Darksiders II Fixes coming soon confirmed

Darksiders 2 came out last week in North America and this week in Europe for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms.Sadly, while it delivered a top-notch hack and slash experience, the game was affected by quite a few issues, mainly on the PC platform, where features didn’t work as intended, like the Vsync option, or where various glitches prevented players from progressing through the story.

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nix2065d ago

This gen: release the game unfinished. fix the game with firmwares later.

b_one2065d ago

its not about firmwares - its about patches - where is that damn Quality dept when such glitches pass

Summons752065d ago

Probably hiding in fear because they get into a ton of trouble if they find something that will delay the game.

I knew someone who worked in QA and he got fired because he found a game breaking bug which would have delayed the games release. In the end the company still released the game completely broken

b_one2065d ago

Summons - Damn, this is sick... i guess if gamers wont make enough Rage nothing happens...

voting with wallets seems a good idea, but who knows where shit is hiding

anyways waiting a month or two after game release is hard too

Kran2064d ago

How do you know that won't be next gen too?

ApolloTheBoss2064d ago

next-gen: release totally unpolished game. Fix it with a mega-patch one year later.

Bimkoblerutso2064d ago

Or rather:

next-gen: release totally unpolished game. Leave it, we already have their money and they don't actually own the game. HAR HAR HAR.

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Edward752065d ago

It always seems the 1 plat gets screwed on every multiplatformed title. It does depend on the company, games starting plat, and I even think preference.


I think most times the bug testers find this stuff and do point it out.. thats all they can do at the end of the day.

if the powers that be decide to fix it before release and rist delaying the game or just push the game out and try and fix it later, thats where the real issue is.

BushLitter2064d ago

I'm playing on PC and have had no issues so far, aside from the V-sync problem everyone's talking about. I found that if you leave it V-sync off, you actually have a smoother experience than with it on! Holding thumbs that I don't experience a progression bug, as that will certainly ruin what has been, for me, the best gaming experience this year

taquito2064d ago

leave off in-game v-sync and forcing through nvidia control panel locks the game at 60 frames for me

yeahokchief2064d ago

I had no problems with this game on the PS3 and it's definitely the best game i've played so far this year. Too many good things to say about it so i'll leave it at that.