Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition – worst PC port in history?

Excuse me when I say that on this day, From Software literally shat out the game in a hilariously amateurish, depressingly optimized and downright embarrassing way for the company. One might be forgiven for thinking I’m exaggerating with those terms, seeing how this is a port of one of the greatest RPGs of this generation. Well, to be honest, it did seem that one could get over all the earlier-announced porting issues (framerate in certain areas not being fixed, not too many graphics options, no updates textures) and indulge themselves in this amazing game, however, it would be terribly wrong.

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rodiabloalmeida2095d ago

They told us it was gonna be this way since the beginning: a 1:1 console port. But I undestand the deception because, after all, it's a PC game. Could be a lot better.

FriedGoat2095d ago

This game wasn't even coming to PC. PC users made themselves heard and FROM kindly agreed. They are a console developer. They did this as a nice gesture. Just get a damn controller play the game and stop moaning. I'm a PC gamer, but at least I can appreciate the effort.

narrat0r2095d ago

We all appreciate the effort, as well as the fact that FROM apologized that the port will be bad. But still, this feels extremely rushed and barely up to par with what this company is capable of.
1:1 console port is not a good thing, ever.

-Alpha2095d ago

Lucky for you there already a high resolution mod. Makes me wonder why from couldn't do it themselves butI hope you guys can look past a bad technical game and appreciate the great quality of gameplay. I mean its the opposite of pc games this gen where games look fantastic but gut the gameplay. If you've never played at all I hope you guys just get to experience it. Hopefully from makes a sequel with you guys in mind

SilentNegotiator2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Yeah, but what they released was awful. Straight forward awful. They couldn't be asked to add a FEW settings? They didn't justify a $40 price tag; $10 cheaper for a DIRECT port does not cut it.

People didn't freaking BEG for the game. From asked, people said "sure"

I'm not going to give them $40 because they were "gracious enough to offer" the game for us TO BUY or because some modder took the 20 minutes that they didn't to add simple features. And I don't support ANY gfwl games.

Vladplaya2095d ago

The stupidity of your comment should offend every decent PC gamer here. Just letting you know.

Reverent2095d ago

@SilentNegotiator, you say, "From asked, people said sure".

Well, there was actually a petition from PC gamers practically demanding a PC port... Yeah, that definitely seems like a "sure" response. /s

tee_bag2422094d ago

@ Silentnegotiator

PC fans actually really begged for this one. The petition was a game changer.

Anyway, usually the bad ports have mouse lag and thats the worst thing. If it looks like a high res console version that's all good.
This is one of those games that mouse and keyboard fans realize what a contoller is for.

TopDudeMan2094d ago

While all these tools were complaining on forums about the controls, I plugged in my PS3 controller and happily played all the way to the end of the extra content and finally put the game down just now, very satisfied. Now, to beat it another 5 times!

ljh2172094d ago

I'm pretty shocked at the amount of people whining and won't get off their high horses to buy a controller and settle for the same experience as the console gamer got.

People like me who bought it on console got LESS of an experience (no DLC) and paid more money, yet I would do it again in a heartbeat as it's one of the greatest games I've ever played (and I've played a lot across multiple platforms and currently have a pc capable of running all games). PC gamers have ridiculously high expectations.

Perjoss2094d ago

at least it got a port, look what happened with red dead redemption :(

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DirtyLary2095d ago

Just another day in this era of gaming.

Scarfy2095d ago

Looks like this game is already one of the most popular titles on TPB. What a shame for From.

Oh well, at least they'll make the money back from the console DLC.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

lol That would happen anyway. Like skyrim in #1 on TPB.

If a port is bad why should it be free instead of cheap?

But still I expected things to be fixed.

lonesoul652095d ago

did any of you actually buy it or are you just going on what you have read? So far it runs much better than the console version and plays great if you use a controller. Had no issues here.

adorie2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

I got it off the TPB and I'm going to buy it. After the unlocking of it's internal res. I need to spend the money to provoke more ports, and hopefully they will be better in the future and come with resolutions already unlocked.

It is what it is. The game is still good.

Lucretia2095d ago

honestly with all tthe complaining, i wish FROm would have just said screw you PC gamers and just make Dark souls 2

JsonHenry2095d ago

It is just shoddy work and very bad PR for this company. Which is a real shame. I had high hopes for the devs to really blow us away. But they dropped ball.

