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Whitefeather2034d ago

Sound weird stuff is happening to the tires in that pic.

inveni02034d ago

It almost looks like he's hitting something, but the collision boundary is not quite right.

BiggCMan2034d ago

I would also like to point out that these pictures go back to the black individual shown from the trailer, while the pictures from a few days ago were the white male. This has to mean they are both playable, doesn't it? Just some fun speculation, they are both important, we know that. And I have also had the idea since November that the black male could be CJ from San Andreas. They have something up their sleeve, no doubt.

Awesome_Gamer2034d ago

Mulitple protags is pretty much confirmed at this point, the guy driving the red infernus in one of the new screenshots is the same hispanic guy that was driving a red Audi R8 in the debut trailer and he is also the same we hanging from a truck in one of the screenshots, add this with the fact that Ned luke (balcony guy) is already pretty much confirmed to be one of the protags as he is seen driving a hydra in a screenshot.

So we have 2 protagonists on our hand right now..

Dee_912034d ago

wow at all the "next gen" and "must be pc" talk.
I quit. no reason in trying slow down the hype train on the graphics anymore.Despite all the glaring similarities to gtaiv graphics wise im not gonna let these comments distract me from the amazingness-nees in these screeens.

Believe it or not someone said this looks better than bf3 on pc lol.Excitment apparently clouds peoplee vision.
im over it.
you guys can play it on your ps4 next year lmao

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Blacktric2034d ago

Those water shaders in the second picture literally made me choke. Jesus that looks f*king fantastic.

inveni02034d ago

I wonder if it's on console or PC. They didn't even release Red Dead on PC, so it makes me wonder. If this is on console, I'm stoked. If it's on PC, then I'll definitely be buying the PC version.

000012034d ago

current-gen or next-gen? that is my question about these screenshots and the game.

JellyJelly2034d ago

Must be PC with shaders and textures as crisp as those.

gtr_loh2034d ago

Could be console; the textures and shaders on LA Noire looked just as fantastic on the consoles.

FragMnTagM2034d ago

I bet any amount that they are console shots. They may be touched up a bit, maybe not, but I can 99% guarantee they are console shots.

RyuX192034d ago

Yeah these screenshots actually made me say "Whoa" lol.

iamgoatman2034d ago


"They didn't even release Red Dead on PC"

But they did put the extra leg work into the PC version of Max Payne 3, and it turned out great.

But yeah, I'm going with PC shots based on the textures in the plane pic.

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Outsider-G2034d ago

The guy in the screenshots looks like the guy in the trailer with the red convertible(revving the car when the girl passes by) and when he's being chased by the cops(1:04 on trailer). Perhaps we get to use multiple characters?

Knight_Crawler2034d ago

I am still finding it hard to believe that this game is shaping up to be as massive as San Andreas was and the graphics look like this on the 360 and PS3 - call me skeptic but I wont believe it until I see the PS3 and 360 logo on the game box.

If R* can pull of GTA 5 with a massive world, stunning graphics like this and more customization than GTA 4 then I take back everything I said about next gen desperately needed.

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Pandemic2034d ago

That water looks amazing.

ajax172034d ago

Even if this does release on current gen consoles I'd rather have the PS4 or next Xbox version.

Prcko2034d ago

This is must have GAME!!!
day 1!!!

SolidStoner2034d ago

cant agree more! I just want it now! they can add all gameplay stuff with updates :D

Lucretia2034d ago

not impressed. As long as its fun like the old gta's i will play it though, but if its as crappy as 4, no thank you

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OMEGAZONE2034d ago

If you don't like GTAIV thats fine, but don't call a modern masterpiece crappy just because you didn't enjoy it.

d0nni32034d ago

A modern masterpiece is a bit strong! the game was good, i enjoyed it a lot more than most of my friends but a masterpiece it wasn't

Trenta272034d ago

We have seen NO gameplay. Wait.

YodaCracker2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )


The only way in which Saints Row reminds me of last gen GTA games are the driving physics. That's right, Saints Row's driving physics feel like a PS2 game. No sense of weight or realism to the vehicles. That was perfectly acceptable in 2004, but not on current gen consoles.

GTA IV's driving is a much more dynamic experience and it added so much to the game. So refreshing after the arcadey controls in almost all other open world games. Power-sliding around every corner at full speed with the tap of a button, overly-sensitive steering, stopping on a dime, canned damage modeling (car dents the same way every crash)... that crap is embarrassing to see after playing GTA IV, but I guess Rockstar just likes to spoil us.

cee7732034d ago

dont give me that gt4 driving was good physics crap cuz it sucked, how could anyone defend it foreign cars stops on a dime how come a Mercedes, aston martin etc. control like the 87 grand national in gt4? answer that ive driven older foreign cars 2000 mercedes 500 class to newer 08-09 600 series all the cars in gt4 control like the have bad shocks and struts lol very bouncy the mercedes and aston has some of the best handling, gt4 did it no justice only in the looks department

gtr_loh2034d ago

@cee773. You did drive in real life before.. RIGHT? No car stops on a dime, GTA IV's driving was arcadey to my standards but it was a major improvement from GTA San Andreas. Before you think an Aston or Merc can stop on a dime, go drive one at 100km/hr and tell me that you can stop on a dime, because I can tell you right now that if you hit the brakes dead on, you'll be skidding like no tomorrow.

BitbyDeath2034d ago

The cars were horrible in GTAIV. PS2 GTA's are leagues better.

TheRealSpy2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

i prefer unrealistic driving physis in a sandbox game. the reason i stopped playing gta 4 was because it became really tedious getting back in my car and driving from point a to point b.

Contrarily, i never got tired of driving around in Sleeping Dogs.

@gtr_loh: not to mention that you'd probably suffer organ damage, or at least some internal bleeding, as everything in your body smashes up against your rib cage.

i'm not sure i'd enjoy a game where i end up in the hospital every time i hit the breaks.

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M-M2034d ago

I laughed so hard when I read Lucretia's post, looked at his disagrees, then saw that the next comment replying to him was marked as a personal attack. LOL.

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