10 Most Annoying Video Game Characters Ever

WC writes: Throughout gaming history, we have been blessed with some wonderful characters, but everything must have its opposite. For every character we grow to love, there will be one who gamers just wish had never been thought of. Bosses that seem to be invincible, worthless allies who cannot do anything for themselves, supposed sidekicks who we just want to kick up the backside – followed by a swift beheading… they’re all there, and they all annoy the ever-loving crap out of us.

From the infamous to the much lesser known, get your stress ball out, because this motley crew just do not know when to leave you alone.

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AIndoria1766d ago

As a Final Fantasy Lover, Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII.
I rest my case.

Godmars2901766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Definitely should be on a list like this instead of Elena. More so because of the reasons they give.

Yeah, just considering #3 on the list, nevermind #1, the list fails.

Campy da Camper1766d ago

I really liked Elena. She's one of those "good girls" but when you get some alone time with her she will grab you in the busciuts a little extra hard.

MysticStrummer1765d ago

Using Elena's pic for the article assures I won't be awarding a hit to the actual website, because there's no way she should be on a list like this.

MysticStrummer1765d ago

Opinions have replaced the news. FOX News... 'nuff said.

zeeshan1765d ago

Elena???? No way I am going to read the entire article.

I can't stand RICO from KZ2 and KZ3. Also, please don't kill me for this but I could never stand Mario!

pixelsword1765d ago

Rico was cool in Killzone 1, Liberation, and 3.

I didn't like the way GG shifted his personality in 2.

3 he was a little annoying at first, but in the end he got a lot better, and he was right about attacking that MALR in the air instead of on foot like Sev did and got all those people killed; even Narville realized that, that's probably why he told Rico that he would follow Rico's lead in the assault. That, and Rico saved just about everyone a once or twice over in Killzone 3.

I hated Narville for being such a moron and Sev was kinda a jerk because he didn't tell Narville to wait for Rico when he when after those troops. Plus, he was telling Rico to try to follow orders when the orders were stupid, then all of a sudden when he wants to break the rules it's okay.

That, and he basically ripped off Rico's little speech to make his own; that little explosion at the end didn't make it better lol. Oh, yeah; everything could have been squashed between Rico and Narville, but you see that Narville is just a jerk because he talked crap about Rico behind his back to Sev.

Narville needs to get shot in the butt.

Awesome_Gamer1765d ago

WTF! Why is Elena on this, she is the only femlae character that isn't sexualized and have big ass boobs or just plain stupid, she is actually an amazing character

dead_eye1765d ago

If your gonna fail by having Elena in may as well go totally wrong and add Alyx Vance from half life

Marceles1765d ago

*looks for the snot-nosed kid from Wind Waker on the list, doesn't see him, stamps FAIL on article, leaves thread*

ABizzel11765d ago

Shao Khan

Kicks your @$$ during the fight and mocks you at the same time.

Rage inducing.

sobekflakmonkey1763d ago

Yeah, theres no reason Elena should be on this list, he said "annoying voice" he actually stated that her voice was annoying, besides her having one of the best female voice actors ever, her voice was definitely not annoying, I think Elena and Alyx Vance are my two favorite female characters of all time, they aren't sexualised in any way, they dress like normal females do, and I actually appreciate that...and I'm a guy....

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CanadianTurtle1766d ago

The sole reason I stopped playing FF13 was because of the character Vanielle. Who thought it was a good idea to add someone like that in a game?

Treian1766d ago

that's pretty pathetic.

ThanatosDMC1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

HAHAHAHA! I thought it was just me. I swear those characters were stupid especially how she acted all happy after the kid's mom just died and all those other people.

Heck, that kid was annoying too.

pixelsword1765d ago

Maybe she's like Laughing Octopus...?

colonel1791765d ago

I found Hope much much much more annoying than Vanille. Vanille annoyance was the voice, but she was kind of good. Hope on the other hand, spent all the game complaining about everything and crying for everything! That was more annoying than Vanille's voice!