Oh well. The MOD makers will fix the problems in the long run. I am just gonna wait to pick this game up on a steam sale a little while down the road once the bugs have been worked out.

pandehz2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

@Lucretia tsk tsk

Anyways makes me proud that you used the term 'PC GAMERS' We do have an identity dont we. Pushing many things in tech and gaming n such (pride)

I just refer to you as console fanboys (just like the other consoles out there, dont matter what or which too many of em anyways)

This is a good place and article to annoy console fanboys lmfao.

specialguest2095d ago

I'm willing to accept the fact that its a direct port, but porting over the Blight town lag is absolutely inexcusable for todays 5x more powerful PC.

frjoethesecond2094d ago

That problem only affects AMD Radeon users.

HaVoK3082094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

No kidding. They did it, because people ask for. Correction: People petitioned for it! And they said if they do it, it will be a port because they lack the technical knowledge. They would add some DLC as free and that is it. People were satisfied with that. I can understand ignorant Gamers crying and bitching. Even though those doing it probably never bought the game to begin with. But when Media Outlets do it, it becomes pathetic and extremely unprofessional. It just goes to show what a fucking joke so-called Game Journalism is.

The critical mistake, the one they could have prevented easily, was shipping with Games For Windows Live. That is not excusable and only goes to show how out-of-touch they are with PC Gaming.

adorie2094d ago

I'm adding to your talk bubbles. Hopefully it rises. Common sense is becoming extinct.

pandehz2094d ago

WOW lol of course you'll get agreed with so many fanboys here.

TRUTH is if the game is badly ported it will receive bad reviews for it of course. Doesnt matter how well other things are done, if it cant be played well then it will get knocked off its high horse.

Just because From Software said its gonna be a dodgy port does not mean the reviewers should consider that and give it free points or sympathize with it.
It will be judged equally as any other game is.

When pc games go console, its reviewed for that console and vice versa.

How can a game release to the pc audience and does not fit the platform well?

How can any game for any platform for the matter?

I understand you are fan raging right now but if you are on the pc end of things and have been burnt by many ports like I have then you'll start thinking clearly.

Well anyways theres always Karma.

PC gaming wont die, instead karma will definitely affect next gen and then you'll understand what Im saying.

solar2094d ago

dev's need to realize that consoles and PC's are completely different platforms. different animals with different expectations from different audiences. it comes down to knowing your customers. in this instance, From Software had no idea what PC gamers expect.

Hicken2094d ago

Isn't it the other way 'round here? From told people exactly what it would be IF they made a port, and people wanted one badly enough that they signed a petition to have it made.

Now that it's EXACTLY what it was promised to be, people want to complain?

BrutallyBlunt2094d ago

In this case they have a right to complain. This is like tranfering a DVD movie onto bluray and not being able to tell the difference because all they did was give the same transfer.

It's obvious you know little about the PC gaming market. Dark Souls is limited to 720p and the performance issues on the consoles are also on the PC. Why is that when the PC is far more than able to outperform what the consoles are capable of?

Funny how when a Playstation 3 game is outperformed by the XBOX360 version it's lazy devs yet, when a PC game doesn't perform as well as it should we shouldn't complain. Even the interface isn't suited as well as it should be for a keyboard and mouse, the gamepad is actually preferred which again shows how little effort they put into actually reaping the benefits of the PC.

You clearly have a bias in favor for Japanese developers which means you are far more likely to let things slide more.

While having a PC port is better than nothing it still leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths. You either support it in hopes more console games come to the PC platform or you don't support such a weak effort and chances are other games may not come to the PC.

HD_GAMER19892094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

I bought both Demons souls and dark souls for ps3 and i can say man i spent many hours with friends had a blast,except when i was getting owned in the place with the bell ladys and kept getting invaded by kinghts with anti magic spell and i was a magic character lol The concept of demons souls is amazing however the one problem i had with it was horrible framerate and screen tearing. for what the game is the graphics are sufficient. i figured number 2 would get better but it was worse.

