleted comments... I LOVE this zone!
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Diabloz  +   2934d ago
HD DVDs COFFIN  +   2934d ago
The_Engineer  +   2934d ago
I wasn't too sure about this new system but now that I see "deleted by mod" next to "The Mart", I think it's PRICELESS!!!! lol
Fighter  +   2934d ago
MS rushed their console
and it paid off by having a huge install base but when all those 360s start to die at the same time then people will fight back. I can't believe MS getting away with this.
Salvadore  +   2934d ago
The thing I don't understand is why they didn't take action as soon as the hardware faults started occurring and now they are in a position where they are the joke of the industry (Remember Sony?).
lawgone  +   2934d ago
Yeah, hopefully this new zone thing works.

(On a side note...Che Guevara? Please tell me you're not some college kid who thinks he's cool. Just Wiki him. The dude said he would have nuked the US if he controlled the nukes during the Cuban missile crisis. And while "nuking the US" probably seems like a cool thing to agree to the fact is millions upon millions would have died and most of us on this board would not be here. Ramble done :)
Daishi  +   2934d ago
@ kareem
The reason MS didn't react immediately was because it would have seemed they knew of the problem before hand. I'd place a bet that there will be a split in the company and the xbox team will join Sega and create what would be dubbed the "Dreamcast 2"
Silver360  +   2934d ago
Pure drivel
I guess making more money than anybody else is failure?
Sarcasm should be evident.

And apple's share of the market is still less than 15%.
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sabbath420  +   2934d ago
how could this crap read get posted. Come on n4g do you not even screen the articles.
Keyser  +   2934d ago
Microsoft as a company is fine...
I think that a lot of companies are catching up and MS is a household name now. Newer more innovative products are competing well against Microsoft products.

Microsoft isn't dying per se, it's more just a leveling of the playing field.

I'm sure they still have some tricks in the bag. They must realize that just buying a competitor is not an end-all business plan. They will be forced to be creative and cater to what the public desires (or think they desire).

As far as games, MS helps keep Sony on their toes and I appreciate that. I like Sony competitive because they deliver quality products when that happens, such as the PS3.
mintaro  +   2934d ago
exactly, after years of MS being such a dominant force, i think other companies have started catching up and started evening things out a bit
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The_Engineer  +   2934d ago
dominant force??
Did MS get into an OS saturated market and start dominating with windows?? The only thing MS has ever done right is launch an OS when noone else had one out there. They became dominant by default as at that time only people who made money at what they were doing could afford Macs. So I will give MANY props for opening up the computer to the massess but other than that it has ALWAYS been a shoddy product.
Enigma_2099  +   2934d ago
Wasn't that also because they basically had a MONOPOLY on the PC market?
I seem to recall that they were in court over something like this at one point...
IntelligentAj  +   2934d ago
So you're hating on MS because they came out with an OS when there were no other good alternatives? XP is a great OS and many people are extremely happy with it. I'm guessing you favor Mac OS which is fine but don't hate on MS because they had a smart business model(even if it was a borderline monopoly).
JBaby343  +   2934d ago
@ IntelligentAJ
You're right XP is a great OS... now. When it first came out it was riddled with bugs and took a while for MS to make it right. Same with 360 and they still haven't made it right. Now Vista has the same story. I personally don't like their business model of selling garbage products. I would have a 360 if they didn't break all the time. However I think they will continue to do just fine as a company for a long while.
The_Engineer  +   2934d ago
why is calling out someones statement hating??
Is it not true that Ms gained their massive market share by default??

I was into music production back then and it was cheaper to pay for studio time because Macs were going for $4000. Now you can produce professional tracks right in your home on a PC. For this I give credit to MS for getting the ball rolling in that direction. HOWEVER this does not excuse the fact that they have made releasing unfinished software a business model. THAT is inexcusable.

Apple were scumbags for charging so much for a Mac, if they had a little foresight and made something within reach of the peasants at the time. THERE WOULD BE NO MICROSOFT TODAY. That is undeniable.

