Beyond is biggest performance capture production ever, bigger than James Cameron’s Avatar

IncGamers: David Cage, head of studio Quantic Dream, has claimed that the performance capture used in upcoming PS3-exclusive Beyond: Two Souls is the biggest ever.

That’s biggest ever, not just the biggest example in videogames. In fact, this is the first time performance capture has been used in a videogame. Before now (and probably still), the biggest example of performance capture is James Cameron’s Avatar - a movie of mild success.

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Silver-Hawk1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Amazing, and its only on PS3. I love games of high production value and I can't wait to play this game. This game is an example if why ps3 is the best video game console because of the mass quality exclusives you can't experience anywhere else

dazzrazz1940d ago

"mass quality exclusives" you must be smoking some serious stuff

raytraceme1940d ago

Silver hawk is right on. You can't get these type of emotional experiences on other consoles as you can on the ps3. Sony has exclusives in almost every department and are second to none in most of them.

wages of sin1940d ago

Cool story bro.

Toy Story graphics.

yewles11940d ago

"One of the basic premises of the Xbox is to put the power in the hands of the artist," Blackley said, which is why Xbox developers "are achieving a level of visual detail you really get in 'Toy Story.'"

pandaboy1940d ago

Thanks for that Mr. Tretton

iamironman1940d ago

are movies still bigger than games?

FunAndGun1940d ago

Gaming is currently the most popular form of entertainment, surpassing the movie industry in revenue.

blind-reaper1940d ago

revenue =/= popularity Movies still are more popular than Videogames

Dlacy13g1940d ago

I hope Cage learned some lessons from Heavy Rain in terms of controlling the character and interactions. I don't mind an interactive movie but I don't want to be frustrated by poor controls either. I am pretty excited for this regardless though.

CGI-Quality1940d ago

Thankfully, this isn't an interactive movie either.

OT: Anyway, that's quite the achievement if true.

Veni Vidi Vici1940d ago

If it's anything like his previous games, I would say it is. I honestly don't get why people like QTE's.

If you think QTE's are fun, please explain why you think they are. I just don't get the enjoyment gained by pressing a corresponding button that you see on screen.

iamironman1940d ago

@Veni Vidi Vici with respect, but I think you're missing the point of Cage's games.

The means in which you interact with doesn't matter, it's not where the fun comes from. Interactive stories need a means of interaction for you to drive the plot forward. The input has no use other than that.

Therefore QTEs become a good option because they force a certain pace. Pace is essential for a good interactive movie-style experience.

Veni Vidi Vici1940d ago

Why not just watch a movie then? QTE's are so easy, anyone with decent reflexes and any type of memory (to memorize the buttons on the controller) can do them. There's very little challenge. There's no strategy in how you play or how you execute your input. I just don't get them. It's not a game to me. It's just, "repeat after me" if you want to see the story. I'd rather just see the story- which then just makes it a movie.

To each their own but I will never understand the appeal of QTE's and I really wish Cage would change the gameplay of his games.

The story of this game intrigues me but I don't want to put up with the boring gameplay just to see the story.

It's just my opinion, I'm just surprised that more people aren't getting tired of QTE-style games.

CGI-Quality1940d ago

Agreed. People instantly want to peg it as "just an interactive movie", but then wonder why these types of games control the way they do. To me, I don't consider this an interactive movie because unlike the interactive movies of the 80s and 90s, Cage's games allow for much more control.

And I 100% agree about pacing and QTEs.

Angainor71940d ago

ok now that was hilarious

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