On topic I think this late in console generation I bet a majority of pc gamers who pressured FROM to release a pc version had the console version but were not happy with the framrate issues,cause lets be honest anybody that games on a decent gaming pc start to hate screen tearing and framrate lag at some point or another, hence asking for a pc version. so you can understand when the pc version released with framrate issues one could be disappointed. PC was FROM's perfect chance to make the ultimate dark souls game with a buttery smooth framrate in 1080p maybe alittle AA but really dark souls isnt about graphics its about the gameplay experience.

I dont understand how you can develop for a an 360 which basically is a low budget pc then have the knowledge and skill to develop for the ps3 and somehow struggle with the pc ??? sounds like there making excuses for not putting in the effort.

MEsoJD2094d ago

The game resolution was basically fixed the day it came out. Anyone skeptical, go to "Dark Souls internal rendering resolution fix (DSfix)" on neogaf forum, where there are native high resolution screenshots of the game. So if anyone bitches about the look, there's a very simple fix already.

Oh and the game looks a hell of alot better than the console. No bias here, I have both :3

bubblebobble2094d ago

just shows the ps3 is on par with pc the only reason other pc games are better is because it was made for that system first ps3 have a far super processor than pc makes games designed for ps3 leaps ahead when ps4 comes out you wont be able to walk down the road for old pc gaming rig frown to the trash

pandehz2094d ago

Ok it is official this article is being trolled by a lot of console fanboys.

What began as an insight into what makes this a trashy port is now an educational insight into the NOOB PSYCHE of console fanboys.

You know a lot about hardware it seems.

Teach me plox

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DigitalAnalog2095d ago ShowReplies(2)
Kamikaze1352095d ago

Definitely. It's not even up to par with PC standards of 7+ years ago.

Mounce2094d ago

7 Years ago is a bit of an exaggeration, not even Crysis was out that long ago which most PC fanboys tend to use as a benchmark for everything.

It definitely has it made for artistic style and gameplay.....only thing I'd fret for those PC folks is Blight town....if it lags as bad, or worse, I really pity them if it's not fixed, lol.

Kamikaze1352094d ago

I'm referring to 1080p, 60fps, and the ability to fully customize your graphical settings.

Mounce2094d ago

Well, Kamikaze, not even Darksiders has that, and I can't remember since I stopped playing Skyrim after launch, but it didn't either. Bandai is doing most of the work or all on this development and not From Software(I think?) I could EASILY be wrong with this. But either way....Bandai and From Software barely make PC games, they aren't id, they aren't Valve, not even Darksiders 2 has PC-optimized shit yet I'm still enjoying the fuck out of it :/

STONEY42094d ago

Darksiders didn't lock their resolution or framerate, and was well optimized. That was a more than acceptable port. This isn't.

Nocturne1472095d ago

Sad but truth, even graphics are terrible.

Hellsvacancy2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Go away and play Skyrim then with maxed out graphics etc *yawns* a pretty boring game with horrible gameplay, but it has impressive graphics, is that how your logic works?

Mounce2094d ago

One word:


Yes, Skyrim was still a worse bloody fucking port, the inventory was shit, the shortcut attempts at them were shit, the main menu was shit and it had the blockiest registry ever. Everything is scripted and it will look like what Oblivion is to us now, a mess.

Nocturne1472094d ago

Im not sayin game is bad idiots, im sayin port is terrible... Not only graphics are just bad, controls too. And Skyrim Had good port, go use Mods if u dont like main menu or something else, Genius.

MEsoJD2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )


edit: damn n4g downsized it...

go here(copy paste):

Mounce2093d ago

If you're so quick to say 'Use mods or something, Genius' then you can shut yer' trap and use the same logic on Dark Souls, Derp. There already apparently is a quick 30 minute mod/patch-fix unofficially that makes the game run better and such....

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iamgoatman2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Even if the modders fix the resolution and frame rate issues, this is still a no buy. Not going to support a developer because a modder helped fix a broken game.

If fixes are patched in by From Software themselves, then I may consider buying it, but not until then.

iamgoatman2095d ago

Couldn't care less really.

DragonKnight2095d ago

if you bought Skyrim on pc you're already a hypocrite. modders fixed that game for Bethesda.

papashango2095d ago

modders have fixed every game for Bethesda on PC. The difference is they put in the effort for the pc community to make it as good as possible.

It would be similar to Bethesda not releasing mod tools for Skyrim. Yes Skyrim would still be a good game but you think they would be remembered for that by the PC community?