MS are scumbags for all the reasons I stated above.
KozmoOchez  +   2933d ago
@ Engineer
Apple is just doing the same thing that Xbox does to Sony and that is bash bash bash in front of everyone just getting them to jump on the bandwagon. And then there are people like you who do so and use lack of viruses, and buggy OS and all this other crap to back up what you think is a good argument against MS and Windows. And everyone who has a mac isn't using and wasn't planning on using it to produce music so saying that if they were cheaper that MS wouldn't be here is pretty biased on your part.

As stated by a lot of people, Macs don't have viruses b/c not enough people own one. That's like a terrorist bombing and threatening a third world country...not enough people!

I personally just don't like anything that has to bash something else to make itself sound good, which is why I like Sony products so much, because instead of bashing back at Xbox verbally, they just keep making better products with more innovation and better quality. It's also the same reason why I don't get into politics.

And I go to a predominantly nerd college, and I just so happen to go to an IT meeting/seminar thing, and an argument erupts over Macs vs PCs, and all I will say is it ended with a guy screaming "How many of us can say we custom built our own Mac?"
...enough said, don't let people make you jump on the band wagon.
Dlacy13g  +   2934d ago
Reality check?
I think that is what this author could use regarding MS. He sites rumors which are not proven facts as though they are facts and claims all these failures around Vista and the 360. Clearly he has his own tainted view of the world of technology....

Meanwhile...back in teh real world MS bids to buy Yahoo to make it #2 in the search engine market. MS posts up postive numbers in their game/entertainment division and look to continue to be strong in 2008.

This clearly is fanboy journalism at its best....
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ReBurn  +   2934d ago
Perhaps so many people are leaving their posts at Microsoft because the company needs new direction. Bill Gates' retirement is not a surprise. It has been in the works for a few years now. Everyone else is probably due to fallout from an internal reorg or something. That kind of stuff is necessary to shake out bad habits and get a company back on track. It happens everywhere.
GrooveChampion  +   2934d ago
The recent Yahoo story and sales reports aside, has Microsoft been the bearer of any substantially good news this year? It's only been a month but I really don't remember anything positive from or about MS since CES. Even CES was dominated by the Blu-ray situation.

I know it's only a month and I know this is only an opinion piece, but it strikes me as odd that while Nintendo and Sony have managed to generate positive news stories or have positive news stories written about them, Microsoft has been remarkably quiet. I don't think it's all doom and gloom, and they could be saving their juice for GDC and E3/X08 down the road, but it seems quite odd to me.
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Bladestar  +   2934d ago
ohh crap another apocaliptic article about the death of Microsoft... I think these anti microsoft fools are trying to hard... check the microsoft stock rating... A fools... you know what that means? one of the hottest stocks to own... go on.. go to and open an account (it's free) you can learn everything about investing and how well a company is really doing.. before believing this bull... and who knows you may make a buck or two in the process...
Ric Flair   2934d ago | Spam
INehalemEXI  +   2934d ago
They have shipped alot of faulty consoles, and Vista was not recieved well. They have done some innovation with sync and surface. Yet they need better quality control for sure. They should also invest in more first party studios IMO.
JBaby343  +   2934d ago
Spot On
Everything you said was on the money.
djroberts  +   2934d ago
Lies. No company would release a product knowing it would have a 1 in 3 failure rate. Sure there were signs, rushed development and testing and they were dumb to release it that way, but not knowingly.

They'd have thrown another heat sink on it at the very list as a quick fix, err... Falcon, cough...
Silver360  +   2933d ago
not really
Companies do some foul things. In 1970 Ford motors decided it was cheaper to mass produce cars with exploding gas tanks and pay $200725 per death than fix the gas tank. So don't get it twisted. I love my 360, but don't ever put it past a company to do what is is more profitable for them morals be damned.
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HCS  +   2934d ago
im so sick of hearing this dude needs to be fired, he alot worse then jeff gertsamann ever was.

this dude clearly needs to have his head re-examined.
InYourMom  +   2934d ago
Completely agree.
What a POS article and 1/2 true observations.

