PS3 Desktop VR Using the PS Eye and IR glasses

A few weeks back someone showed a desktop VR setup for the Wii using the sensor bar and a pair of LED glasses. Well, not to be outdone some ingenious PS3 developer has done the very same thing using the PS3, PS Eye and some home made glasses. He has also posted it up to the PS Dev community so that hopefully one day, someone will take on the challenge and come up with a game that might make good use of this technology

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SeanScythe3637d ago

Please provide link to dupilcate story. I saw the old one for the wii but not the one for the PSEye.

Frances-the-Mute3637d ago

im sorry i screwed up once again, i thought someone was taking mingeeta's story.....shame on me

mingeeta3637d ago

its alright guys everythings sorted now, thanks

Lew_Ijgee3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

I have the eye. I just want games that do this too.

Rice3637d ago

The eye is pretty usefull its really fun to use wen friends are around.

Nuclearwinter3637d ago

That was pretty awesome. I would love to see games that use that.

Ju3637d ago

Yeah, can you imagine. Peak around corners using your head! How cool is that.

Blink3637d ago

So two nerds have figured out how to do this with their spare time...Why can't the major corporations implement it? Its a damn shame to see this go to waste

ISay3637d ago

the second nerd was a developer, i think

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The story is too old to be commented.