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TheLyonKing1766d ago

I find hope more annoying than vanille but I wanted to smash both of their faces in none the less.

Kin23g1766d ago

Most annoying? It's hands down Carver from Dragon Age 2.

Lockon1766d ago

Oh come on Vanilles orgasm was her saving grace..

pixelsword1765d ago

@ what time? No offense, I just don't want to go through eight minutes of fighting to see something that's probably six or seven seconds.

Lockon1765d ago

@pixel if you click the link it takes you right to the moment..

pixelsword1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Ok, thanks; I got it.

When I first went there, It took me from the beginning and I was watching they guy's motorcycles and other stuff thinking "that's not an orgasm... well, maybe a threesome when his bike became two girls" lol.

TomSawyer1871766d ago

I would say Hope was more annoying than Vanille, although she is a close second IMO.

ScytheX31765d ago

Hope was 5x worse than vanille, but felt like shooting them both =p

Eyeco1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I might get allot of flak for this but my PERSONAL pick goes to the entire Gears of War cast, just a bunch of blockheaded, 2 dimensional, cocky, jock , stereotypical neanderthals, it's essentially a Football team , but with much less personality all they do is bitch, cry, gloat and trade bad jokes and puns. And these are the people who carry humanity's fate? boo. Don't get me wrong i love the Gears of War games but the characters and story really pi$$es me off.

Reverent1765d ago

I kinda have to agree (Don't kill me Gears fans)... I think the games are extremely well made and fun, but my god... All of the characters just get on my nerves.

jrbeerman111765d ago

i would agree if you didnt lump the cole train in that blanket statement.

maybe im biased towards cole train because the VA in my favorite commercials

ToZanarkand861765d ago

That little bitch Lymle from Star Ocean 4 'kay?'
Most annoying EVOOOR

kanetheking1765d ago

no the other girl in star ocean that went on about friendship every 10 seconds kay

kanetheking1765d ago

no the other girl in SO that went on about friendship every two seconds

DW741765d ago

Edge! Edge?!....Edge! Edge! Edge? Edge! Edge?! Edge.........Edge! Edge? Edge?! EEEEEEEdge!



Da One1765d ago

LOL WOW, and yes she was totally ****ing annoying.

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Aceman181765d ago

i have a crazy question, what ever happened to that thing we call actual gaming news? you know the ones that either talk about a previews upcoming games, features, and things like that.

articles like this is what made this generation horrible when it pertains to gaming articles :(

MysticStrummer1765d ago

My FOX News comment above was supposed to be right here. O.o Not sure wtf happened...

rezzah1765d ago

I disagree, Snow is the worst.

Bon Scott1765d ago

Well if Sony Fanboys ever became video game characters they would be number one for this article

unknownhero11231765d ago

yes because every other fanboy is a saint.

kariyanine1765d ago

aww... I liked Vanille. Found Snow and Hope far more annoying.

sjaakiejj1765d ago

Agree on this lol, and Hope wasn't just annoying, he was completely worthless in battle as well. Made him all the more annoying..

ElitaStorm1765d ago

"How to get hits"

1.make a list of annoying video game characters
2.throw in a character from a videogame that ppl love

Axecution1765d ago

Lawl puts Elena in the article for hits.

Probably worked too.

Heavenly King1765d ago

I hate every FFXIII character with the exception of Fang.

Lighting the most, because one thing is to be a tough woman, and other completely different is to act like a man.

Snow looks badass, but is a fucking sissy (and maybe a bit pedophile, dont know how older Serah was lol).

Hope screams to much. Annoying as hell.

Vanille is way too happy even if people just died some moments ago. Really Stupid.

Sazh looks like a complete idiot with his chocobo in his hair. He also behaves stupidly.

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ame221766d ago

Oh boy, number two is gonna generate a lot of heat.

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