While their stock prices are doing well, they posted profits in the forever struggling entertainment division, bid to buy Yahoo, etc.. I think MS is trying to build their identity stronger and adjust to growing competition. Sinking ship? HELL NO!
Chippathingy  +   2934d ago
Retarded article
What makes this journalist an expert in the going on's in Microsoft?...uh....nothing! "ewwwww....I heard from this insider that this is going on!" and that makes it so. Dummy!

Do you actually think Bill Gates was going to work at Microsoft till he dies?? And do you actually think that his retiring will sink the whole company to the bottom of your virtual lake??

By that journalists reckoning, if I were to quit my job right now, the company I work for would fall apart! Idiot! There's like what, 4000 or more people that work for Microsoft in the States alone? Not even including the whole world for that matter. One or a few people step down, other people take their place. Simple as that!

Nice of that journalist to bring up Peter Moore. Why don't you write Peter Moore and tell him he's not allowed to switch jobs and work for different companies, that he's bringing Microsoft down. I'm sure he'll tell you that your right and go limping back to Microsoft just to please you. Give your head a shake Triston McIntyre and take the needle out of your arm. It's starting to scare people.

Microsoft, just like thousands of other companies, is not perfect. But the try their hardest to get the customer what they want and most of the time, need. What would of sunk the 360 is if Microsoft were to tell you...."Your 360 broke? Oh, that's your problem, we can't and won't do anything to help you". Instead they have revised their warranty to take care of their customers and keep them on the bandwagon. How many companies do you recall doing that for their customers at their cost? Not many in my books.

I use Microsoft products and there are somethings I like and some things I don't like. Triston McIntyre, what did you use to create your rubbish article? A Mac and Firefox as your browser? With an article like that, let's hope you don't use ANYTHING Microsoft.
#18 (Edited 2934d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2934d ago
Technically, bill gates left years ago.
The Kingslayer  +   2934d ago
People need some perspective. Howard Stringer has been going through hell trying to get Sony as company on track. Some of you site problems with specific areas of Microsoft biz, but these are minor because they are new introductions. As a company Microsoft has been a pilar of strength. Even Apple with all it's hi-cups and since bringing back Steve Jobs has had their problems in their history. Microsoft goes through its bumps and brusies. Buiness is not a sprint it is a marathon, Microsoft is preparing itself for a new transistion. They have outlined their objective to remain competitive. This Yahoo proposed merger does two things if it goes through. Especially with Google not doing well with it's stock today. Instanlty allows Microsoft to intergrate its online properties. Also offers a future alliance with the Xbox division. Along with thier advertising iniatives coupled with Yahoo's. This has the potential to be huge on many levels. But I'll let that play out, along with the haters...Because like in American Gangster, the top dog should alwasy say "So ya success took a shot at ya"...Just keep going.
AnthonyPerez  +   2934d ago
Poorly written trash
Don't get me wrong, Microsoft has made mistakes but an intelligent individual can point out the mistakes of both Nintendo and Sony as well. In fact, Sony's handling of the PS3 out of the gate was absolutely terrible. The console is finally coming into its own and Sony is starting to make some smarter moves, but the Xbox 360 has not destroyed its customer relations.

Yes the RRODs are terrible and they should've acted sooner on it, but they did extend the warranties and are fixing any broken machines. My launch console is still working fine, there is quality software, and Xbox Live is a wonderful and convenient service.

Sony is starting to get its killer software, and the Wii is looking the weakest this year software wise. It's fun, but we'll see if this is a long term product or a fad/novelty in the next couple of years.
Coke-a-Cola  +   2934d ago
Between Microsoft and Apple ( for instance ) ............. Apple is MIles ahead in Quality and Design .
Microsoft has the Giant Market share however ( first to market anyone ? ) ..........So , if a company is not really about Quality or Design then they must be doing something else .

Hello I am an Xbox 360 .........Hello I am a............

