Ten third-party characters that should be in the next Super Smash Bros.

GameZone writes, "There are a number of first-party Nintendo characters that would make excellent additions to the Smash Bros. hall of fame, but a lot of the appeal in Brawl came from third-party fighters like Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog making their debuts. What third-party characters should Nintendo and Namco Bandai feature in the upcoming Wii U installment of Smash Bros?"

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linkratos2301d ago

Zero third party characters should be in SSB4.

But if we must then keep them to characters like Sonic, Mega Man, or Rayman. Snake did not fit all.

I would love Travis Touchdown in there. I've heard people want Simon Belmont.

nintendojunkie282301d ago

Travis Touchdown is a great suggestion!

Speaking of castlevania characters,Alucard would be awesome,but that will never happen.A guy can dream though.

omarzy2301d ago

How about no third party characters? Nintendo has enough characters to use. Skyward Sword gave Demise and Ghirahim. Two new characters right there. Add Skull boy as well.

AWBrawler2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

hell no! Keep it Nintendo! The more 3rd party, the less chance I have of getting to play as Sammy (advance wars), Tom Nook, Daisy, Ashley Robins (Trace Memory), Dillon (Rolling Western), and Soren (Fire Emblem).