DragonKnight2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

@papashango: iamgoatman said

"Not going to support a developer because a modder helped fix a broken game."

Skyrim was broken, modders fixed it, thus if he or any like him bought Skyrim and then made this statement they are hypocrites.

*EDIT* In fact, with Skyrim it's worse since Bugthesda are supposed to be PC devs.

iamgoatman2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )


Although Skyrim is buggy, I haven't incurred a problem that REQUIRED a mod to be installed yet, and I've put around 300 hours into the game so far. I do have mods installed however that change things like night brightness, but these are completely optional and based on personal taste.

Skyrim also shipped with Bethesda's standard list of display options. Things you'd think are basic options that no PC game should lack, like resolution control, but it seems not all developers got that memo. It also came with AA and AF options, v-sync control, and various settings to change visual fidelity. Not to mention the Creation Kit that released shortly afterwards that allow most mods to made in the first place.

And you're saying I'm a hypocrite for supporting Skyrim but not a game that doesn't have ANY of those things, most of which are standard in a PC game? Give me a break. Please, point me to the mod that is required by EVERY PC user in order for it to run at the basics of what you expect from a PC game. I'll be waiting.

Btw I also find the disagrees to my original comment pretty pathetic. I say I don't want to support a developer that has put no effort into a terrible port and I get a ton of disagrees. Typical N4G BS.

DragonKnight2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

@iamgoatman: Yes, I am saying you're a hypocrite. Skyrim's known and mod fixed problems include but are not limited to: Random freezing, serious lag/framerate problems, dragon's flying backwards, the famous "Helm of Winterhold" glitch, countless broken quests. Just because YOU allegedly didn't experience any problems, doesn't mean they aren't there. And likewise, just because people with your mindset are whiners doesn't mean everyone hates Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition.

"Skyrim also shipped with Bethesda's standard list of display options. Things you'd think are basic options that no PC game should lack, like resolution control, but it seems not all developers got that memo."

Bethesda chose to offer that, but they were in no way obligated to. They gave it to you because they wanted to as a gesture, not as a necessity. This idea that all developers should include something because you'll whine without it is called baseless entitlement.

"And you're saying I'm a hypocrite for supporting Skyrim but not a game that doesn't have ANY of those things, most of which are standard in a PC game?"

Point me to where this became an OFFICIAL standard that all developers must adhere to and not an expectation thanks to the generosity of some developers that changed over time to enthusiast entitlement. If you can do that, I'll retract my statement. But since all you'll be able to do is say "it's been included in PC games since 1996" I doubt you'll come up with anything official. What happened was one developer included these options, PC gamers loved it, other developers didn't want to lose out to this developer and so they included it to make themselves popular, and over time the fans forgot that this started out as a nice thing a dev did and they changed and skewed it to "teh standerdsh" garbage.

And finally, you got disagrees because of what I said. If you can support Bugthesda releasing a game with game breaking bugs and glitches that required mods and the community to fix until they got off their lazy a**es to do it themselves, then whining about the lack of some resolution options and 60FPS in an otherwise completely playable game with no game breaking glitches makes you and those like you whining hypocrites. Sooner or later the elitist attitudes you all have will piss enough people off that they won't care if what you're saying is right or not, they'll just want you to shut up because all you do is moan and complain about the smallest goddamn things. There are BIGGER things to worry about in gaming, like increasingly draconian DRM, but you all want to sit there and b*tch about some minor fidelity issues and talking about some non-existent self-created "standard." Pretty goddamn sad.

**EDIT** iamgoatman below: Being a whiner doesn't make you a gamer or a responsible consumer. Are you going to complain to Ford because their cars don't have the same performance as the Ferrari you're used to after all, there is a "standard" right? That's how ridiculous you sound.

Speaking of sound, your example is sad. Sound is necessary to the basic function of games. 60FPS and variable resolution options aren't. It's just pissy PC gamers complaining about the fact that the game doesn't look how THEY want it to instead of how it was made. It's like going to the Louvre and saying the Mona Lisa is crap because you don't get to see it in a different kind of paint or a bigger frame.

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user77927882094d ago

From Said way back when they announced it that they didn't know much about the PC platform and instead of trying to "fix" the game they would devote all there time into making new content and hope that modders would fix the game

I have the platinum on PS3, this game is one of my favorite games this gen and it should not be missed