They have some fantastic games TRUE........but this hardware issue is a bad one.......
Silver360  +   2933d ago
Apple only has to deal with one platform
Every pc has different parts in it. People customize their pc all the time. It is a minor miracle that windows works as well as it does. Apple computers are a closed environment. They decide everything that goes in the case and parts are the same for every model. Heck of a lot easier that way.
Ares84  +   2934d ago
I noticed that too
Microsoft is in a decline! Vista is a mess, Xbox has huge problems. People do buy Macs now! And it is a fact that big guns are jumping ship now.
BLaZiN PRopHeT  +   2934d ago
they just made 6+ billion in profits and vista is faster selling than XP was in its first year. come on why does sh1t like this get approved
Imallvol7  +   2934d ago
MS seems like its glory days are over. I just HAD to have a 360 for 2007, but now i kind of regret it. I don't see any big games on the horizon that I want. My PS3 is fixing to get alot of play time. I don't see how anyone can have faith in MS anymore.
AliC  +   2934d ago
And yet still people are buying the 360, if comsumers where not confident with the system they wouldn't spend there money on it, or the software released.

Wierd News.
name  +   2934d ago
Fanboy article.
titntin  +   2934d ago
Whilst reports of a big MS demise are certainly a bit of a stretch of the imagination, its not surprising to see such opinions expressed!
MS have had a complete stranglehold on the PC market for a long time, and this financial muscle has allowed them to buy their way into lots of different related technologies and areas. Trouble is, they have rarely made a succes of it. Even looking at the now thankfully solvent games division, they will need to continue making huge profits for a long time before they ever repay all the money they have lost buying their way into the market. Vista IS a bit of a miss. Simply stating they are shipping a lot of units out is not an argument against this - a lot of hardware vendors are tied into deals to ship their hardware with vista, and cannot afford to anger MS over this. Why do you think so many people are 'upgrading' to XP? Its because they were forced into adopting vista when they bought new hardware and find they don't like it/ want it or it doesn't run what they need it too.
With Vista showing a slight vulnerability in the OS market that has been theirs alone for so long, and with the WII having a rampant succes and even the PS3 starting to outsell its 360 in worldwide figures, its only right that people will ask the big questions! Its called journalism, and even if you don't agree, it doesn't make it invalid to ask the question!

Off course Microsoft still has the bulk of the OS market tied up and still makes plenty of cash, and the much smaller 360 market is still strong and healthy and likely to remain that way, but there is definitely more room for other tech companies to grab a little slice of the pie than there has been for some time, and Microsofts bid for Yahoo is an indication of them acknowledging the relative failure they have had with the MSN network to be the no one web content and portal provider...
Its interesting times for the tech world, and I suspect we will see many more such speculative articles. Take them all with a 'pinch of salt' though - MS aren't going anywhere soon! ;)
omodis420  +   2934d ago
Microsoft and The Telling Lies
I am so glad I found this site! I Used to rely on EGM and Gamespot for my news. In a few days i finally get a new system and all the stuff for it. TV, etc. I was leaning towards the 360 a few weeks ago, but after joining this site, and learning about just how much a 360 breaks, i am going with a PS3! Thanks to this site.
InYourMom  +   2934d ago
sure whatever..

(cough) BS (cough)
GameOn  +   2934d ago
well thats good for you.
but this website blows the RROD out of proportion due to fanboys.
Yes its a big problem. ive had 1 die on me but it was no problem getting it repaired.
enjoy your purchase
heyheyhey  +   2934d ago
welcome aboard ma brotha- hope you have a great time with your PS3

what games you have for it so far?

if your looking for something fun to play then i recommend uncharted- that is one hell of an action game, its really great fun

P.S could anyone PLEASE tell me how to install themes on the XMB from the PSM3 disk? (sorry about the off-topic, but im getting really desperate for some cool themes now)
SKullDugger  +   2934d ago
Smart choice the PS3 is a great system. I have the 80GB and my son has the 40GB no problems at all very quite and rock solid hardware!!! Enjoy man!
THAMMER1  +   2934d ago
No you are just trying to fit in.
Do some research. You should not use this site to decide which console to buy. There are too many haters PS3 haters and 360 haters. Look at it like this, do you like to play games or talk about them? Some people on this site spend more time here then playing games in the 1st place.

#29.5 (Edited 2934d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cmrbe  +   2934d ago
MS ain't going no where soon. Its just that they will have stronger competition in this time around.
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