The 13 Best Ever Video Game Weapons

Thirteen1 - The premises of videogames are rarely about anything else but violence. Even Sonic and Mario were jumping on heads and crushing skulls with their own two feet in the beginning. Many years on, and the rules remain the same, although the method has changed; instead of feet we get more sophisticated items of destruction. Sometimes destruction isn’t even the goal, sometimes we just need to defeat our foes using some form of harmless pacification to get to our objective. Whatever the context, the tools and weapons are important to us; they are what make gameplay elements unique to the individual game. This month we honour those weapons and devices that have saved our skin, and made us chuckle with amazement.

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narrat0r2127d ago

Can't really agree with #1, but it's more of a personal opinion than anything else.

TooTall192127d ago

Cerebral Bore from Turok 2.

TheLyonKing2127d ago

No gunblade, poor show....very poor show indeed.

TheLyonKing2127d ago

Also no anthrax cow head from postal....

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