Madden NFL 13 PS Vita Bundle For $199.99 - Future Shop Gaming Deals: August 24th - 31st, 2012

If you’ve held off on a PlayStation Vita up to this point, Future Shop definitely has a deal that should make you pick one up.

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BringingTheThunder1939d ago

thats a really good deal on madden system

Dante1121939d ago

Word. $200 bucks for a Vita and Madden 2013 game? Sold.

TrendyGamers1939d ago

Definitely a great thing for anyone looking for a Vita.

JBSleek1938d ago

Make that $199.99 permanent?

G20WLY1938d ago

Why? If the deal appeals to you, buy it now, before the deal ends :)

ABizzel11938d ago

The price of the Vita is fine IMO, but I've been playing games since the SNES so I see the value in it, as a game console.

But to a parent that didn't play games, what would you rather buy a tablet that does it all for $199, or a game system called the Vita for $250. Unfortunately that's how parents think, and are ignorant to the fact that the Vita does more than play games, so a competitive price would help more people jump on board.

I just don't think it's needed until next year at the earliest.

JBSleek1938d ago

Why? Because it makes sense?

G20WLY1938d ago

@JBSleek, oh come on, you big teese!

Share that logic?

ABizzel11938d ago

Next Year, between April - November.

Relientk771938d ago

Nice Vita keeps getting these sweet bundles