Hard Choices: Inafune Talks Soul Sacrifice

PlayStation Blog: In the world of video game development, Keiji Inafune is a giant among men. The illustrator and former global head of production at Capcom has played a key role in the development of an astounding array of games spanning a diverse lineup of genres, everything from Mega Man to Resident Evil to Lost Planet and many more.

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morganfell2096d ago

Incredible that he is one of the few people taking the opposite tact in forcing you to think about the implications of your decisions.

Damned few developers these days that are tracking something besides graphics as their primary innovation. But then again, you can't hang screenshots concerning the implications of moral choices in a gamestop window.

I am really looking forward to this title and it's just one more reason to own a Vita.

Xperia_ion2096d ago

I want a special edition!!

Qrphe2096d ago

That was a pretty awesome interview. This man is a legend, and his game will be freaking awesome!

Hicken2096d ago

Great interview. I can't wait to sacrifice my friends!

rezzah2096d ago

There is a cool vid on youtube that shows what co-op looks like.

At one point it seemed a teammate was sacrificed for the final attack, it was pretty epic.

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